Luann by Greg Evans for July 11, 2019


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  1. Missing large
    GOGOPOWERANGERS  5 days ago

    Glen??? Where are we Scotland?

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  2. Seattle mormon temple7 thumb 1
    TEMPLO S.U.D.  5 days ago

    I know how Bernice is s’posed to journal: write it down on paper with pencil/pen… assuming she brought some along.

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  3. Missing large
    GOGOPOWERANGERS  5 days ago

    sound like they going to loose their cars and items for sure

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  4. Melonbird icon 0001
    AnyFace  5 days ago

    Kids these days.

    Married to their Tech. ✨
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  5. Missing large
    Argythree  5 days ago

    Bernice, you already set a world record for being snarky…

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  6. Missing large
    Dreamdeer  5 days ago

    Dang, I stand corrected. She just hiked up her formerly long skirt and rolled up her sleeves. Or maybe she’s just gotten dressed again.

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  7. 22367 1322163420046 5543970 n
    Joe Petitjean  Premium Member 5 days ago

    Luann and Bernice i don’t what y’all would done in the 1970’s when they just had landlines and phone booth’s and no Cell phones.

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  8. Missing large
    SJhapamama  5 days ago

    Dez has thrown down the gauntlet—let the games begin!

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  9. Missing large
    gnmnrbl  5 days ago

    Or dez isn’t wearing underwear or a bra and her skipping and bouncing around caused her flowing skirt to fly up at an opportune time thus giving bernice a show she didn’t want.

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  10. Broken yet beautiful
    mavinminx  5 days ago

    LuAnn, methinks that smirk is going to come back to haunt you.

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  11. Noble 10
    BJShipley1  5 days ago

    It’s like they’re competing each day on who gets to be the most annoying and off-putting, with a different winner each time. Dez for example was getting some serious eye-rolling from me yesterday yet is totally reasonable and agreeable today.

    And yet Bernice keeps trying her hardest to win it every single day. Seriously, she is just unbearably awful.

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  12. Missing large
    The Electrician  5 days ago

    An area with no cell service. In Arizona, we normally find the bodies in three to six months.

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  13. Missing large
    luann1212  5 days ago

    This is a meta arc observation. The last set of Gunther based arc’s started with Luann and her phone, when Pru encouraged her to get out of the house and talk to someone in person. Gunther met Bets on the cell. Even Tiffany communicated with Gunther by cell phone, and her lingerie is being sold over Luannverse eBay. Now Dev is trying to separate the girls from their hardware and software. What will that lead too I wonder? I have some theories, but it ought to be fun and growth? Bet it doesn’t last long.

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  14. Missing large
    capricorn9th  5 days ago

    Once they’re there, Luann will have a tech withdrawal…she will start to pant, feel anxious and lose focus, Dez’s voice fades away. Bernice will be hyper-focused on filing away data in her head to be saved for when she returns to her journaling at the campsite and she isn’t paying attention to her surroundings or Dez’s voice.

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  15. 318346 10150515659374989 119105629988 11258985 63388929 n
    Airman  5 days ago

    Second panel: Nice drawing, but all the effort is wasted because these three will always be so plain. Substitute Toni, Nancy, and Tiffany and you have some real hotties. In fact you could still do better by using Tara, Bets, and the cute little Faye.

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  16. Dilbertcoffee2
    Need coffee  5 days ago

    Kudos to the Evanses (Evansii?) for so perfectly capturing, these last few months, the slow cyborgization of society. The phone is now the communications device, the timepiece, the television, the newspaper, the radio, the arcade, the jukebox, the notebook, the library and even to some extent the librarian. It even finds dates.

    It’s not that we can’t survive without it. It’s that we (especially people under 30) don’t want to try.

    In terms Gun and Bets would understand, resistance is futile. WE are (becoming) the Borg.

    - Sent from my iPhone

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  17. Photo
    Robin Harwood  5 days ago

    All that fresh air has driven Dez insane. No-one can survive an hour without electronic devices.

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  18. Pictures 087
    Baarorso  5 days ago

    I’d still get into the car and drive off, leaving Earth Mother Dez communing with her beloved Earth while I return to my luxuries and toys.

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  19. Missing large
    Calvin0007  5 days ago

    I was about to say that I can’t believe that someone so young can be so smug about everything…but that is how we’ve trained them every generation since the beginning. Still, you’d like to see a bear come visiting.

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  20. 1.16 15 19small
    Anathema Premium Member 5 days ago

    Do they get lost now without their phones?

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  21. Missing large
    Ruth Brown  5 days ago

    Dez is the most interesting person of the three. Uninhibited and open. What the heck happened to make Luann and Bernice so stuck in ruts?

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  22. Missing large
    lavatube  5 days ago

    Let me guess, the electronic car keys count as technology and get left behind, in the locked car.

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  23. Big hug
    Brdshtt Premium Member 5 days ago

    If Dez found a low tech glen, it stands to reason that there must be a high tech glen.

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  24. Photo
    Robin Harwood  5 days ago

    No it doesn’t.

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  25. Imagejpeg 0
    David Huie Green  5 days ago

    She’s a good influence.

