Non Sequitur for Mar 14, 2018

Mar 13, 2018
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Non Sequitur for Mar 14, 2018 Comic Strip
Mar 15, 2018
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  1. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma GC Insider 4 months ago

    As my cat sits on my lap, I assure the catdor is taking the biggest risk. Of course, throw the cat in the toilet, slam the lid shut, and flush, then rinse, and stand well back when you open the lid with a long broom.

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  2. Scribble can
    Three Steps Over Japan  4 months ago

    They can smell fear. And tuna.

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  3. 11 06 126
    Varnes  4 months ago

    You really don’t need to wash cats….But expecting them the come to you is a different thing….I do have a whistle (By mouth they always come to. But it’s for emergencies only…I wouldn’t want to abuse it. They do come running every time though..Cat’s are the cleanest animals….They always smell good.

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  4. Onion news1186.article
    Randy B GC Insider 4 months ago

    The matador may avoid injury, but the catador will always take damage and lose blood.

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  5. Bluedog
    Bilan  4 months ago

    Of course, you can use a catapult to put the cat in the sink while avoiding a catastrophe.

    But that would be cheating.

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  6. Sammy on gocomics
    Say What Now‽ GC Insider 4 months ago

    That is cruelty to matadors.

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  7. Missing large
    KenTheCoffinDweller  4 months ago

    I was always the Designated Cat Holder while someone else did the actual bathing. The cats were seldom angry at the washer, but would take it out on the holder. Heavy leather gloves with long cuffs were a big salvation in my case.

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  8. Cat and ape2
    The Cat and Ape GC Insider 4 months ago

    The trick is to trim the nails first. Which is a whole other blood sport…

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  9. Don martin 1
    Farside99  4 months ago

    You can tell the poor guy is catatonic with fear.

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  10. Missing large
    Stevefk  4 months ago

    This whole thing is a catastrophe!

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  11. Missing large
    Egrayjames  4 months ago

    Beware of Cat Scratch Fever.

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  12. Balloon32
    freewaydog  4 months ago

    This looks like the bullpen from the movie, “Ferdinand”.

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  13. 3083024 0826053922 daveb
    Kaputnik  4 months ago

    Purreadors. Wouldn’t they use a red dot to bait the cat before bathing it?

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  14. 13076664 10209582699232589 543140372449153139 n
    Aubrey Dacus  4 months ago

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  15. Missing large
    DanFlak  4 months ago

    No all cats hate water. We had one that liked to play with the water coming out of the hose to soaking effect.

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  16. Missing large
    DanFlak  4 months ago

    What was that George Carlin joke? “I gave my cat a bath. It wasn’t so bad except for the fur on my tongue.”

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  17. Rise the moon 20161228 101130603 c50
    Andrew Sleeth GC Insider 4 months ago

    Wiley, have you ever actually tried to give a cat a bath? ‘Cuz you know, you’re sending this matador on a suicide mission.

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  18. Mr haney
    NeedaChuckle  4 months ago

    My cat lives outdoors, in the summer when it is hot, I wipe him down with a wet cloth and he likes it.

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  19. Ss 100419 volcano lightning full
    chaosed2  4 months ago

    Giving a cat a bath is bad. Giving a cat a pill is the stuff of nightmares.

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  20. 100 3924
    jessie d. GC Insider 4 months ago

    Yes, the real provocation is getting pills down the throat of the varmint. After all these years the medication we thought we’d gotten down her with much injury to ourselves she hid and then spit out behind a heavy chest. Pill after pill lined her secret witch’s coven. It brought me to tears of vexation. Cats always win.

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  21. Packrat
    Packratjohn GC Insider 4 months ago

    Funny as all of the comments are, no one addressed the real challenge…. cat herding.

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  22. Missing large
    mso  4 months ago

    Cats are modern dragons, provoke them at your own risk.

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  23. Plsa button
    Richard S Russell GC Insider 4 months ago

    “A person that started in to carry a cat home by the tail was getting knowledge that was always going to be useful to him, and warn’t ever going to grow dim or doubtful.” —from Tom Sawyer Abroad by Mark Twain (1835-1910), nom de plume of Samuel L. Clemens, American writer and humorist

    You might also appreciate Twain’s “A Cat-Tale”, made up as a bedtime story for his 2 little girls, which is riddled with puns. It’s quite short, so it’s most readily found in his excellent anthology Letters from the Earth.

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  24. 100 3924
    jessie d. GC Insider 4 months ago

    In these awful times, it is restorative to be reminded of the good, decent Americans who influenced our beloved country. How we came to be so curdled with mean, spiteful varmints will be the first order in saving our country and never accepting such in the future.

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  25. Img 1610
    WmCraft GC Insider 4 months ago

    Wow -must be a lot of cat owners here! Most likes and comments I’ve seen today!

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  26. Aj icon60
    Dr_Fogg  4 months ago

    herding cats!

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  27. Missing large
    bj_strickland  4 months ago

    I had to bathe one of my cats once. She shredded my rubber gloves and we both looked like we’d been through the spin cycle in the washing machine. After the 1st 30 seconds.

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  28. U62t
    surveyingsam GC Insider 4 months ago


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  29. Unknown
    deep state conspirator GC Insider 4 months ago

    I had to bathe my cat with a special soap when he had a skin condition. He didn’t like it, but submitted with reasonable grace. He was a pretty mellow cat.

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  30. Clown
    The1andOnlyTigger  4 months ago

    I had to bathe my cats a few times when fleas got into the house- and had war wounds for quite a while afterwards!

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  31. Img 1754  2
    GiantShetlandPony  4 months ago

    The running of the cats was a catastrophe for the runners….

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  32. Missing large
    jbruins84341  4 months ago

    My son has a Maine Coon that he has bathed regularly since it was a kitten. Does help that Maine Coons have more of an affinity for water than most cats, but they don’t exactly love the stuff.

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  33. 66c6839c0bfc40deabcfa74fd4fd7656
    zathb GC Insider 4 months ago

    Nice tip of the cap to Booth Mr. Miller!

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  34. Bo and blackie
    whenlifewassimpler  4 months ago

    You had to have multiple cats to really appreciate it….we had 6 cats and a dog; had a bad septic system and dog got fleas and so did cats…there is still a nail in the wall at the place we lived where Tiger (a Morris look a like and 25 pounds of muscle) left it

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  35. Other7 brush
    Meh~tdology  4 months ago

    He’s not wearing near enough armor.

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  36. Missing large
    alan.court  4 months ago

    I’m glad I never had to wash my 25 lb. cat!!!

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  37. Missing large
    pcmcdonald  4 months ago

    I know a blonde that gave her cat a bath once and she said the worst part of if was getting all the hair off her tongue.

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  38. Missing large
    Jessica_D  4 months ago

    I love Wiley’s cats!

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