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  1. about 5 hours ago on Non Sequitur

    In Virginia, the signs read “Speed Checked by Aircraft.” I can imagine a squadron of A-10’s circling overhead, ready to strafe speeders.

  2. about 5 hours ago on Francis

    FDR would have been torn apart by his political opponents and the media in today’s world.

    They jumped all over Hillary for apparently suffering from hypoglycemia, or Fetterman for having a stroke. Then when Trump was airlifted to the hospital for Covid, he was hailed as a hero. D-a-m-n-e-d liberal media! /s

  3. about 5 hours ago on Speed Bump

    Bob could never do a Swedish accent properly.

  4. about 5 hours ago on Off the Mark

    I had a golden retriever. I bought a doggie frizbie to play with him. The toy came with instructions on how to train the dog to play with it. It had six steps. The last of which was, “If playing with a golden retriever, ignore the previous 5 steps, just throw the frizbie.”

  5. about 5 hours ago on Jeff Stahler

    Republicans (synonymous with TRUMP as recent primaries show) are incapable of detecting hypocrisy.

    They believe in the Rule of Law and Law Enforcement, yet thumb their noses at Law in the courts as they ignore subpoenas and threaten death to enforcement officials and their families when they enforce the law against Republican criminal activity or beat officers up as part of “Legitimate Political Discourse” as their “patriots” ransack the Capitol and threaten death to the Vice President.

    They also believe that immigrants are shiftless and lazy and don’t want to even learn our official language, English (we have NO official language, but don’t confuse them with the facts). These same people steal our high-paying jobs.

    They cringe in fear at the “Browning of America” or as they like to call it “Replacement Theory” and plan to stop it by making it impossible for women of color to get an abortion.

    They find that even mentioning the word “slavery” is too traumatic for school children to hear, yet offer nothing more than “thoughts and prayers” after school children see their classmates gunned down before their eyes.

  6. about 6 hours ago on Moderately Confused

    I have a smoker. I have to pair the kind of wood I use with the kind of meal I am preparing.

    Mesquite goes with beef. Apple with poultry. And Hickory with most anything else.

  7. about 6 hours ago on Moderately Confused

    That happens when I visit my cousin’s farm.

    You work from sunup to sundown and then drink all night.

    This is why I like to visit him in the winter.

  8. about 6 hours ago on Loose Parts

    It’s better than having cranial r-e-c-t-u-m insertion.

  9. about 6 hours ago on FoxTrot Classics

    Hello, Room Service?

    I’d like to order a dead man’s chest for my husband and a bottle of rum for myself.

  10. about 6 hours ago on Aunty Acid

    This kind of thinking comes from the belief that everything is a zero sum game.

    A zero sum game is one where the total of the winnings equals the total of the losings. So if one team wins by a score of 7 to 5, the other team loses by a score of 5 to 7. Or like a poker game where each of three players starts with $50. At the end of the night they walk away with a total of $150 in their pockets – it just might be distributed differently.

    So in order for another person to gain something, I MUST lose something. If I want a slice of pizza and I don’t have one, the only way I can get one is to steal one of yours. The concept of a bigger pie doesn’t exist.

    Positive sum games do exist where the winnings are greater than the losses. I raise grain, you raise mules. You lend me a mule to plow my field, I give you grain to feed your mules.

    However as long as people have a binary outlook on life: one, zero; black, white; win, lose. They don’t see this possibility.

    So we live in a world where people are so paranoid of losing, we wind up playing negative sum games: the sum of the losings is greater than the sum of the winnings.

    War is an example of a negative sum game. Nobody wins a war; one side loses it to a lesser extent.