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Chicago based long-time Luann Fan. I find it a daily little respite during any day, good or bad, that I might encounter, and the interlocking, and long Luannverse time span is also very engrossing to me as well. It is a brilliant and intriguing comic. So I am a long-time Luann fan.

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  1. about 1 hour ago on Luann

    By the way MD get the dialect correct! “It’s yo thing” not your.

  2. about 1 hour ago on Luann

    I don’t think that BjS, I offered a choice in my comment. To me it is more likely that the next stage will be full adulthood. My son was the messiest kid ever as long as he was home, but I told his mother that his apartment, that he was paying for and maintaining, it would be neat as a pin, and it was and is; I look at Luann that way. She is in her comfort zone at home, but I bet in her own place she would keep it up, and if she marries and has kids she will be cursed to have them do the same thing to her.

  3. about 9 hours ago on Luann

    SD, I think, called it on the room. And it does not matter in Luannverse. Let me make a point, if I may: projection really obscures one’s view of what the story really is about. The room is a methaphor. It represents her messed up young life, the aggravation her dad shows is hilarity ensues. When that room is clean, and stays clean then the strip is over, or she has gone on to the next stage in life. Cool it on the snark, unless that is your thang!!

  4. about 12 hours ago on Luann

    Man I can relate. Now I can look at all the babes and smile knowing that I probably could have been quite successful if I was not so shy, but being happy with how it turned out, must have been a plan from Her (progressive Episcopalian, so some of us say Her) upstairs (lol>

  5. about 21 hours ago on Luann

    How is this panel prodding Luann into doing anything on the dating front? Neither did Pru, all she did was encourage Luann to get out of the house and off the cell. Of course you see how that worked out. Lu’s dating woes are part of, the most basic part, of the strip as far as she is concerned. This has been true since Aaron Hill to now. Also people keep writing that Howie was approaching her for date; how? The character might like this blonde babe true, but saying she staples her papers nice is not hitting on anything MD.

  6. about 22 hours ago on Luann

    Luann is a hopeless romantic, forever cursed to never be successful at dating, until she is, which will happen sometime in the future, wispy distant future. This is her role as the name character the strip is ABOUT should be remember. Now, as compared to when she was in grade school and was over the moon ever Aaron Hill, she has an age appropriate and expanded cast of characters to journey along with her, remember HILARITY ENSUES! I would like to see Toni preggers though, I mean Meghan had her new royal, why not Brad and Toni?

  7. 1 day ago on Luann

    He might want to AB2 but there is no drawing that he ever asked her out or tried too. Plus a teaching assistant having power? I do think that having a grading role is problematic, but in this Luannverse scenario my thinking is that the professor is very protective of the assessment of the students. I think “Howie” is a story device in a larger story of Luann’s story generally. Tara is also, but I think GnK have a much larger role for her going forward. Luann looks at Howie as a non-entity, that is the real issue, if there is one.

  8. 2 days ago on Luann

    Tara is the anti-Bernice, hot (that outfit and her hair is so sexy) and while she makes snarky comments that are so prescient. Luann is not being at least polite to Howie, at least say “thank you.” Luann might have an issue with being sensitive to men, whether friendly, goofy types like Jack, who I argue secretly really likes her, or nerdy guys like Howie, who need to be treated polilitly, but in a way that does not encourage their impossible secret desires, don’t hurt them. I confess when I was a young man I could be a bit upset by a woman I found attractive, but who would treat me like I did not exist, and I did not have any intention to try to talk or interest her in a romantic way. It was so dismissive, and it kind of made me pisssed a bit, it was just plain being rude. As I got older, and more experienced in life, I realized that this was often a defense mechanism, or a form of fear, but not anything to take personally. I wonder today in the millennial and post-millennial era how this kind of social relationship is going, probably the same, accelerated by the internet. Tara knows though, she is a very contemporary Gen Z young woman.

  9. 3 days ago on Luann

    This is not at all the same Ship. Piro has always been a dicey character, and Bernice is more a dingbat in romance than Luann every was, and that is saying something. Jack is more and more a stable, non-dicey character who clearly cares about Luann. Yes it’s platonic, but platonic friendships have been known to go romantic, even after years.

  10. 3 days ago on Luann

    One thing I like to point out: Luann has in the past been breathlessly and immaturely enamoured of a boy, including Quill, although he liked her too, at least, and told her. It turned out in the end that his career in theater was more important than her, to her mind, and they broke up that hard either. Jack and Luann are comfortable with each other, natural friends, but no obvious romantic interest in each other, but GnK, have been leaving all kinds of subtle hints of possible interest, its just that as Cheapskate says, in this arc the hints are not subtle. This panel demonstrates their understanding that they think so well of each other. Trust me Jack really, really likes Luann, he wants to be sure she feels the same way. And he is a MAN, not a goofy boy. Luann is beginning to realize that this big, goofy guy, is not goofy, has a big heart, and he cares about, and is protective of her. How slapped in the face do we have to be Greg? Now maybe Gunther has a romantic interest, and hopefully Luann. Hmmmm.