Luann by Greg Evans for August 15, 2019


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  1. Seattle mormon temple7 thumb 1
    TEMPLO S.U.D.  almost 2 years ago

    Thou art not speaking in Englisc again, Gunther. (He is quite a sewer, isn’t he?)

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  2. Photo
    someguy3  almost 2 years ago

    Measure twice, cut once? 3 times? 5 ? :)

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  3. Wcfields1
    DaJellyBelly  almost 2 years ago

    The last panel is quite cute. :-)

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  4. Miriam
    Kymberleigh  almost 2 years ago

    Careful, Gunther. She’ll have you in that dress yet.

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  5. Dr stone 2021
    AnyFace  almost 2 years ago
    Getting ‘Handsy,’ are we? ✨❤️✨
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  6. Missing large
    eujeste  almost 2 years ago

    OY… Now, when does she propose to “G-Man”?Next year? Well, it IS leap year…

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  7. Missing large
    31768  almost 2 years ago

    Loosen up, Yawnther! I hope Bets will make a “supersonic man out of you!”It is time for you to drop sister Borenice’s act and enjoy yourself a bit.

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  8. Missing large
    Cstimpy25  almost 2 years ago

    i wonder how far he’s gone now? lol also did anyone see 9 chickweed lane tonight? i think Amos finally knocked up Edda. i guess Brooke was ready to write that into the strip now. it’s actually nice to see them as characters in the strip again since last year they were barely in it.

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  9. Image
    kaffekup   almost 2 years ago

    “How dare you insinuate that I’m not going to save myself for my bride! Never darken my door again, Betts!”

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  10. Nathalie choux black sheep 2
    SactoSylvia  almost 2 years ago

    So Tiffany is taking classes too! I’m curious about how she’s doing with the business curriculum, now that she’s found her calling!

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  11. 1d688314 6dae 4f59 9de1 8d7ec2824944
    Mordock999 Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    well, O-KAY. Looks like Tiffany was happy with the 50% split and all is right with the World. So, Tiff is one of Bets’ followers on Instagram, eh? Wonder when THAT happened?

    And See? THIS is what I was talking about the other day. Tiffany interacting and bonding with Bets. And Bets coming through for Tiffany, when the chips are down. Its great those two ladies are really getting along. Bets has already proven to be a far better “friend” to Tiffany than My beloved Crystal ever was. And Bets has only been in the Strip less than 8 months!

    I’m tempted to say that Tiffany should know a little something about Gunny getting “hands on” the night they “shared that moment.” But that’s too easy. Luann certainly Knows how “handy” Gunther is, after he measured her for that “Sexy Witch” outfit and the brides maid dress.

    You gotta love that swooning look on Bets face in the last panel. And the way Tiff and Bets are talking about Gunny like he’s not even there.

    Careful, Gunth. The next thing you know, these two gals will be having you watch their purses while they head to the “Ladies.” ;)

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  12. Trollspry
    Enter.Name.Here  almost 2 years ago

    What are you trying to defend, Gunth? GO with it…!

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  13. Missing large
    fathergod  almost 2 years ago

    LOL I actually like this one! Gunt’s outrage is hilarious!

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  14. Little lulu
    sallymargaret  almost 2 years ago

    It’s interesting that Early Modern English uses the terms “Thou art”, “Dost thou”, and “Thou hast”, whereas Quakers of today (Society of Friends) say “Thee is”, “Does thee”, and “Thee has” to convey the same meaning.

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  15. 1d688314 6dae 4f59 9de1 8d7ec2824944
    Mordock999 Premium Member almost 2 years ago


    And let’s not forget that Gunther was going to do all this for “free” before Bets got involved.

    Tiff could have ended up with $600 to $900, instead.

    Of course, if Bets TRULY feels bad about Tiffany “not getting more,” she could relent and give Tiff the other half of the money that SHE kept.

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  16. Big hug
    Brdshtt Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    If handling lingerie is not Gunther’s gig, then the simple solution is to take it off.

