Luann by Greg Evans for August 11, 2017

  1. Big hug
    Brdshtt Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    Cruella DeVille strikes again.

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  2. Missing large
    Namrepus  almost 5 years ago

    I suspect Mr. Gray is about to have a chat with Miss Prudence.

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  3. 8d4e8ad6 4494 4665 8009 edd51c3035f8
    Храм С.О.Д. (Templo S.U.D. ucraniano)  almost 5 years ago

    Well, that “friendly” family conversation went rather well.

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  4. 1191565387768
    matthewjfazio  almost 5 years ago

    OMG that resolved this story arc rather quickly!

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  5. Aimg5  mini
    Wizardgoat  almost 5 years ago

    Well, now we pretty well know that Ann is Al Gray’s sister and Les’s mother. That should squelch a lot of speculation to the contrary.

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  6. Aimg5  mini
    Wizardgoat  almost 5 years ago

    Somehow I suspected that Al Gray would find out, and be instrumental in unraveling the situation. It’s about to head into some very interesting drama.

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  7. Missing large
    Constancy  almost 5 years ago

    Ann Awful is the pun and she always hurts someone.

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  8. Miriam
    Kymberleigh  almost 5 years ago

    And all this time it was Mr. Gray we had suspicions about. He may end up being the hero of this story arc.

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  9. Missing large
    Tue Elung-Jensen  almost 5 years ago

    Oh, scamming runs in the family …

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  10. Big hug
    Brdshtt Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    He should look into the contract to see if there is a provision stating that no other employees aside from Les can be on premises. He may want to station some of his henchmen around the perimeter…

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  11. Missing large
    Argythree  almost 5 years ago

    It actually looks like Ann has beaten ‘Gray’, rather than Gray ending her game…

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  12. Missing large
    luann1212 Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    Well these panels answer a number of questions guys! Mr. Grey and Ann are brother and sister, they hate each other, and Ann has some plans that might effect his investment in the Fuse, and his interests and concern for her son, his nephew. I mean Luann and Brad are a normal brother and sister, they love each other, and can’t stand each other sometimes just like every brother and sister does in the real world. Being an only child I would have been happy to have a sister who I could be pissed off at sometimes while I knew she always really loved me, and would have my back, as I would hers. But Jonah and Toni have a twisted kind of relationship, and now we have Mr. Grey, and his rebellious, angry, horrible sister, Les’s mother who by the way had a cop husband who was killed (in the line of duty, or…?). Are we past the grade school Aaron Hill phase people? Anyway, drama mama. Luannverse is getting quite dramatic while being comedic. Panel by panel, it’s like those shows on tv, where the characters, with whom you have gotten so invested in, reach an irresistible point, then its continued to the next day, week, month, sequel. Man, so addicting its like crack, and I mean that in a nice way (lol).

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  13. Other7 brush
    Meh~tdology, fka Pepelaputr   almost 5 years ago

    Finding out that her brother has an interest in The Fuse SHOULD cause Ann to abort what she’s planning, but she seems determined to risk it.

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  14. Hatcat
    wiselad  almost 5 years ago

    oh boy……………. let’s look at a worse case scenario so we will not be flabbergasted with what actually happens ( fingers crossed it will not be hugely bad ) ……………… Lingerie show means dancers and possibly Ann being a Miss Fleiss wannabe and Ann and Les might pander drugs and hard liquor and the fuse that night becoming a cesspool of swinging indecency

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  15. Missing large
    ironman01  almost 5 years ago

    This seems too well planned out for Ann not to realize her brother wasn’t an investor. Hmm, we’ll see what develops.

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  16. Missing large
    capricorn9th  almost 5 years ago

    Me thinks he will turn back into The Fuse and ask Les why his mother was there. Will Les be honest or tell him a lie?

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  17. Tumblr m8cvuqinuu1r0mvk8o9 250
    jimmjonzz Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    La di dah di dee

    La di dah di dah

    The beat goes on.


    A dilemma

    And the drama

    Maybe a comma

    Then the karma

    After all, shawarma

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  18. Big hug
    Brdshtt Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    Looks like Pipe owes Dog a pouch of Tobacco…

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  19. Missing large
    banksnld  almost 5 years ago

    A few comments were saying Mr. Gray hates Ann, but I didn’t get that vibe. Doesn’t trust her, sure. But his calling her sis, and saying he only had an interest in what she was doing because he had an interest in the Vibe makes me think it’s not hatred.

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  20. Missing large
    banksnld  almost 5 years ago

    At this point, I think Pru needs a serious talking to about boundaries and her role as an employee.

