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    If I can find the strip, I’ll show it to you.

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    Apparently you can get a cosmetology license online.

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    T.J. had the eye for Tiff at one time, also.

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    She can’t. Ann is always there.

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    I think many of us did—just didn’t say anything.

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    To too two.

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    Tiffany is going to have to learn to take care of herself. Most of us have had at least one time in our lives when we were struggling to survive. Mine happened when I started medical school. Studying medicine and trying to keep up with all the work was like trying to drink water out of a fire hose. No one was going to help me because it was a very competitive place, just as the world is. I figured out a way, first to survive, and then to thrive. I hope Tiffany can do the same.

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    I understand your viewpoint also. Sometimes it drives me crazy not to know the result of an arc, but the strip carries me along, and there is always something interesting going on.

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    One of the reasons I keep gravitating back to this comic strip is because of the lack of closure, and because it reminds me of real life. I enjoy looking back on the lives of these comic book characters and wondering why they did or didn’t do something. I wonder if their decisions will come back to haunt them. Sometimes they do.. I think the lack of closure in many Luann arcs is why there is so much activity on this thread. People try to find a reason for recent events and sometimes site a previous arc which may have contributed to the present arc. Ya gotta admit—Greg and Karen are doing something right.