Breaking Cat News by Georgia Dunn for October 22, 2023

  1. Umbrisshadow
    Ahsum  7 months ago

    Sunday Funday

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  2. Large girls pose
    uncle snipe  7 months ago

    “Put some pants on” has to be the greatest line ever for BCN!

    NAKED LUPIN! Just in time for Halloween!
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  3. The cat
    Le'letha Premium Member 7 months ago

    Nekkid Lupin! The horror! XD Love his panel-by-panel vanishing act as he sheds his costume. Super cute.

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  4. Download 40
    GARFIELD FAN 999  7 months ago


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  5. Laundry
    Sue Ellen  7 months ago

    Instead of the traditional invisible Lupin who likes being hidden against a white background, we have “The Invisible Cat” taped up like a mummy to make him visible.

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  6. Gcav
    Brian  Premium Member 7 months ago

    “They call him The Str. . . . " Oh, no, we should not start that again.

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  7. Mbsils
    marilynnbyerly  7 months ago

    Lupin has no shame. Fortunately, no kids or kittens are present.

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  8. Kilo icon
    WelshRat Premium Member 7 months ago

    Lupin, you’re only invisible against white. And if they can’t smell you coming.

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  9. Tree of life symbol yggdrasil image png favpng xzuzyxiq8jchu7waqwytkftss
    Crann Bethadh  7 months ago

    A little hard to be stealth and invisible when you can’t hear yourself tripping over cans.

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  10. Cartooninglady
    I AM CARTOON LADY!  7 months ago

    It’s a good thing that can is covering up part of naked, Lupin! Avert your eyes and shield the kittens!

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  11. 20230916 164128
    saobadao  7 months ago

    Put some pants on, I keep telling my husband of 46 yrears

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  12. D34yd011pr76kiehfi3m
    ikini Premium Member 7 months ago

    Puck is averting his eyes as he says, “We can see you on the kitchen floor!”

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  13. D34yd011pr76kiehfi3m
    ikini Premium Member 7 months ago

    The Woman is on her hands and knees picking up the trash that Lupin knocked over.

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  14. Gentbear3b1a
    Gent  7 months ago

    The Mummy from Mewsr!

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  15. Animiertes spass lustig bild 0179
    in-dubio-pro-rainbow  7 months ago

    Why was the cheetah never a successfully “invisible cat”?

    Because it was “spotted”

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  16. Animiertes spass lustig bild 0179
    in-dubio-pro-rainbow  7 months ago

    I’m the invisible cat

    I’m the invisible cat

    Incredible now you bet

    See right through me

    When you hear a sound

    That you just can’t place

    Feel somethin’ move

    That you just can’t trace

    When something sits

    On the end of your bed

    Don’t turn around

    When you hear me tripp

    I’m the invisible cat…

    I’m the invisible cat

    It’s criminal how they said

    Put some pants on

    Now I’m in your room

    And I’m on my back

    And I’m in your life

    Pics are in your head

    Like the CIA

    Or the FBI

    Pants ever got lose

    Never take me in there alive

    I’m the invisible cat…


    Never had real good pants

    Cut for a boy or a girl

    No one knows what I’ve been through

    Let my fur unfurl

    So l make my mark from the edge of the world

    From the edge of the world

    From the edge of the world

    Now I’m on your rack

    And I’m in your mind

    And I’m on my back

    Don’t you look behind

    I’m your meanest thought

    I’m your darkest fear

    But I’ll never get caught

    Can’t shake me, shake me, dear

    I’m the invisible cat…

    Shake you, shake you, shake you, dear(The Invisible Man / Queen)

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  17. Animiertes spass lustig bild 0179
    in-dubio-pro-rainbow  7 months ago

    Coming soon to your bookstore:

    “Do Invisible Cats Wear Invisible Pants?” – the shocking “all revealing” story of truth

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  18. Avt freyjaw nurse48
    FreyjaRN Premium Member 7 months ago

    The Streak is playing in my head. I wonder why. ;-)

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  19. 43d42c13 032a 4c38 bae7 e97db5523c11
    Pet  7 months ago

    Awww, nudey Lupin lol!

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  20. Aslan avatar
    Aslan Balaur  7 months ago

    Been too long without Invisible Lupin.

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  21. Large magritte
    Charlie_B  7 months ago

    This reminds me of one of my favourite micropoems: “The invisible man put on a hat and vanished”.

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  22. Jungletaitei
    Jungle Empress  7 months ago

    Elvis, really. Pants are optional. :D

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  23. Breaking cat news library tote
    cat19632001  7 months ago

    It’s always a better day when there’s a nekkid Lupin.

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  24. Red skelton
    Daltongang Premium Member 7 months ago

    O.M.G. This comic will be banned in Florida for sure and Georgia will be labeled a groomer for drawing a naked Lupin.

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  25. Profile picture 1466872462
    Kitty Katz  7 months ago

    Meanwhile, Back on the Nile

    Thomios: For tonight’s dinner, we’re featuring ham with bacon and more bacon.

    Elvis-Anum: Always delicious, but I thought we were having spaghetti with red sauce tonight.

    Thomios: We were, but a supply of tomatoes from we know not where went missing.

    Puckmosis: I’m sure the perpetrator had a very good reason for taking them.

    Sophititi: It’s a good thing we have enough red dye for now.

    Maat-Tilda: Hopefully the Cosmo Nursery will have a good crop soon.