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  21. Al the fish cup
    alasko  almost 5 years ago

    This will not end well.

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  22. Missing large
    kenhense  almost 5 years ago

    AE was rude & sassy – leaving Mr. Gray in the dust – likely because she didn’t want to talk about why she was there.

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  23. Missing large
    kenhense  almost 5 years ago

    Tears for Pru – Icicles for Mr Gray. Ann can really turn the faucet on & off. She’s a natural for S & M. (uh-oh, could that be the private gig coming up?)

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  24. Missing large
    Nobilone  almost 5 years ago

    Luanville. Population: 52All related. :-)

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  25. 0146yellow
    Vilyehm  almost 5 years ago

    “Is there a Mister Gump, Misses Gump?”

    We have room for a Mr. Eiffel, and a Mr. Knox.Time for Mr. Gray to provide a few details?

    ….and please please please, never pair up Les Knox with a girl named Ethel Ghass.

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  26. Tumblr m8cvuqinuu1r0mvk8o9 250
    jimmjonzz Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    One would be well advised not to trifle

    With that schemer, the awful Ann Eiffel

    But if anyone can

    It’s the friends of Luann

    Her comeuppance might be quite delightful

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  27. Missing large
    sueb1863  almost 5 years ago

    Hopefully Pru will fill him in and he’ll either put a stop to the “party” or will insist on being present during the party to make sure nothing illegal happens.

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  28. Picture
    JeffGage  almost 5 years ago

    Any thoughts as to the real event they’re planning. Obviously, they have something else in mind. I’m thinking a casino night.

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  29. Missing large
    jeffiekins  almost 5 years ago

    I’ve been wondering if there’s going to be an event at all, or if they’re just going to make a copy of the key and call it a night.

    Then they can wait a month or 2 and do whatever they want at 2am without any suspicion coming their way.

    The only problem with this plan is that comic arcs don’t work that way.

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  30. Missing large
    31768  almost 5 years ago

    She’s less mom. Wow. Beware of the quiet ones Anne. I think he will put u in your place. And less as well.

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  31. Gocomics icon
    reedkomicks Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    Now we know why Mr. Grey likes Mrs. Berger. She is refreshingly good and kind.

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  32. Franco s trattoria
    StoicLion1973  almost 5 years ago

    Looking back, this arc was bound to happen. On 2/29/16, Mr. Gray requested the DeGroot’s hire Les (his nephew) because he had “a hard life – single mom, bad upbringing.” On 5/06/16, Mr. Gray revealed that Les’ mother asked him to hire Les. Whether it was for the Fuse specifically remains to be seen. What is obvious is that Ann is up to something.

    And I do not think either Mr. Gray or Les are involved in Ann’s scheme. Les reluctantly suggested his mother’s “business” to Pru, probably due to pressure. And today’s strip gives strong indication that Ann’s relationship with her brother is as strained as her relationship with her son. Finally, despite what some people think, Mr. Gray has been straightforward and honest. He brought needed experience and money to the Fuse by investing there; his interest in Gunther’s mother has been clear; and he has given Les much needed paternal guidance.

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  33. Missing large
    TORAD_07  almost 5 years ago

    Well, that clarifies a few things. Ann is, in fact, Les’ mother and Al Gray’s sister. Now, whether or not it helps resolve what’s going on in re: The Fuse, remains to be seen.

    My gut still tells me that Ann’s involvement will have a negative effect on TJ and Kafe Kablooie, and that it might be what gets TJ out of the strip for a while. I just hope that Al Gray can save both TJ and Pru in time.

    We’ll see.

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  34. Image
    SukieCrandall Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    I included this elsewhere as a reply to help a newbie, but it struck me that otgers may be helped, so here are some Evans links:

    Notice the “next button” going deeper into arcs, and remember that sometimes there are surprises:

    includes this about Les:“take what he wants, hurting others if need be. He’s had at least one run-in with the law, has absent parents and lives with his uncle, Mr. Gray. Les is a ticking time bomb; he’ll either somehow find a new path or end up in prison.”

    and this about Al Gray:“Wheeler-dealer? Shrewd businessman? Con artist? Inscrutable Mr. Gray isn’t revealing anything. He is uncle to Leslie Knox.”

    On the ages of Luann and her cohort including Les:“GE: I’d never planned to age Luann. But when you have a story-driven strip, you eventually use up and outgrow all the jokes for a particular age. She was 13 for 14 years. Then she had a birthday in the strip and turned 16, where she stayed for 15 years until she graduated high school. Now, I don’t reference her age, but I think of her as 18 or 19. Still a teen. Meaning she’s been a teenager for 31 years! In real time, she’d be 44. Lots of strips use this weird time-shift template in which characters either don’t age at all, or they age at a glacial pace. Many newer readers think LUANN is like For Better Or For Worse, in which characters age roughly in real time. But that’s not the case.”

