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  1. about 1 hour ago on Breaking Cat News

    She did. She named it Tape Recorder.

  2. about 11 hours ago on Cat's Cafe

    I don’t think this refers specifically to Rabbit. Rabbit is more Anxiety than Broken. We shall see, as the strips unfold.

  3. about 21 hours ago on Cat's Cafe

    You’ll never be what you were before you were broken, but that’s alright, because you’ll be something else even better.

  4. 1 day ago on Bird and Moon

    No mockingbirds in Southeastern Alaska, although that maybe the bird in the cartoon ;)

  5. 2 days ago on False Knees

    Oddly enough, it isn’t the pumpkin that is spicy; it’s the cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves…

  6. 2 days ago on Bird and Moon

    Reread your question. The raven waited until the people went back in before it did it again. After the third or fourth time, the guy doubted it was happenstance. As I said, ravens are clever and are credited, observationally, with a wicked sense of humor. They tease other animals, too, not just humans.

  7. 2 days ago on Bird and Moon

    After the second “car alarm” went off, he stayed outside after the rest of the street went back in. He said he saw the raven open its beak and the “car alarm” went off again. Ravens can imitate a lot of sounds, including eagle cries. They are even cleverer than crows and far more formidable. Eagles leave them alone. Most people I knew in Alaska, Native or not, were respectful and a little wary of ravens. I was always polite to the raven who hung out in the tree across the road from my house.

  8. 2 days ago on Breaking Cat News

    Naw, she’s just waving to her fellow RM through the camera.

  9. 2 days ago on False Knees

    Hit it on the nares with the cinnamon stick and RUN!!!

  10. 2 days ago on Bird and Moon

    A guy in Juneau, Alaska, saw a raven imitating a car alarm. It did it several times just to see the humans come out of their doors.