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  1. about 1 hour ago on Matt Wuerker

    No Rose Garden but PLENTY of Bovine Extract fertilizer…

  2. about 1 hour ago on Pearls Before Swine

    Sirius Satellite Radio has a channel for the classic old radio shows…

  3. about 1 hour ago on Pearls Before Swine

    I’m not feeling superior, I’m actually a bit sad at the people who actually go through Phone Withdrawal when they cannot get on their phone every 3 minutes. At least 4 of the following signs and symptoms are thought to comprise criteria for cell phone addiction, and the problematic cell phone overuse must cause significant harm in the individual’s life.

    A need to use the cell phone more and more often in order to achieve the same desired effect.Persistent failed attempts to use cell phone less often.Preoccupation with smartphone use.Turns to cell phone when experiencing unwanted feelings such as anxiety or depression.Excessive use characterized by loss of sense of time.Has put a relationship or job at risk due to excessive cell phone use.Tolerance.Need for newest cell phone, more applications, or increased use.Withdrawal, when cell phone or network is unreachable.Anger.Tension.Depression.Irritability.Restlessness.And yes, this IS real!
  4. about 1 hour ago on Lisa Benson

    it isn’t. Too bad NONE of Trump’s branded products ARE made in America, which is just another example of his blatant hypocrisy.

  5. about 1 hour ago on Real Life Adventures

    And THIS is why separate vacations are a GREAT idea!

  6. about 2 hours ago on Tom the Dancing Bug

    Wanna bet he’s in talks with Preacher Pence to be given a pardon when he gets bounced from office and Pence takes over?

  7. about 2 hours ago on Clay Bennett

    POTUS= Putin Operates Trump’s Unused Scruples.

  8. about 2 hours ago on Jeff Danziger

    “But OF COURSE it’s Obama’s fault. He used his super-secret magic Time Machine to go back and make sure that anyone who would have voted to kill the ACA didn’t get elected in the first place! Then he went to the Secret CIA Base on Mars and used his Illudium Pew-36 mind control ray to make sure the vote failed! Yeah, THAT’S the Ticket!!”

  9. about 2 hours ago on Lisa Benson

    Obviously, since you voted for Trump.

  10. about 2 hours ago on Michael Andrew

    A true “Stream of Unconsciousness…”