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  1. about 14 hours ago on Luann

    I would hate for Luann to be stuck with Tiffany, but I think it would be better for Tiffany. Right now Tiff is stuck with Stef, who is certainly NOT good for her. Luann, at least, has her head screwed on a little better. But I can certainly see fireworks if Luann and Tiff live together. I’d rather see a new character. Maybe one WITH character who could get Gunther out of the clutches of The Evil One.

  2. 3 days ago on Luann

    Wow. Talk about shallow. It’s all about how things LOOK to her fans with Bets, not about really caring about Gunther. I wanted to like her when she first came into play, but now, I just wish she’d go away. Gunther deserves better.

  3. 4 days ago on Luann

    Probably not. This is a family strip.

  4. 4 days ago on Luann

    Gunther, you’re NEVER going to have peace if you keep hanging out with Bets. Stay true to yourself and ditch the chick. She’s controlling, ruthless, possessive, and isn’t good for you.

  5. 5 days ago on Luann

    Oh goodie! Please, please, please…fight and break up!!! You’re much too good for her, Gunther.

  6. 5 days ago on Luann

    Oh, touchy-touchy. Ditch the chick, Gunther! She’s not for you. You’re much too good for her.

  7. 6 days ago on Luann

    There are plenty of good clean things one does for fun, and none of them involve deceit.

  8. 8 days ago on Luann

    Ah, there’s the Gunther we know and love. At heart, Gunther is an ethical person. I just don’t see him staying with a woman as deceitful as Bets, and one who takes such enjoyment in being deceitful. Ditch the chick, Gunther, and find someone who is worthy of your innate goodness.

  9. 11 days ago on Luann

    I’ll be glad when this arc is over. Even Gunther has strolled down the garden path of deceit. I’m ready for something nice. Brad and Toni, for example. Isn’t it time for her to get pregnant? Luann and Jack playing with Puddles at the park. Something. There’s too much deceit in the world already. Please, can we have some joy and happiness somewhere? Even how they’re all coping with Covid-19 would be preferable to this.

  10. 15 days ago on Luann

    I have to admit, this made me laugh. I knew Gunther would cave. And with Bets being attached to her phone, surely somebody would send her videos of the party. This can only go downhill from here.