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For a family strip with bite, you can't do better than The Grizzwells, starring a four-bear family of grizzlies.

The Grizzwells

Bill Schorr

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Dan Thompson

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Health Capsules is a unique Q&A panel that combines useful information with cartoon illustrations to answer burning questions about general health topics. It covers everything from established medical facts to recent discoveries in holistic medicine.

Health Capsules

Bron Smith

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Heart is the precocious yet endearing young star of Mark Tatulli's daily strip about a girl with dreams of pop stardom growing up in Philly with her single mom. Heart's a little girl with a big imagination, and if the world isn't her oyster yet, it will be soon enough!

Heart of the City

Mark Tatulli

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After attending a high-school reunion and re-establishing an old friendship in 1998, Stephen was inspired to create the comic strip Herb and Jamal -- as a tribute to lasting friendships and a reflection on a life well lived. Herb and Jamaal have seen each other through thick and thin. They are best friends. They get through everything in life together: household chores, their wives, work and even golf. These best friends will make you cherish yours!

Herb and Jamaal

Stephen Bentley

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Life's a series of ups and downs, which is good news if you're on a mountain bike. Hubris! is the story of people who enjoy their weekends more than their jobs. Hard to believe, right? Wandering in and out of The Outdoor Galore Store, the woods, the skatepark, the river and trouble, they'll risk their lives and limbs to entertain you by entertaining themselves. Grab your helmet and whatever toys that go with it. Spend your free time with Hubris. Check out Greg Cravens' other strip, The Buckets.


Greg Cravens

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The Humble Stumble

Roy Schneider

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"In the Sticks" is silly, absurd, smart and LOL funny. It's an affable strip about an ex-golf professional who's inherited a nearly bankrupt golf club populated by three very odd animals who (usually) try to help him make it work.

In the Sticks

Nathan Cooper

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INSPECTOR DANGER’S CRIME-QUIZ Do you love whodunit-mysteries? Are you a Columbo-fan? Would you like to be a detective too? Here’s your chance. The comic strip “Inspector Danger’s Crime-Quiz” by Werner Wejp-Olsen, world-renowned cartoonist, is a crime-puzzle challenging armchair sleuths of both genders and all ages to activate their Sherlock Holmes-gene to figure out the right solution and solve the case. The main characters are the tough and rough Inspector Danger, all criminals’ worst nightmare, and Alfie, his dim-witted assistant and still a rookie after seven years on the force. In just a few panels, a whole mystery plot is being presented with a number of suspects and clues for the reader to check out and by deduction come up with the right solution to the crime. These mysteries span from cold-blooded murders, safecracking and bank robbery to art thefts, kidnapping and every now and then even a Peeping Tom – all presented with a humorous twist. But in each strip – in each case, the reader has all the suspects and clues needed to come up with the right answer – and as a safety devise – a solution (printed upside down - sorry!). DISCLAIMER All characters appearing in this comic strip are fictitious. Any resemblance to the real world, real crime scenes and actual criminals is purely coincidental, unintentional and not to be taken too literally. To quote a famous Grook by Piet Hein: “Taking fun as simply fun and earnestness in earnest shows how thoroughly thou none of the two discernest.” By the way - no animals were harmed during the production of this comic strip.

Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz

Werner Wejp-Olsen

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The Gladlees, a slightly eccentric suburban family, adopt a toddler, Jetpack Jr., who is actually an alien spaceman who thinks he’s a toddler who thinks he’s a spaceman. The couple’s older kids want to send him back to the moon.

Jetpack Jr.

Geoff Grogan

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Packed with humor and heart, Jump Start is a modern family comic strip with a classic feel. At the core of the Jump Start family is Joe Cobb, a big-city cop, and his wife, Marcy, a nurse in a bustling Philadelphia hospital. Their jobs are easy compared to the challenge of raising four kids.


Robb Armstrong

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At the core of Just Say Uncle is the friendship of Uncle Norm and his nephew, Bobby. Bobby idolizes his uncle, who seems to know a bit about everything, from Abraham Lincoln to alien invasions to time travel. Trying to keep Norm from stretching the truth too far is his lovely wife Dotty.

Just Say Uncle

Dan Pavelich

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Kate Crane agrees to assist her mad scientist uncle in Egypt for her summer vacation, unaware that he has raised zombies. Main Characters • Kate Crane • Uncle Brian • Lead Zombie • Levon the werewolf

Kid Shay Comics

Josh Shalek

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Designed to challenge young readers, Kidspot provides a daily puzzle in a variety of formats, including crosswords, connect-the-dots, rebuses and compare-the-pictures.


Dan Thompson

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Kit 'N' Carlyle

Larry Wright

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Not just a recipe cartoon, Kitchen Capers has a little comic treat running through its soft centre. Ken is a chef and Clover a cartoonist. Follow their adventures as he tries to teach her a few home economics and she tries to teach him a few home truths.

Kitchen Capers

David Banks

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Stories from Murderville, and other shady neighborhoods. Visit

