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    And a song in his fart.


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    STILL too big a finger to hit the little “x” that closes the advert window on your mobile device.

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    For all Paste Jar orders of $48.27 or more (after added tax, title, and destination charges), delivery can be made somewhat overnight by a clipper of the Neptune’s Navy, or for free via subject-to-becalming Cutty Sark.


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    Almost immediately separate laminated portion of sticker from it’s adhesive backing leaving streaks of sticker that must picked and peeled to increasingly tedious effect.

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    In the determination of the moment, predetermination looks exactly like “free will”.

    Oddly, for “free will” to occur, you need the absence of a deity seeking to impose predetermination.

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    Frog Blog.

    Heap Good!

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    Creative Destruction for Writers: How to Write a Blackout Poem


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    Depends, will there be a hearty toast, Himalayan pink salt, red pepper flakes, and perhaps a sprinkle of cheese?

    Full inquiry deserves full disclosure.


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    Eventually, all tabs must be paid.