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  1. about 19 hours ago on JumpStart

    Don’t be surprised by what your daughter will be fascinated by, Clarence!

  2. 2 days ago on Garfield

    Your mouth is full, Garfield, you really shouldn’t be talking!

  3. 2 days ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    In a “no tolerance for any shenanigans” kind of mood, huh, Dad?

  4. 2 days ago on Marmaduke

    They all come to see how the master does it!

  5. 2 days ago on U.S. Acres

    Bone meal…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bone_meal

  6. 2 days ago on JumpStart

    The look on Delray’s face says we’re in for some more drama!

  7. 2 days ago on Bliss

    If you love him, you may want him to breathe a little and not hug him so hard!

  8. 2 days ago on One Big Happy

    It’s interesting when you have these one-sided conversations, Ruthie…

  9. 2 days ago on Pickles

    and thus ends a nice 4-day story arc….

  10. 2 days ago on The Middletons

    and the next sentence should be “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!”