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  26. 23319335 10210502686791380 8223130004357214071 n
    Barry1941  5 days ago

    How about I comment on the 2 dopes that can’t be without their devices/security blankets.

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  27. Missing large
    sueb1863  5 days ago

    There are times I’m so glad I grew up in the 70s and have the ability to entertain myself without a cell phone or computer. Today’s kids literally don’t know what to do with themselves if they’re not staring at a screen. They’re completely lost if they have no way to distract themselves.

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  28. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member 5 days ago

    Finally Bernice will be forced to stop with her annoying audio notes? Dez, you are a genius! Even Luann is nervous at the idea of ​​disconnecting herself from the net, but in the glen probably she will look at the beauty of the nature arround her, then she will not think about technology anymore.

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  29. Missing large
    patrickosterbrink  5 days ago

    Dez is MY kinda girl-get away from it all and DAMM the gadgets.

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  30. Missing large
    kenhense  5 days ago

    Second frame: Great facial expressions on Lu & Bern.

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  31. Missing large
    ckvarick  5 days ago

    This is promising! Dez has already found and returned from the glen so getting lost shouldn’t be an issue…but put the phone in airplane mode just in case there IS an emergency.

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  32. Felixthecat
    Auntie Socialist  5 days ago

    She can’t journal offline and upload it later?

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  33. 17a
    Mordock999 Premium Member 5 days ago

    “No Tech Glen.” That’s rather an odd name for a guy. But hey. There’s nothing like a naked, buxom younger woman bouncing around to bring a guy out of the woodwork for miles around.

    But the ladies would do well to LOCK their expensive electronic devices up and out of sight, in their vehicle. And in turn, LOCK their vehicle. “Stealing from unlocked cars” has gotten to be the new national pastime. At least it is in My “Neck of the Woods.”

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  34. Morning cuppa
    Wizard of Ahz-no relation  5 days ago

    well the clothes are back. if Bern plans to just stand around and comment all the time she has missed the point of the entire trip.

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  35. Gus
    Gus  4 days ago

    So far night hasn’t fallen…they haven’t built a fire, there will be damp, bugs, etc…they have no tent, and where have they set up ‘bathroom’ facilities…I don’t even see a water source

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  36. Joseferrercyranobantam
    The Angel of the South  4 days ago

    I tried to tell you, the Evanses may have been teasing—the silhouette didn’t prove Dez was naked.

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  37. Joseferrercyranobantam
    The Angel of the South  4 days ago

    A “no-tech glen”? I believe she made that up, because does it have some characteristic that discourages technology?

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  38. Joseferrercyranobantam
    The Angel of the South  4 days ago

    Let me be fair and say, I would want to journal too. It’s just that I would be satisfied with a pen and notepad. If you want to call that “technology,” go ahead.

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  39. Avatar 2475
    Troglodyte  4 days ago

    Better yet, take that phone and pad, and dunk them in the nearest stream!

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  40. Tyge
    Tyge Premium Member 4 days ago

    Stated purposes of The Trip:

    Bernice: “I can study group dynamics in the wild.”

    Dez: Commune with nature.

    Luann: Encounter “nature” in comfort.

    So far, our intrepid heroines are succeeding. Dez just can’t leave the other two to enjoy themselves.

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  41. Tyge
    Tyge Premium Member 4 days ago

    A “no tech glen” sounds like some sort of new age/hippie commune. Whatever it was that Dez encountered, it induced to resume a clothed “commune.”

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  42. Harvey  2
    Pohka  4 days ago

    A “No-Tech Glen”, is this something she used technology to test access or something she’s declaring (yes, I know she’s declaring it). If a declared item then remember all it takes is taking a moment to enjoy the beauty of anyplace. After all, “Life is grand, love is real, and beauty is everywhere!”.

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  43. Tyge
    Tyge Premium Member 4 days ago

    So far, this camping arc seems pretty disjointed. Dez pops around with different things while Luann and Bernice consistently do the same thing. So far there’s ne real story here.

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  44. Photo
    6foot6  4 days ago

    The go more than an hour while they sleep. So I don’t see where the problem is here.. Also, If you can’t go an hour with out looking at your phone. computer Screen or TV, you do have a problem. I often make it a point to leave my phone at home or in my car when I go to the store or movie or a family outting. It is also one of the reasons I don’t have any pictures of these events to share with the rest of the world.

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  45. Can flag
    Alberta Oil Premium Member 4 days ago

    Yesterday’s clip implied a certain freedom that comes with no clothes.. Perhaps, they are now off to go skinny dipping.

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  46. Rankin badge   tartan 2
    jrankin1959  4 days ago

    I’m with Dez on this one…

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  47. Franco s trattoria
    StoicLion1973  4 days ago

    I think Dez has the right idea. One hour away from your tech won’t kill you; and you might enjoy it.

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  48. Picture 001
    rshive  4 days ago

    No world records, Bernice. Just a footnote or so.

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  49. Missing large
    yangeldf  4 days ago

    that second panel physically hurt me, the cringe was so intense it nearly made me burst a blood vessel.

