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  1. 1 day ago on Reality Check

    I thought it was called one ton soup because that’s what you weigh after you eat it! ;D

  2. 1 day ago on Get Fuzzy

    Satch, just sit on Bucky! Give that bloody cat a taste of his own medicine!

  3. 1 day ago on Brevity

    They’re dummies so they’re not ones for scintillating conversation anyway.;-D

  4. 1 day ago on Dark Side of the Horse

    The thing’s supposed to hit kangaroos, not horses (look up the history of the boomerang and how it was originally used for) .;=D

  5. 1 day ago on Drabble

    Why do I see this story arc and think of “The Terminator” movies with their self aware AI “Skynet”? ;D

  6. 1 day ago on The Born Loser

    What a back-handed compliment, Chiefey! ;P

  7. 1 day ago on For Better or For Worse

    Mike, you get what you get and you’ll get it when you get it. That’s that!

  8. 1 day ago on Close to Home

    “Council for the Study of Corporal Punishment”? That seems to be an organization that can’t be BEAT. I wonder if it has a BOARD overseeing things or are people allowed to raise CANE? ;D

  9. 1 day ago on Endtown

    I was wondering if Trixie’s bomb would have explosive teeth in the Topsiders’ reality. This will be the proof in the pudding of that or not.

  10. 3 days ago on Rabbits Against Magic

    It’s going to be a SOLO act, or so I hear.;-D