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Chicago based long-time Luann Fan. I find it a daily little respite during any day, good or bad, that I might encounter, and the interlocking, and long Luannverse time span is also very engrossing to me as well. It is a brilliant and intriguing comic. So I am a long-time Luann fan.

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  1. about 12 hours ago on Luann

    Print Comics, sheesh!

  2. about 20 hours ago on Luann

    They really aren’t that dumb, but hey at a Mickry D’s for example they push pictures instead of numbers to calculate your bill. When I was a kid bus drivers would make change, while driving crowded buses, and preventing someone from cheating the fare box. Now it’s all cards.

  3. about 20 hours ago on Luann

    In Chicago we had a going out of business store at State and Randolph that kept going out of business for at least 30 years. Then a developer bought the land and the store really went out of business.

  4. about 20 hours ago on Luann

    This panel is not a Luann is stupid panel. This is pretty generationally common. Print media is dying, mainly because Millennials and particularly GenZ are all electronic, which is scary as much as advancing., Plus she carries the water for the comic, pays the bills, put Karen and any siblings through college. It’s her personality and all the things she encounters—hilarity ensues—that is the point of the strip if you read the description. She is a good person, with good intentions, who gets into goofy situations, and sometimes very serious ones, and that is what she is drawn to represent, not stupidity.

  5. about 20 hours ago on Luann

    Shadow of that, when I was a kid we had the Times, the Trib, and Chicago’s American on Sunday. Talk about cartoons!

  6. about 20 hours ago on Luann

    I buy the Times at the store, and the Sunday I buy because it’s till 2 bucks in the city. Tribbie, is 4 bucks to get the Sunday, so I have that delivered. The Defender is only online.

  7. about 20 hours ago on Luann

    They have some liberal columnists, and are generally pretty civic on local stuff, it’s not Colonel McCormick, even refused to endorse Trump, but it’s Royko replacement is a rock-ribbed right-winger, and its generally a right leaning paper. However, one looks over that. Plus the Sun-Times is still hanging around.

  8. 1 day ago on Luann

    I read the paper and actually have a Sunday Tribune subscription. But I usually buy it at the store, and when I ask the young Gen Z or younger millennials about either where it is in the store, or how much it costs they are totally, and completely clueless. I actually had one ask me what that was, and she thought it was free. So absolutely true.

  9. 2 days ago on Luann

    One hundred percent agree and hope so.

  10. 2 days ago on Luann

    Could be, could be Z, but even odds I think.