Lay Lines

Carol Lay

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When Karl moves to Japan with his family and finds a magical raccoon spirit, fitting into a new life becomes even more challenging. Join the adventure as we discover that living in Japan ain’t easy but it sure can be fun! New comics update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in color. Khalid Birdsong lived in Osaka, Japan for two years teaching English and goes back once a year to visit his wife’s family. Living abroad inspired him to start drawing the original Fried Chicken and Sushi webcomic at loosely based on his experiences. Little FC&S gives him a chance to see what his characters would be like in fourth grade attending an international school together. He’s always wanted to give the raccoon spirit, Tanuki, more of a role in the strip and creating this comic really brings his dream to life. CAST INFO: Karl- Karl is a kindhearted but shy fourth grader who desperately wants to fit in and spend time with the girl he has a crush on. Karl enjoys playing with toys and making puppets. One part of him wants to be cool and the other part wants to be a geek. Tanuki- Tanuki is a magical raccoon dog spirit who loves to eat and cause trouble whenever he can. He’s still learning his magic so he can use it to help, and sometimes, hurt his owner Karl. J- J is a calm, cool and confident friend who never sweats the small stuff. It’s the big major stuff that can upset J. He enjoys watching movies and doing martial arts. He likes to see the humor in life and he’s not afraid to laugh. Hachiro- Hachiro is Japanese but he spent several years living in the U.S. before moving back to Osaka. He loves reading about the paranormal and he’s fascinated by magic. Hachiro has a fear of many things but he sticks by his friends through thick and thin. Ryan- Ryan is the popular kid in fourth grade and he’s proud of it. He enjoys making life difficult for Karl to show how much power he has at school. Ryan enjoys playing sports and picking on kids smaller than him. Mai- Mai is Japanese but she studies English very well and she’s not afraid of anything. She enjoys reading and playing sports. Mai has a great sense of humor and can help her friends lighten up in difficult situations.

Little Fried Chicken and Sushi

Khalid Birdsong

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Recently widowed Lola moves in with her son, Ray, and his family at his request. The potential disasters of Lola living with her anally retentive adult son and family provide the backdrop for a hilarious story about life. Life according to Lola, that is. Lola is a witty sharpshooter who’s too busy living life to the fullest to worry about political correctness, exercise and proper diet. She’s fiercely independent and struggles with having to live under Ray’s rules…so she doesn’t. A wicked sense of humor and blunt, but often heart-warming honesty are Lola’s tools of trade.


Todd Clark

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LUANN is about the trials of becoming a young adult: the hilarity and drama, triumphs and flops, friendships and rivalries.


Greg Evans

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LuannAgainn is a time-machine that plops you backwards to LUANN 28 years ago on today's date. The strip debuted on Sunday, March 17, 1985. On March 17, 2013, LuannAgainn will relaunch LUANN in all her amusing, embryonic glory. Creator Greg Evans says, "I'm not looking.

Luann Againn

Greg Evans

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Lunarbaboon chronicles the daily struggles of a 30 something father dealing with depression, anxiety, and raising a family. It is a tribute to the bond between father and child, as well as husband and wife. The comic is meant to be read by mature adults who have playful imaginations and don't take life too seriously.


Christopher Grady

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Nate Creekmore's Maintaining looks at the oddities of life through the eyes of an interracial teenager. The cast includes Marcus, the hero of the strip, and a biracial high school student who is not quite sure of himself or the world. Marcus is trying to make sense out of the craziness around him. Anton is his best friend. He is a bit of a cynic, but still too young to be jaded.


Nate Creekmore

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By John Zakour (writer) & Scott Roberts (artist) Maria is a kid who sees things her own way- and expects the world to see it her own way too! Her friend Joey is more practical. He helps keep her grounded, though that’s as easy as handling a Thanksgiving balloon in a hurricane. Sue is special and she knows it- better than anyone. She’s writing her autobiography now, but she’ll live it later. Bob takes things slower. Ms. Payne is their teacher- she enjoys her job, she truly does. She’d enjoy it even more without the students.

Maria's Day

John Zakour and Scott Roberts

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Created by Brad Anderson, the classic comic canine has delighted newspaper readers since 1954. Marm lives with the Winslows, who have what it takes to run with the Big Dog, usually with a minimum of destruction. Sunday strips feature letters from readers about their pets.


Brad Anderson

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Mazetoons is a feature from Creators Syndicate featuring cartoon-illustrated mazes. The drawings are integrated as a part of the solvable maze! It is a unique hybrid cartoon and puzzle for all ages. Each maze varies in both theme and difficulty. MazeToons is offered every day. Daily mazes can be solved in under a minute. Sunday mazes can take up to five minutes to solve! We encourage you to print and solve the mazes and challenge yourself with MazeToons! Visit the website

MazeToons Puzzle

Joe Wos

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Meg Classics

Greg Curfman

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Ralph Dunagin and Dana Summers’ The Middletons pokes gentle fun at the realities of middle-class America. The cast of characters features Morris and Midge Middleton, the archetypical suburban family and their next-door neighbors, The Wades. Ernest and Peg Wade head an upwardly mobile African-American family climbing the ladder of success.

The Middletons

Ralph Dunagin and Dana Summers

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Only a mother could nag her child so much in such a sarcastic way that it becomes endearing. Momma’s kids love her and readers will too! Based in part on his own mother, Mell Lazarus’s Momma is a little bit like everybody’s mother. Syndicated in more than 400 newspapers, Momma has been entertaining readers since 1970.


Mell Lazarus

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Mom’s Cancer is a true story about one family’s struggle with metastatic lung cancer. Honest, unflinching, and sometimes humorous, it looks at the practical and emotional effect that serious illness has on patients and their families. In the end, it is a story of hope. Mom’s Cancer is a groundbreaking graphic novel that won the comics industry’s Eisner and Harvey Awards, as well as the Lulu Blooker Prize and the German Youth Literature Prize. Read the blog! CAST INFO: Mom: In her early sixties and diagnosed with lung cancer that spread to her brain after a lifetime of smoking. She is determined to overcome grave odds. Brian: The story’s author, narrator, and Mom’s eldest, a self-employed writer in his early forties with a wife and two teenage daughters. Nurse Sis: One year younger than Brian, single, and a registered nurse with years of experience in critical care, intensive care, and emergency room treatment. Kid Sis: An actress, writer, videographer, and Web entrepreneur about half a generation younger than Brian and Nurse Sis, who shares a condominium with Mom.

Mom's Cancer

Brian Fies