    Beatrixia: Anyway, it’s always a good time for ham, bacon, and more!

    Adobe Style: I think I may be able to shed some light on this matter. I was in the gymnasium and who should I see practicing Thwumps?

    Ora Z: Pink Lupinium!

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  26. Cball head
    DeerOrchid Premium Member 7 months ago

    Can we squeeeee over invisible toe beans?

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  27. Picture 021
    Queen of America  7 months ago

    1. I’m glad it’s Sunday because we get the cats again. 2. “Put some pants on!” For some reason, that made me laugh. 3. Lupin is such a joyful kitty!

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  28. Download
    misty  7 months ago

    … From a hall screw-up

    Elvis has rage

    He has had enough

    “Hey, act your age”

    … We all love the cat

    Playfully laid-back

    Lupin’s actions do track

    But we can’t see him (we can’t see him)

    We’d like to squeeze him (like to squeeze him)

    … He’s very spooky

    Dressed like a mummy

    But we can plainly see

    His invisibility

    … On the news today

    He don’t have much to say

    Pucky looks askance ’cause

    He can’t see Lupin’s pants (he’s not wearing pants)

    Let’s hear one more Elvis rant (like he just can’t)


    … Ooh-la-la-la, ooh-la-la-la

    - Paul McCartney / John Lennon – You Won’t See Me

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  29. Rwljlogo2
    The Wolf In Your Midst  7 months ago

    Let the cannies hit the floor

    Let the cannies hit the floor

    Let the cannies hit the floor

    Let the cannies hit the

    ᵗˢʰ ᵗˢʰ



    (With no apologies to Drowning Pool, because I was sick of that song the first time I heard it, let alone the nine thousandth.)

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  30. Missing large
    Katzen1415  7 months ago

    Lupin’s naked on air again. Somebody alert Burt.

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  31. 2019063095133708
    rs0204 Premium Member 7 months ago

    “Put some pants on!”

    Goodness gracious, I’ve heard that request more than a few times in my life.

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  32. Gentbear3b1a
    Gent  7 months ago

    Say where is our professor Harwood? Me not see him some days.

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  33. Gentbear3b1a
    Gent  7 months ago

    Lupin Secret Agent Cat is goes undercovers.

    Cues the myoosic

    There’s a cat who is leads a life of danger

    To everyone he meows he stays a stranger

    With every move he makes

    Another chance he takes

    Odds is he ain’t Live on BCN tomorrow

    Secret agent cat, secret agent cat

    They has given you a sunglass

    And taken away your clothes

    Swingin’ on the ceiling fan on one day

    And then shovin’ down the owly lamp on next day

    Oh no, on a pile of cans you is trips

    While stealing delicious chips

    Odds is he ain’t Live on BCN tomorrow

    Secret agent cat, secret agent cat

    They has given you a sunglass

    And taken away your clothes


    Secret Agent Caaaaat…

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  34. Red s avatar 20240501 001819 0000
    Red Bird  7 months ago

    It’s funny how Lupin casually takes off his disguise to blend into the background.

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  35. Photo
    ShariMccormick  7 months ago

    Knock knock

    Who’s there?


    Atch who?

    God bless you.

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  36. Hipshotbellestarr
    scaeva Premium Member 7 months ago

    Disembodied discombobulation.

    Say that fast three times.

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  37. Breaking cat news library tote
    cat19632001  7 months ago

    Why am I hearing “You Can Leave Your Hat On” by Tom Jones?

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  38. 136061 pic
    Mike Baldwin creator 7 months ago

    Pandemonium reigns! Yeah that’s it. Thanks for the spelling tip!

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  39. Graceeyepatch large
    Teresa Burritt (Frog Applause) creator 7 months ago

    Pants on, pants off. Just another Sunday.

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  40. Froggy with cat ears
    willie_mctell  7 months ago

    Adventure always finds the invisible.

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  41. Missing large
    turner7811 Premium Member 7 months ago

    Sweet Luuuupiiiin.

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  42. Missing large
    wolfiiig  7 months ago

    I always thought Lupin had a strong resemblance to Claude Rains! Now which Kitty reminds you of Sydney Greenstreet?

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  43. Dodge viper green 2
    rgcviper  7 months ago

    Just when I thought “B.C.N.” was a family-friendly comic …

    Fun one.

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  44. Nano
    Lauren Kramer  7 months ago

    Georgia has cursed me! I just went out to check mail and the yard that was flat as a board yesterday is now COVERED in gigantic mole tunnels. The tunnels are big enough to fit a good sized RAT into them with room to spare. I blame the moles on Georgia and the size on our local USAF base, who have Superfund remediation for groundwater contamination.

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  45. Trespassers will..
    Trespassers W  7 months ago

    “He tripped over a pile of cans.”

    “Okay, yeah, that tracks.”

    For all the chuckling over the pants line, let’s not overlook Pucky’s insight!

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  46. Missing large
    ekw555  7 months ago

    “Also very loud”

    says the deaf cat.

    yeah, that must have been loud indeed.

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  47. Screenshot 2024 03 09 140504
    Gloria Fleming  7 months ago

    The Shadow knows. and i love your shades Lupin. You are exceptionally adorable today, a nine out of 10. Only topped by your “Frisky Business” look, a 10/10. I’ll try to find the date.

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  48. B7f102c6 773f 45cd 8306 3a6aa5f7dca7
    kittylover.truitt  7 months ago

    Love it!

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