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  1. guy fawkes

    guy fawkes said, about 22 hours ago

    From 1714 to 1967 The U.K. had The Riot Act

    It’s one of the highly unjust laws that helped fuel the American Revolution. If we try to make it legal to harm these Americans who are standing up for their rights (right or wrong) it will apply to us all.


    Harassing protesters in any way is blatantly immoral and certainly un-Constitutional here. Civil disobedience – and the non-violent acceptance of the consequences it entails – has long been considered the highest expression of patriotism and self-sacrificing duty a citizen can perform by Founding Fathers and philosophers alike.


    The civil (ha) authorities are duty bound to protect public safety and to enforce codified law. Leaving the protesters completely alone would accomplish most of that. Citing or arresting those individuals or groups that endanger others or break current law and letting them have their day in court would accomplish the rest.

  2. brian_db

    brian_db GoComics PRO Member said, about 17 hours ago

    In point of fact, DAPL hired thugs to attack the protesters with dogs.

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