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  1. about 8 hours ago on Jeff Stahler

    Remember, Democrats want to take away guns from honest citizens so that they can’t protect themselves from the rapists and murderers who are an invading mob from shithole countries and are infesting our cities.

  2. about 8 hours ago on Jeff Stahler

    November 2020 is a long, long, long way off in voters minds. The people murdered in these mass killings will be forgotten by then. Their deaths will have faded into meaninglessness with the general public by that time. Some other “shiny thing” will dominate the election.

  3. about 18 hours ago on Jeff Stahler

    Remember guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Guns only make it possible to murder 20 times the amount of people in a 20-second interval as when the Second Amendment was approved. If the NRA has its way, we can up that figure.

  4. about 18 hours ago on Jeff Stahler

    NRA + $$$ = Republican.

  5. about 18 hours ago on FoxTrot Classics

    I went to an all-boys’ high school and my wife went to an all-girls’ high school. It was probably just as well. Given the state of my hormones at the time, I would have never kept my mind on my studies.

  6. 1 day ago on Jeff Stahler

    How every Trump supporter hopes his kid turns out like. Making America Hate Again.

  7. 2 days ago on Aunty Acid

    I sleep like a baby. I wake up at 2 AM screaming.

  8. 3 days ago on Francis
    “I once tried to sum up my idea of God by saying that if God is God, then God can do anything… including existing and not existing simultaneously. "

    Thank you Mr. Schrodinger.

  9. 4 days ago on Jeff Stahler

    Bigotry and hate did not disappear – they were merely driven underground. Now that it’s MAGA-time, it is now socially acceptable to be racist and full of hate and disrespect for other people.

  10. 6 days ago on Francis

    My particular church is not hesitant to address today’s social issues like: gun violence, immigration, the opioid crisis, the environment, affordable housing …

    The miracle of the Bible isn’t that it is scientifically or historically accurate. The miracle is that it can be still relevant today. If you take it literally, then you miss the point completely.