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    My guess is BB King.

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    Someone should tell him there’s an app for that.

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    0:52 – 1:08


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    The cats disagree.

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    He heard Mrs. Lord was serving cocktails and thought it would be a good day to drop in.

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    She’s not Batman. And, based on the kid with the cell phone, we have every reason to think she’d have broken Olivia’s braces and told her to use a wheelchair, to avoid future problems.

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    Agreed. It’s good writing to create characters with enough depth, and a story with enough ambiguity, to stimulate a good discussion.

    As a veteran of both the mining and lithium battery industries, I want to highlight the Bad Machinery from (GoComics date) May 4, 2016, which immediately became my favourite comic ever, period. It represents not good, but great, transcendent, brilliant writing.

    It’s been a fun ride…and I haven’t even gotten to Scary go round or Bobbins yet. Thanks not just to Mr. Allison, but to all you Tackleford veterans for the conversation and commentary. It adds to the experience.

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    Blossom has not been pictured, so far, as someone who is worth being friends with. I was in favor of Shauna trying at first, but as the story has evolved, Lottie has been proven correct. In the absence (and perhaps even presence) of a major plot twist (I haven’t read ahead), Blossom is an awful person. Lottie is, I think, right to try to point that out, and to try to keep her friend from making a bad mistake.

    Shauna has gotten nothing from her “friendship” with Blossom other than (1) a fight with Blossom (2) broken glasses (3) betrayal of her secret to Daz, resulting in additional and substantial losses, both emotionally and materially. Shauna has been trying, but there’s nothing that has been genuinely positive for Shauna in any of Blossom’s interactions with Shauna, nor has there seemed to be any potential for something more positive.

    More importantly, Blossom’s first resort is a high level of violence, which now appears likely to result in Shauna being injured, to protect a completely one-sided “friendship.” Given the severity of Talia’s injuries, only revealed recently, Blossom would, outside the Tackleverse, have certainly been expelled, and perhaps convicted of a juvenile crime. Earlier in the more recent part of the story, Claire called Blossom’s behaviour thavagery, which theemth accurate. Blossom probably needs psychiatric help, but, as it sits, she’s dangerous. Discouraging Shauna from continuing to invest in a relationship with Blossom is akin to discouraging Shauna from investing in a relationship with a known cocaine dealer. Not quite the same, but at least in the neighbourhood.

    Blossom’s betrayal of Shauna, and interference with her family relationships, was with the specific intention of hurting Shauna. Not the action of a friend. Mildred and Charlotte’s interference was with the intention of helping. The action of true (albeit badly misguided) friends.