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Just an old fart who enjoys humor in all shapes and sizes. I am the "hermit on the hill", and I like it that way.

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  1. 1 day ago on Non Sequitur

    I’m sorry for your lose. You’re right, we will use any excuse we can to justify our behavior. I smoked for years. Enjoyed it, too. Only quit when I got tired of it. Hey, I wasn’t hurting anyone…

  2. 1 day ago on Non Sequitur

    Thanks, Zot. I appreciate a good laugh in the morning

  3. 2 days ago on Clay Jones

    Foie Gras would never be considered an entree.

  4. 2 days ago on Tom the Dancing Bug

    I drive an Expedition, and am perfectly happy with my middle ground status! This way, when I say, “Hey, wanna go on an expedition with me?”, I win either way.

  5. 2 days ago on Loose Parts

    I could tell she was head and shoulders above the rest…

  6. 3 days ago on Last Kiss

    Even better than my traditional answer: their ankles

  7. 3 days ago on Super-Fun-Pak Comix

    Didn’t look it up, relying instead on my memory… (first mistake of the day).

    Wasn’t there a “Sgt Rock of Easy Company”? There were SO many comics, and so little time…

  8. 3 days ago on Super-Fun-Pak Comix

    I was “T.C.” for Top Cat, my favorite cartoon character.

  9. 3 days ago on Last Kiss

    Never question flexibility… just enjoy. Reminds me of the question; “What do Vassar girls put behind their ears to attract the boys?”

  10. 3 days ago on The Argyle Sweater

    Watt’s up with today’s comic? Can someone illuminate me? Or is this just tungsten-in-cheek humor?