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  1. about 3 hours ago on Jeff Stahler

    That could very well be the case. Potentially the page is open at the chapter on “U.S. Black History” but there could be many more chapters in that book about any of the other “non-white” groups in the US and they would all be the same.

  2. about 3 hours ago on Non Sequitur


  3. about 7 hours ago on Matt Wuerker

    Drop the bit about “either you are American or you are not” and you are on the right track.

  4. about 7 hours ago on Reality Check

    You should have listend to her more closely. If you don’t, the marriage won’t last very long. (Also, vice versa).

  5. about 7 hours ago on Jeff Stahler

    Brilliant. Thanks for sharing that.

    In my opinion the following paragraph from that article sums it up perfectly:

    “It’s vital to recognize that prejudice is not baked-in: It is the result of our ignorance. A failure to learn about people (or rats) of different kinds can mean that we fail to recognize their pain as genuine pain. Empathy can be switched off.”

    It seems ignorance is the source of inhumanity and cruelty. The current politics seem to back that up quite dramatically.

    It also shows why “separate but equal” is so dangerous and immoral. Mix it up, people. Get to know as many people from as many different backgrounds and cultures as you can. Not only will it increase your humanity and empathy and will also greatly enrich everyone’s lives.

  6. about 7 hours ago on FoxTrot Classics

    I read an article where the writer claimed the colors and design of the new macs are a big mistake. I think they are great. i am guessing they will sell well.

  7. about 10 hours ago on The Duplex

    Just guessing.

  8. about 10 hours ago on Moderately Confused

    On those very rare occasions when I do receive such calls I let them know that it is illegal in Germany and that I have noted their number and name to report to the authorities.

  9. about 13 hours ago on Jeff Stahler

    That’s a valid point.

  10. about 14 hours ago on Mannequin on the Moon