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  1. AndiK commented on Kit 'N' Carlyle 11 days ago

    No comments for poor Carlyle?
    Well, at least Carlyle would have something to complain about. Mine complains when there is still food in there to eat!

  2. AndiK commented on Pickles 11 days ago

    We haven’t had cable in years. We have regular tv and if want to watch I can. Otherwise, I have hulu and netflix. :)

  3. AndiK commented on Red and Rover 11 days ago

    She’s doing what she was bred to do. She’s very happy to have a “job”! :)

  4. AndiK commented on Dog Eat Doug 11 days ago

    A good breeder will breed good, healthy dogs. They’re hard to find though.
    Also a lot of a dog’s longevity is all about nutrition and exercise, just like us. You (and your dog) are what you eat!

  5. AndiK commented on Fred Basset 18 days ago

    But Fred isn’t getting chocolate so settle down.

  6. AndiK commented on Fred Basset 18 days ago

    Ugh. Yes chocolate is bad for dogs, dark chocolate in large doses. Same with garlic.

  7. AndiK commented on Thatababy 18 days ago

    Yeah, durable. As long as you don’t put it in your pocket! lol

  8. AndiK commented on Stone Soup 18 days ago

    Shoulda got a newt. They’re at least cute! :)

  9. AndiK commented on Stone Soup 18 days ago

    Sometimes all the research in the world doesn’t help. I did my research and I still didn’t know that the toad that I bought in 11th grade could live for more than 10 years! :/

  10. AndiK commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 30 days ago

    My (lazy) cat will sit and watch the spider, but my dog would hunt it and try to eat it. He’ll realize it’s yucky and spit it out, but that spider is still dead.