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  17. 22367 1322163420046 5543970 n
    Joe Petitjean  Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    I like the last panel.

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  18. Missing large
    capricorn9th  almost 2 years ago

    Bets’ costume colors are all wrong and a little too masculine. As a History major, I know this is not the dress worn in the Medieval/Renaissance era. The dress is in two colors – a green dress covered with a blue bodice that is rather masculine. The dress needs to be more intricate with more colors – mostly deep-toned and dull, some gold and no bodice shoulder caps. The dress sleeves need to be either straight lined or poufy upper sleeves. The bodice is sewn onto the dress itself rather than an addition. I would color the main dress an emerald green and the bodice dark red-purple lace with black laces down the center. I would style the hair in an intricate updo – no hat. Gunther’s is more historically accurate and the codpiece cinched it.

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  19. Picture
    DuncanCairncross  almost 2 years ago

    Gunther was living with his previous girlfriend – how does he go back ?

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  20. Taz 2
    Wilde Bill  almost 2 years ago

    I think she’s a keeper, Gunth.

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  21. Photo
    Robin Harwood  almost 2 years ago

    Sure Gunther. “I have to measure for your bodice.” Good line.

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  22. Owlsandroosters
    Chopped Fowl  almost 2 years ago

    Gunther doth protest too much, methinks.

    What is wrong with this kid?

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  23. Out little avatar
    dadoctah  almost 2 years ago

    “Indeed”? Since when is Gunther quoting Teal’c?

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  24. Missing large
    whahoppened  almost 2 years ago

    Use a tape measure next time, Gun.

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  25. Missing large
    smurf764  almost 2 years ago

    So when are we going to see Gun and Bets hold hands or even, gulp, kiss?

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  26. Missing large
    rwjames  almost 2 years ago

    Wait. You mean TIFFANY, a vapid narcissist who has always been acutely aware of her social standing and scorned nerds and freaks, is following GUNTHER and BETS - two nerdy freaks - on instagram?

    Can this be a sign of nascent maturity?

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  27. Close up croprotate
    Meg, Apropos of Nothing  almost 2 years ago

    Gunther sure lacks romance. I mean, she led with her chin and he missed by a mile. Even “that was for business! And it was a pleasure.” might’ve moved things forward. And I bet the crowd here can suggest something better.

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  28. Missing large
    fuzzbucket  almost 2 years ago

    Yay Gunther! You’ve not boring anymore.

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  29. 2541 6924938
    mjb515  almost 2 years ago

    She was not saying it was a bad thing, Gunther.

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  30. Rankin badge   tartan 2
    jrankin1959  almost 2 years ago

    Gunth… just clam up and roll with it.

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  31. Tyge
    Tyge Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Not his first foray into “bodice” measurements.

    IMHO his mind was in a different place that time. Here’s what he came up with:

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  32. 20210517 082929
    flagmichael  almost 2 years ago

    It seems to me about half the characters in Luann are not growing up. Brad, Tony, and TeeJay are doing well but Luann, Bernice, Gunther, and Tiffany are just slogging through an awkward age when they should be out of it already. This stuff would work at age 15, but jeez….

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  33. 100 2491
    Thorby  almost 2 years ago

    Gunther, I didn’t realize you had it in you- or on her! Did you even use a tape measure, or the span of your hands?

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  34. Pru in box2
    Schrodinger's Dog  almost 2 years ago

    I’m surprised G&K haven’t seized on the opportunity and set up an Instagram account for Bets & Gun.

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  35. Photo
    WilliamVollmer  almost 2 years ago

    Gunther may be a wiz at sewing, but when it comes to medieval language skills, he isn’t. Gunther, are you sure you were just measuring Betts for her bodice????

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  36. Morning cuppa
    Wizard of Ahz-no relation  almost 2 years ago

    ‘ebay my stuff’- is ebay a verb now?

