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  1. 12 minutes ago on Luann

    The artists don’t ‘recruit’ characters. They create ’em.

    Please give us your definition of ‘loser’. Not sure that the presence or absence of baggage is part of that definition, usually…

  2. 16 minutes ago on Luann

    Yes, you are. Astute of you to recognize yourself…

  3. about 1 hour ago on Luann

    @Creative: If you find Luann so boring, why do you keep coming back here?

  4. about 2 hours ago on Luann

    @reed: You must have the wrong ‘toon. The character ’little Lulu’ is in a different comic.

  5. about 3 hours ago on Luann

    Luann has been around a lot of other people and their life experiences and choices, such as Dez, Knute, Crystal and the former occupant of Brad’s old room (whose name I have unfortunately forgotten)

  6. about 3 hours ago on Luann

    Perhaps Puddles would like to see you put that stick somewhere else…

  7. about 3 hours ago on Luann

    @Mordock: I lost interest in Ben when he found fault with the birth parents who are now providing him with a place to live, but he thinks of them only as dull and rigid…

  8. about 4 hours ago on Luann

    Ben does not appear to be expressing gratitude for the Halper’s way of life…

  9. about 4 hours ago on Luann

    ‘couples’? What ‘couples’? The only real couples I can think of right now are Nancy and Frank, and Irma and Mr. Gray. Bets and ‘Gun’ aren’t really a ‘couple’, to me, because Bets is still too absorbed in her online life and fans to spend time as a couple. Bernice and Jack haven’t yet become a couple. Tiffany is not part of a couple, nor is TJ or Dez. And we know Luann is not part of a couple…

  10. about 16 hours ago on Luann

    Guess Puddles needs to go find Jack, then…