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Calvin and Hobbes

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  1. AndiK commented on Raising Duncan 16 days ago

    We all got “junk”! ;)

  2. AndiK commented on Get Fuzzy 16 days ago

    I had a cat that would get so nervous at the vet, he would climb into the sink and go pee! There’s your urine sample. :P We did find out later that he had urinary issues. :(

  3. AndiK commented on Nancy 18 days ago

    I learned that not only does my dog like steak, but the cat does too. Oh boy.

  4. AndiK commented on Ben 18 days ago

    A warm Epsom soak would do wonders too. :)

  5. AndiK commented on Ben 18 days ago

    Imagine how her mom feels! Think Ben will rub her feet too?

  6. AndiK commented on Ben 21 days ago

    My hubby shaves his back. Actually he has me do it. :/

  7. AndiK commented on The Meaning of Lila 29 days ago

    Not a productive part of society? Being a grandparent is an important job, and we can always (still) learn stuff from our elders. So they could still be pretty productive. Like Lila’s so “productive” herself. :P

  8. AndiK commented on Over the Hedge about 1 month ago

    They do get fleas though. :/

  9. AndiK commented on Today's Dogg about 1 month ago

    That could be good for a dog with separation anxiety. Or could make it worse. Not sure on that one. :/

  10. AndiK commented on Thatababy about 1 month ago

    They’ll have great immune systems when they grow up! I don’t think my friend ever ate dirt, she was such a sick kid. :/