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  37. Missing large
    TerBer  almost 2 years ago

    As much as I like Betts. This arc sucketh. Get thee overeth, or on witheth.

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  38. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Tiffany knows Gunther so well. She would never have forced him to dress the mannequin knowing how much that for him is uncomfortable. But maybe Bers was right to force him to do it.

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  39. Photo
    LarryMonroe1  almost 2 years ago

    Bets needs to taketh Gunther and thusly free his manhood.

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  40. Missing large
    The Electrician  almost 2 years ago

    ‘The dog ate my homework’ and ‘the check is in the mail’ are other great fibs too.

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  41. Missing large
    niteskyy Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Was it my imagination or did his cod piece move a little?

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  42. Fighting irish hood auto decal 2000x
    ndblackirish97  almost 2 years ago

    Gunth, you dawg!

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  43. Purplepeopleeater small
    Purple People Eater  almost 2 years ago

    Wasn’t the Souffle lingerie a scam? Is somebody going to get in trouble here?

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  44. Waldo
    Indianapolis Smith  almost 2 years ago

    Did she help measure for Gun’s codpiece?

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  45. Th
    Code the Enforcer  almost 2 years ago

    Gunther: “Prithee! For thine bodice doth require of ‘Good Measure’! And thou BE of ‘Good Measure’, my Lady!!” ;)

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  46. Missing large
    Ukko wilko  almost 2 years ago

    Gunth, if you fail to understand that crooked grin, I have no hope for you.

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  47. Edison
    gorgolo_chick  almost 2 years ago

    Boy, that relationship is going at light speed!

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  48. Noble 10
    BJShipley1  almost 2 years ago

    I see Gunther is still getting loudly indignant whenever someone suggests that he might have a sex life.

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  49. Hearteater s lion
    Lord Hearteater  almost 2 years ago

    This is a nice bit of “innocence at the precipice of its’ loss” humor. The dialogue plays right into yesterday’s prediction of these three forming a business venture. Perhaps the new lingerie line will carry the Sheraton St. Louis brand.

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  50. Comic
    Pipe Tobacco Premium Member almost 2 years ago


    It is very difficult for Gunther to allow others to hear that he has “romantic” feelings for Bets… that is in keeping with his personality type…. so it feels quite realistic for him to be that way and it comes as no surprise.

    But the bigger revelation today and it is a good one….. is that Bets is saying that she and Gunther have been “messing around” in some sort of fashion that would be “romantic”. Gunther may not want to admit it (because that is how he is)….. but, it is good to hear that he and Bets have likely been kissing and perhaps more.

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  51. Img 0829
    JR0602  almost 2 years ago

    Forget about the semantics, from the look on Bet’s face in the 3rd panel, one wonders if Gunther has boldly gone …

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  52. Photo
    GaryCooper  almost 2 years ago

    That’s a very thoroughly measured bodice.

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  53. Icon right
    57-Don  almost 2 years ago

    Methinks Gunther doth pad his codpiece

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  54. D3109feb b108 4281 84b0 b9c384bc7f45
    CynthiaLeigh  almost 2 years ago

    I thought Tiff needed the money for the summer term. Bit late for that.

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  55. Missing large
    bigal666  almost 2 years ago

    Ah! The old “I was measuring for your bodice” trick.

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  56. Missing large
    notbornyesterday  almost 2 years ago

    Gunther may grow a pair yet. Doubtful, but possible.

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  57. Mines
    Madzdad the bard  almost 2 years ago

    You go Gunther!

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  58. Missing large
    luann1212  almost 2 years ago

    The thee, thou, is quitest beyondeth me. (lol). But it was fun to see thanks SM. I think MD can relax on the money and I, for one, are very happy to see that Bets and Gun have advanced pretty far on the intimate relations part. She is so in love with him. How can I tell. See the sappy smile in panel three when Bets talks about “hands on.” Of course as Pipe is so apt to point out, it’s in Gun(ther’) nature to be defensive about romantic forays. With Bets being besotted with Gunthie it won’t be long, if not already. Man Gunther don’t mess this up PLEASE!!!

