Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for December 03, 2023

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    BE THIS GUY  5 months ago


    I still don’t know what I was looking for

    And my time was running wild

    A million dead-end streets

    Every time I thought I’d got it made

    It seemed the taste was not so sweet

    So I turned myself to face me

    But I’ve never caught a glimpse

    Of how the others must see the faker

    I’m much too fast to take that test


    (Turn and face the stranger)


    Don’t want to be a richer one


    (Turn and face the stranger)


    Just gonna have to be a different one.

    Time may change me

    But I can’t trace time

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  2. Missing large
    codycab  5 months ago

    Seems like Christmas came earlier for Calvin. I know these are all reruns but I didn’t think the dates would be different.

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  3. Avatar 10c9bbbaddcd 128
    Sugar Bombs 95  5 months ago

    Didn’t Calvin rant in another New Year’s strip how there were no flying cars or moon colonies? It seems he’s indecisive over whether he wants things to change or not.

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  4. Tile dumbbells
    Liam G.P  5 months ago

    No matter what, you got to embrace change. If you are reading this, you are doing well! Just keep growing and become a better version of yourself.

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  5. Calvinosaurus
    The Calvinosaurus That Calvin Wanted To Discover  5 months ago

    That means continuing to go to school 5 days a week.

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  6. Cowboy
    Robert4170  5 months ago

    Calvin doesn’t change. He’s always the same “I pay no attention to consistency, reason, or reality” egomaniac.

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  7. Sociald 1
    JudasPeckerwood  5 months ago

    As long as you change your underwear on a regular basis, Calvin.

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  8. Missing large
    snsurone76  5 months ago

    Does anybody ever live up to their New Year’s resolution??

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  9. Alexander the great
    Alexander the Good Enough  5 months ago

    Calvin, the proto-Republican. Or maybe a newly-hatched dinosaur…

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  10. Grandbudapesthotel cr alamy
    Imagine  5 months ago

    Same same, but different.

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  11. Bluedog
    Bilan  5 months ago

    Obviously Calvin got his wish. He’s been six for thirty eight years now.

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  12. Axel crop doctored
    MichaelAxelFleming  5 months ago

    I’ve got a little change in my pocket.

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  13. Fb img 1575732366064
    Macushlalondra  5 months ago

    Calvin sounds like an old man stuck in his routines. Routine is comfortable as you get older but young people usually like changes, they like to think about the next thing.

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  14. Photo
    Robin Harwood  5 months ago

    Panel 1. Speech bubbles are blue.Panel 2. Everything is grey.Panel 3. No bubble. Different blue as background.Panel 4. Speech bubble is white, but grey-blue background.Panels 5, 6, 7. No changes. Boring.Panel 8. Blue border.

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  15. Missing large
    donlackie  5 months ago

    I don’t like change either

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  16. Missing large
    gantech  5 months ago

    I don’t know what I’m looking for

    I never have opened the door

    Tomorrow might find me at last

    Turning my back on the past

    But time will tell

    Of stars that fell

    A million years ago

    Memories can never take you back

    Home, sweet home,

    You can never go home anymore.

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  17. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  5 months ago

    “The longer I live, the more complicated everything gets!” Ain’t that the truth!

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  18. Th 9
    Count Olaf Premium Member 5 months ago

    Let’s make gross and gory Snowgoons!! The❤️Count ❤️ Snowgoons!!

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  19. Th 2659328858
    Just-me  5 months ago

    The older I get the more I dislike the inevitable changes that happen, all I can do is try and adapt to the change.

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  20. 250
    ladykat  5 months ago

    I feel the same way, Calvin, except for going to do something different.

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  21. Missing large
    dflak  5 months ago

    The laws of thermodynamics do not apply only to physics.

    Trying to keep things static or make them the way they used to be is like fighting the laws of the universe. It can only be done at the expense of a great amount of energy and eventually you will lose.

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  22. Missing large
    cracker65  5 months ago

    There are a lot of adults like Calvin. Change is inevitable. You either adapt, or get left behind.

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  23. Missing large
    Mainesailah Premium Member 5 months ago

    I posit that BOREDOM, and not MONEY, is the root of all evil. Think about it.

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  24. Img 20230511 134023590 portrait 5
    markkahler52  5 months ago

    The only thing that never changes is that everything changes

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  25. Gocomic avatar
    sandpiper  5 months ago

    Cal is a typical kid. Irrational, irritated, and irritating, and notional at times. Seemingly calm and steady others, but the latter intervals usually are very short.

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  26. Missing large
    klapre  5 months ago

    I worked for a GM who always said: If Nothing changes, nothing changes. It was his way to get us to accept change which, according to him, is constant.

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  27. Rwljlogo2
    The Wolf In Your Midst  5 months ago

    What doesn’t kill me makes me stranger.

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  28. Picture 7 banjogordy crp 100
    Banjo Gordy Premium Member 5 months ago

    The only permanent thing in life is CHANGE.

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  29. Greg backlit
    mindjob  5 months ago

    “Life is change, how it differs from the rocks”

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  30. Snoopy
    The Fly Hunter  5 months ago

    One of the reasons why many don’t like change is the fear of the unknown.

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  31. Obama e. neuman..
    cosman  5 months ago

    Wonder which friends i favor more, the ones who are consistently consistant, or the ones who are consistently inconsistent..

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  32. Zakwolfoutdoors
    wiley207  5 months ago

    Again, the Sunday strips are still a month ahead of the dailies, since they skipped quite a few during this year and the last.

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  33. N1495118875 241922 2408
    Ermine Notyours  5 months ago

    I don’t like change either. Dominating the skyline of Seattle are the TV towers for affiliates for the three traditional networks. This month while the tower for the NBC affiliate is covered in colored lights, they have changed the aircraft beacons along the height of the CBS affiliate tower. First to rapid on-off LED white lights, and now to rapid on-of red lights. I’m used to the fade-on, fade-off incandescent lights. Why didn’t anyone consult me on this?

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  34. Caringbridge avatar best
    lalapalooza Premium Member 5 months ago

    Did you know that Calculus is the mathematics of Change?

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  35. Grumpy cat
    EMGULS79  5 months ago

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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  36. Wolf
    Mediatech  5 months ago

    Always the same thing, variety. Why can’t we have somethign different?

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  37. Missing large
    old_geek  5 months ago

    I’m fine with inertia…

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  38. Missing large
    Otis Rufus Driftwood  5 months ago

    The Sunday strips seem ahead of things. We had a Christmas episode last week.

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  39. Froggy with cat ears
    willie_mctell  5 months ago

    In English 1A we read “The Education of Henry Adams.” The theme was, every time you think you’ve figured out the rules, they change them on you.

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  40. Missing large
    eced52  5 months ago

    Are you sure this guy’s name isn’t Charlie Brown?

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  41. Rugeirn
    rugeirn  5 months ago

    Calvin the Conservative.

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  42. Avatarpic l  1
    mfrasca  5 months ago

    Wait until the puberty fairy pays a visit…

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  43. Missing large
    ronbro7 Premium Member 5 months ago


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