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  50. Missing large
    geophro  4 days ago

    Who’s Glen? Can he be trusted?

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  51. C825740e 9576 46af a2dc 513bd2f2b1e6
    eladee  4 days ago

    C’mon Berniece and Luann—-get with the program!!! I think GandK are presenting an ongoing theme here—that today’s generation is too attached to its technology and social media. First Gunther and Bets and now these three. The Evanses definitely have a point!

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  52. Missing large
    asrialfeeple  4 days ago

    Where will they charge said devices? Did they bring solar powered chargers?

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  53. Missing large
    ron  4 days ago

    Dex and Delta would make for interesting chemistry. I miss Delta.

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  54. Missing large
    BlitzMcD  4 days ago

    That speaks volumes….

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  55. Dilbertcoffee2
    Need coffee  4 days ago

    I feel secure in concluding that this arc will not include a bear.

    So, for all y’all Luann-bear fans, a blast from the past, a golden oldie.

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  56. Inbound to iraq  2
    scoutmaster77  4 days ago

    Can they make it for an hour?

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  57. Ultaman les paul
    jvn  4 days ago

    I don’t know how I survived with only my bike and fishing pole to keep me entertained as a youth.

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  58. Data art of the android
    Eric S   4 days ago

    So they leave their stuff either in the car or out in the open, and someone comes by and swipes it.

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  59. Missing large
    Ginny Premium Member 4 days ago

    It’s getting to the point where the only one I like in this strip is Dez.

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  60. Missing large
    Ginny Premium Member 4 days ago

    (except, of course, Luanne’s family and sister-in-law)

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  61. Missing large
    xaingo  4 days ago

    “Non-Tech Glen”? Doesn’t he work in accounting?

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  62. 2623453
    Seed_drill  4 days ago

    I don’t have to leave my house to not have cell service. Of course, you can still photo and record with your phone, regardless of where you go.

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  63. W12
    chris_weaver  4 days ago

    So, can they endure an hour being separated from the Borg Collective?

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  64. Th
    Code the Enforcer  4 days ago

    One hour is hardly unreasonable! Dez has the right idea here in that place! … The times, they HAVE BEEN a changin’!

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  65. Missing large
    STACEY MARSHALL Premium Member 4 days ago

    Can Bernice go a whole hour without a prissy-fit?

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  66. Coexist
    Bookworm  4 days ago

    Okay, granted I’m old and tend to get a bit cranky, but this arc is becoming tiresome to me. There. I said it.

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  67. Avatar92
    Charlie Fogwhistle  4 days ago

    I’m guessing a bunch of stuff gets stolen, and they get marooned. But I could be wrong.

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  68. Comic
    Pipe Tobacco Premium Member 4 days ago


    Dez is right about the annoying, damnable “gizmos”.

    I am not particularly surprised at Luann’s reaction….. even though I think her reaction is “smirky” and kind of annoying.

    I AM actually more surprised at Bernice’s reaction…. (even though she gets to utter today’s punchline, which I like)… I tend to think Bernice’s character would have been more likely to have deemed it worthwhile to join in with Dez, and then switch her “study” into paper and pencil mode. For me, that would have seemed a likely way in which Bernice would have prepared for the trip…. she would use electronic “gizmos” but would have also planned ahead for the potential that they would not be able to work some of the time, or would be asked to be turned off.

    But… again….. with Bernice getting the actual punchline today…. it is still pretty good…. and funny.

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  69. Edison
    gorgolo_chick  4 days ago

    All I have to say is that I’d like to go camping with Miss No Tech.

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  70. Missing large
    electricpostcard  4 days ago

    Amazon on the loose in nature, now that’s a scary combo I’d avoid.

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  71. Ligand1
    RSH  4 days ago

    Hey Bernice there’s something called pencil and paper. If you are serious about this journal you would have brought a small notepad, pen and pencil as a back-up.

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  72. Big hug
    Brdshtt Premium Member 4 days ago

    There have been a few concerns above that they will have no place to charge their devices. If they would have brought a microwave oven along, they could have put them in and charged them quickly. I learned that on the internet.

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  73. Ligand1
    RSH  4 days ago

    I have to say Luann’s response is pretty lame (……need to be entertained all the time?….); why would she bother to come on this camping trip if all she wants is 24/7 Netflix. She can do that at home.

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  74. Thinker
    Sisyphos  4 days ago

    Go, Dez!

    Those two smug losers, “Consumer” and “Realist,” need to learn a lesson or two or three!

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  75. Thcau81l4m
    mymail  4 days ago

    Does anybody else find know-it-all Bernice a pain in the butt?

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  76. 318346 10150515659374989 119105629988 11258985 63388929 n
    Airman  4 days ago

    “No Tech Glen” is a government secret, similar to The Bermuda Triangle. If the girls don’t scram outta’ there real quick, they may just disappear with a couple of World War 2 Jeeps and a walkie-talkie. They could also discover another exit……and emerge in the Pibgorn comic strip.

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  77. Missing large
    notbornyesterday  4 days ago

    personally I was hoping for a storyline embracing communal nudity

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