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  59. Ligand1
    RSH  almost 2 years ago

    “school and work”… sounds like Tiff is taking up the life of a typical college student who has focus. This is great, and Tiff has friends now, including Les, who should be no more than that. The objective of Ann Eiffel dating her dad (horrible as it might seem) was to get Tiff to want to strike out on her own. She wasn’t going to do that as long as dad was paying for everything she wanted. Tiff needed someone to despise before she was willing to give all that up. The purpose of Ann as a character has been served (we don’t need revenge on her or for Tiff to return to her previous relationship with dad) Tiff is getting a life that is allowing her to connect more with other students and I think she is happier that way.

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  60. Inbound to iraq  2
    Scoutmaster77  almost 2 years ago

    Bet’s smiling…

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  61. Missing large
    locake  almost 2 years ago

    Gunther knew right away what Bets was talking about, because that was the ONLY time he has had his hands on her. Bets did not say when he got “hands on”, so obviously it was only one time. He is still a V.

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  62. Tyge
    Tyge Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Hey, “Gun”! Did you count the number of darts needed for that bodice? “wink wink nudge nudge say no more”

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  63. Missing large
    fix-n-fly  almost 2 years ago

    Bets and Gunther – they seem made for each other…

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  64. Professor no
    TheMightyGorga  almost 2 years ago

    Ok… now I’m tempted to draw the three of them doing non PG-13 things together…

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  65. 318346 10150515659374989 119105629988 11258985 63388929 n
    Airman  almost 2 years ago

    Now is the time to take Bets by the hand and show her a little PDA.

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  66. Pru in box2
    Schrodinger's Dog  almost 2 years ago

    Will this week end with Tiffany looking wistfully after Gunther as he & Bets leave? And will she say anything to Les if he pops out ans asks her what’s going on?

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  67. Picture
    PhoenixHocking  almost 2 years ago

    I am SO enjoying this particular arc! Love Gun and Bets together. Tiff is growing up. All around, a win-win.

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  68. Missing large
    electricpostcard  almost 2 years ago

    I tell ya that bodice will get you into trouble every time.

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  69. Missing large
    Jim Kerner Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Bets was glad that Gunth was happy to see her. You know the beginning of this joke.

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  70. Photo
    KenDHoward1  almost 2 years ago

    Loving the growth of the character’s, and the budding romance’s, too … ;)

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  71. Me kindergarten  2
    finnygirl Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    I loved the discussion on languages. As far as Outer Space Alien English, totally not relevant to real Earth languages, I was always puzzled by the Vulcan leader T’Pau’s use of “incorrect” English. For example, when she says, in “Amok Time” – Kirk? T’Pring is within her rights, but our laws and customs are not binding on thee. Thee are free to decline with no harm on thyself. Of course, TV writers can write however they please, and I certainly did (and still do) love the show, and especially this episode. Just found it strange that a Vulcan, usually so precise, spoke that way. FWIW.

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  72. Win 20201204 12 32 23 pro
    oakie817  almost 2 years ago

    go Gunther!

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  73. Resized 20200426 130651
    David Huie Green-Life is good  almost 2 years ago

    The price we pay….

    The rewards we earn…

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  74. Thinker
    Sisyphos  almost 2 years ago

    My, my! “Measuring for her bodice,” ehh? You sly dog, you, Gunther!

    I do like the way the girls have their Little Shared Secrets—even if Gunny overheard….

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  75. Missing large
    ChazNCenTex Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    I like this arc, it’s fun. Gunther being offended shows that he remains as clueless as ever.

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  76. 318346 10150515659374989 119105629988 11258985 63388929 n
    Airman  almost 2 years ago

    Such a cute, fun couple. How long will it take Greg to break Gunther’s heart?

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  77. W12
    chris_weaver  almost 2 years ago

    Good alibi!

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