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  1. narrowminded

    narrowminded said, about 5 hours ago

    The poor quality of the art work is surpassed only by the level of its deceitful context. Fake news on display.

  2. psherwood56

    psherwood56 said, about 5 hours ago

    This comic is total foolishness! The facts are that the EPA along with the current administration have been grossly overstepping their constitutional authority.

  3. ODon

    ODon said, about 5 hours ago


    You’ll not find yours an Animas opinion.

  4. Buddy Landry

    Buddy Landry said, about 4 hours ago


    Narrow indeed.

  5. OldCoal

    OldCoal GoComics PRO Member said, about 3 hours ago

    It’s just Obama Derangement applied to government agencies.

  6. superposition

    superposition said, about 3 hours ago

    Some think there may be a problem:


    “Donald Trump has just nominated Oil and Gas industry ally Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

    Pruitt has been one of the EPA’s loudest opponents, suing to overturn clean air and water rules, and could roll back decades of progress to protect our environment."



  7. Lyman Elliiott

    Lyman Elliiott GoComics PRO Member said, about 1 hour ago

    Well, I see the trolls are out early today. All of you who back putting someone like Pruitt in as head of the EPA should be worried about the world you are leaving for your children and grandchildren. I suppose I shouldn’t care about this as I have no children or grandchildren to worry about. Now if you do have children or grandchildren and you don’t give a damn whether they are able to breath or have any water to drink, go ahead, pollute away.

  8. Hen3ry 567

    Hen3ry 567 GoComics PRO Member said, about 1 hour ago

    Yah, what’s the matter with you? You’re supposed to be making the Animas river bright yellow, not green.

  9. HopefulAmerican

    HopefulAmerican said, 43 minutes ago

    anti-Pruitt posters missed Logical Debate 101……..there are 2 sides to every argument. More than one legitimate side!At least try to consider the fact that on EPA’s track record is a failure to do what Congress’ legal priorities, and has been overstepping its authority to impose federal control over 100% of the 50 states’ geography! EPA under Obama went pell-mell into the unproven and political agenda of overturning capitalism with totalitarianism by enforcing leftist mandates for “climate change” “protections”(not)………………….Mr. Pruitt wants clean air and clean water, as do 99.9% of critics of EPA. That is not the issue. Give this short article at least a reading=

  10. Kaffekup

    Kaffekup said, 30 minutes ago


    I’m glad you’re so open-minded. Have you given equal thought as to whether Hitler and Stalin had valid points to make on controversial ideas? And how do you know 99.9% of EPA critics want clean air and water? Have you polled them?

  11. The NPP

    The NPP said, 15 minutes ago

    Remember how much the cartoonist screamed when Barack made the ex-CEO of Monsanto the head of the FDA? He didn’t? Oh! Then his anger must be unbalanced.

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