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9 Chickweed Lane Classics

Brooke McEldowney

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Hello, I am the Baby Trump and I want to let you know that I am the greatest baby of all time. I have the best baby hands and the best baby attitude in the entire galaxy (even on Uranus). You cannot stop me. Now, for the love of God, somebody get me a Filet O' Fish or I'm adding another 1,000 feet (height) to the wall.

Baby Trump

Trump LeMonde

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Humor can be found in just about every nook and cranny - down dark alleys, deep in space, far out to sea and hidden under grates. These are just a few of the myriad settings which serve as a backdrop for our zany cartoon, Chuckle Bros.From early civilization through the present and on into the distant future, the world of Chuckle Bros is actually the same crazy world we all inhabit - it's just missing the normal set of checks and balances that keep each and every one of us just inside the ropes on our path through life.In a world that's often all too serious, we welcome you to see it through the eyes of Chuckle Bros - a laugh-a-day, every day.

Chuckle Bros

Brian and Ron Boychuk

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American Chop Suey is an epic adventure story, the likes of which has never been seen before, except for maybe Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Dragonball Z, Little House on the Prairie…

American Chop Suey

Ed Bickford and Aaron Walther

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Daniel Beyer has been published in The New Yorker, Playboy, Readers Digest and various other magazines. He won the Cartoonists Studio ‘So Ya Wanna Be A Cartoonist’ Contest with his single panel comic Long Story Short and was rewarded a development deal with Creators Syndicate. Long Story Short has been in syndication by Creators Syndicate since 2014.

Long Story Short

Daniel Beyer

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Spectickles, a cartoon primarily about a married couple with, to put it mildly, communication challenges, is an amalgamation of physical traits that author Bill Abbott finds humorous: the deadpan expression and gravity-tugged flesh of Walter Matthau, the powerful presence of Ethel Merman, the glasses of his great-grand-parents and a host of other subtleties.


Bill Abbott

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    Life On Earth is an absurdist take on the human condition and how it relates to the natural and not-so-natural world.      

Life on Earth


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  Aaggghhhh es una visión absurdista  de la condición humana y su relación con el mundo natural y no tanto.



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Berkeley Breathed

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Editorial cartoons by Marty Two Bulls; Politics and satire must have been born from the same mother or at the very least from the same father. The long tradition of editorial cartoons is rich with talented artists devoted to political satire, a craft that shares the same power of the politician… It speaks to the people.Two Bulls is a Native American Indian and has focused his satire at political issues that affect his Native people. But you don’t have to be Native to share his humor because the issues he chooses to pen, tends to affect us all.


Marty Two Bulls Sr.

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Doodle Diary is a peek into my cartoon journal. Sometimes it will be a series of cartoons that are a work-in-progress . Other times it may be some random stand-alone drawings. Doodle Diary is the cartoonist version of a comedian’s open mic night. I’m testing things out here - let me know what works, or heckle me in the comments.

Doodle Diary

Alex Hallatt

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Quick-hitting editorial cartoons that will make you smile, they will make you scoff, but most important, they will make you think and reflect on your own views impacting our social fabric and political scene.

Tom Stiglich

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Editorial cartoons and progressive-leaning political satire of current national and international topics by Kevin Necessary.

Kevin Necessary Editorial Cartoons

Kevin Necessary

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Lil’ Donnie is about a man who is really bad at his job. We try to update it a couple of times a week. Depends on if he’s done something stupid (he has).

Lil' Donnie

Mike Norton

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False Knees

Joshua Barkman