Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for December 02, 2020


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  1. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY Premium Member 4 months ago

    Apparently, Calvin will be attending parties with people in their 80’s.

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  2. Missing large
    californiamonty  4 months ago

    I love it! By the way, what happens when you drink too much mead?

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  3. Missing large
    SHIVA  4 months ago

    And he’ll be the first one to be shown the door!!

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  4. Missing large
    oreally39  4 months ago

    I liked that one then again I’m over 80

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  5. Missing large
    codycab  4 months ago

    What smells rotten and puts people to sleep? CALVIN’S ACT!

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  6. Eveningledger connie
    Johnny Q Premium Member 4 months ago

    “Puns are the lowest form of humour”—Samuel Johnson

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  7. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  4 months ago

    What do you get when you cross a lab monkey with a very popular legume and a plant with yellow flowers and profuse pollen?





    Rhesus peanut buttercup.

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  8. Photopictureresizer 190623 022710789 crop 2695x2695 1347x1347
    jvo  4 months ago

    Awwww….. Calvin cracked his first Dad Joke, his kids would be teenagers now :)

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  9. Honeyclover s2e02 time02 09 hiccupcure cropped
    gawkface  4 months ago

    pun jokes must be hard in verbal form

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  10. Img 0263
    sallyseckman  4 months ago

    Simpsons actually did a visual joke of it that one time.

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  11. 581372 3160808303047 1311892651 n
    dlkrueger33  4 months ago

    Great joke, but young people wouldn’t get it.

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  12. Missing large
    jmcenanly  4 months ago

    Elon Musk has a brother named Kimball, who is an agronomist. recently he developed a new sort of fruit, with a thin rind and sweet flesh. He was disappointed when he found out that there was already such a thing as a musk melon.

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  13. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  4 months ago

    Calvin thought that he was punny…the audience disagreed…

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  14. Picture
    ForrestOverin  4 months ago

    I remember learning in an Anthropology class that, while there are few cultural ‘universals’, Groaning at Puns is among those that exist.

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  15. Missing large
    garcoa  4 months ago

    I expect to see this pun on PBS shortly. Are you reading this Pastis?

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  16. Fe9a6b5e df21 4f3a bf55 4590a5295ee7
    ajr58(1)  4 months ago

    What do you get when you cross a pig and a lawyer? No one knows. There are some things that a pig won’t do.

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  17. Profile msn
    vaughnrl2003 Premium Member 4 months ago

    Keep trying kid. Live mike night is brutal.

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  18. Missing large
    david_42  4 months ago

    Given that all puns are bad, this one isn’t too bad.

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  19. Large img 20201123 201142
    Mando3456 (This is my gamertag in minecraft)  4 months ago

    A classic! Apparently I’m eighty years old.

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  20. Chief wahoo
    aerotica69  4 months ago

    I laughed. (It has already been a long day!)

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  21. Calvin   calvin
    johndifool  4 months ago

    Don’t forget the Infinite Sadness, Calvin.

    [Quite possible that the name of the album was inspired by this strip]

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  22. Picture 001
    rshive  4 months ago

    A party of one, Calvin.

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  23. 20190411 135231
    formathe  4 months ago

    Two blondes walk into a building. You would have thought ONE of them would have seen it,,,,,,

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  24. Missing large
    Steverino Premium Member 4 months ago

    The married person’s melon: Honeydew.

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  25. Img 0306
    Vangoghdog01  4 months ago

    Aw, Hobbes, you know that puns are judged by how bad they are. That one is so old, it stinks (very good pun)!

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  26. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member 4 months ago

    Well, he’s the life of the cartoons page!

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  27. Natemiiinvert
    BiggerNate91  4 months ago

    Calvin needs to learn that laughing at your own jokes does not make them funny.

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  28. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  4 months ago

    I used that joke about the same time as this was originally published. Worse – it was in a sad poem. Those were NOT the “good ’ol days”.

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  29. Missing large
    Mac  4 months ago

    Somewhere, Stephan Pastis is secretly giggling.

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  30. Missing large
    ScratchyPDX  4 months ago

    Calvin is a little young to be telling Dad Jokes. :)

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  31. Missing large
    bobfjr  4 months ago

    I once asked the combo to play “mellon-doggie baby”… only the sax player laughed…….. (by cracky, by cranky, by creaky, by croakey)

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  32. Oldgeezerlittle1
    Numbnumb  4 months ago

    You are assuming, of course, he will be invited?

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  33. Citizens for a canadian republic
    A Hip loving Canadian...  4 months ago

    Hobbes should pun-ish Calvin for that one.

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  34. Missing large
    kathleenhicks62  4 months ago

    Hobbes’ face is to die for!

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  35. Photo
    AndrewSihler  4 months ago

    I hate to admit it, but that is rather good.

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  36. Missing large
    raybarb44  4 months ago

    That is funny…..

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  37. Missing large
    Stephen Gilberg  4 months ago

    It’s a fine pun, but guffawing at your own joke is bad form.

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  38. Large 52dcc5af0752b3c9e0c8fb44478b2420
    HobbesTheTiger78  4 months ago

    I love Lassie! Love Rough Collies, too. There are actually four different types of Collies. Bearded Collie, Border Collie, Rough Collie, Lassies breed, and Smooth Collie. I go to the dog park a lot, and, there is this Collie called Teddy. Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) are like miniature Rough Collies. There is this store near my house. It is called “Just For Fun” and it has party supplies and other stuff like advent calendars. They’re selling the advent calendars now because, after all, it is getting near christmas time. But i’m getting off topic so lets get back. I went there two days ago, and, there were store dogs walking around the place. There was this one Sheltie that I must have made a pretty good impression on, because after that, it started following me all around the store. Fortunately, it was very well trained, so when I left the store, it didn’t follow me out. The store probably doesn’t mind that customers pet the dogs. Thats all for today, folks! From now on, I’ll be leaving comments on future Calvin And Hobbes strips, but don’t worry if you don’t see my comment.

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  39. Missing large
    Sarah T  4 months ago

    This is so me. I laugh at my own stupid jokes all the time.

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  40. Missing large
    streuny40  4 months ago

    You crack me up every time I read your strip, Thanks, it’s my favorite.

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  41. Large 78de057d023c6e7e61f858abb311207f
    RainbowWolf   4 months ago

    A little off topic but I have a cousin who loved Calvin and Hobbes so much the area where he kept his Calvin and Hobbes books had walls lined with comics.

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  42. Profile 4
    random gamer  4 months ago

    you don’t see that face often on Hobbes ¬_¬

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  43. Gti1
    exeyevee Premium Member 4 months ago

    “In my heart, I know I’m funny.”

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  44. Yellow submarine
    spaced man spliff Premium Member 4 months ago

    What would be REAL funny is if Mr. Watterson inadvertently draws a panel featuring both other adults AND Hobbes as a real tiger, not a puny stuffed toy. In any case, Calvin, I love you but don’t quit your day job !!

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  45. 5b1fe21f 9d78 4f26 83b0 5959b4af632b
    Lightpainter  4 months ago

    In a similar situation, Hobbes has asked Calvin straight questions about Calvin’s “ joke”.

    Here, I would expect Hobbes to ask how Lassie could impregnate a cantelope.

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  46. Large 52dcc5af0752b3c9e0c8fb44478b2420
    HobbesTheTiger78  3 months ago

    That is a good joke

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