    So, that is all info right from the Evanses to help with your and others’ confusion.

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  35. Tc bear 6 1 19 cropped
    jr1234  almost 5 years ago

    We see why Les is Les by the way his mother acts. She doesn’t give two hoots about her son or anyone else.

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  36. Missing large
    31768  almost 5 years ago

    The way she ran from Hitch (Mr. Gray) says a lot. He as a far reaching effect on people.And she fears him.

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  37. Kitty at sunset
    submachine  almost 5 years ago

    Well as I said before, the plot sickens

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  38. Jose muerte  200x200
    Jose_Muerte  almost 5 years ago

    A “RAVE” night is on the way.

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  39. Missing large
    Carollouise1 Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    So hopefully Mr. Grey will prevent anything happening that shouldn’t happen. I am also wondering if perhaps when the Fuse was built if Mr. Grey had discreet recording devices installed (just not in the bathrooms, anyone else ever see the episode of NYPD Blue when Det. Connie McDowell discovers a camera in a bathroom of a bar and realizes there is videotape evidence of a rape that was committed there?)

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  40. Missing large
    Chuck374  almost 5 years ago

    Mr. Gray to the rescue!!

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  41. 1d688314 6dae 4f59 9de1 8d7ec2824944
    Mordock999 Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    Hey. You what would REALLY make this Story Line Complete?

    Well, what if right in the Middle of the “Lingerie, Pole-Dancing, Gambling Casino, Theft of Private Property, Bible Study Meeting,” a Groggy Piro Wakes up from behind Stage and Yells:

    “HEY Pipe DOWN!! How the Hell is a Homeless, Mysterious, Ex-Military Vet, with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Supposed to get any Darned SLEEP around here with all this RACKET going On??? OUT, All of You! Except for that Young Lady on the Pole. You Remind Me of Bernice.”

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  42. Missing large
    Chuck374  almost 5 years ago

    One would have to wonder if Ann is the way she is because she feels society owes her something – a young wife with a child and her husband a police officer killed in the line of duty.

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  43. Whitemug
    Inatizzy  almost 5 years ago

    Question: If Ann is Mr. Gray’s sister and Les Knox’s mother, why isn’t she Ms. Gray or Mrs. Knox?

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  44. Th
    Code the Enforcer  almost 5 years ago

    Wellll … Sis? – Voom – Bye!!

    Phonetically similar to “Sis-Boom-Baa!!!!”

    Also, one of the BEST Johnny Carson/Karnac jokes EVER!!! :)

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  45. Missing large
    comicboyz  almost 5 years ago


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  46. Tyge
    Tyge Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    Did you ever think that when Ann Eiffel was introduced into the strip, way back when, and then summarily eliminated, way back when, that Greg would find a way to reintroduce the character as Les’ mother???

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  47. Nicepair
    Cuckooman Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    Ann must have known her brother is involved with the Fuse. She’s not concerned about it.

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  48. Missing large
    kenhense  almost 5 years ago

    In the first frame – Ann looks frosty – and very hot! Funny how that works.

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  49. Missing large
    jeffiekins  almost 5 years ago

    @kenhense That’s why her name is Ann Eye-full.

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  50. Avatar92
    JPuzzleWhiz  almost 5 years ago

    I don’t know where JayBluE is today, but I have some candidates for the “JayBluE Ribbon” here:


    “Big Brother Is Gonna Be Watching You”

    “Sis? VOOOM! Bah!”

    “Invested Interest”

    “Su Business Es Mi Business”

    “Almost Does Count”

    “Totally Exhausted”

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  51. Lord flasheart
    Same2Ubuddy Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    This will be a long developing arc where, in the end, Bernice and Ann get married.

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  52. Missing large
    booga  almost 5 years ago

    These comments turn it into a Soap Opera PDQ

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  53. Sd1
    Schrodinger's Dog  almost 5 years ago

    wonder what car Greg had in mind as inspiration?

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  54. Fb img 1565635905418
    ViscountNik  almost 5 years ago

    Steve Dallas is their cousin. It’s a fact.

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  55. Beautiful awesome backgrounds for desktop 1920x1200 wtg0012831
    nathenleeturner  almost 5 years ago

    Okay, just working this through in my head. Leslie Knox, who has just graduated High School, is Ann Eiffel’s son. Now she is seen as a young and shapely woman so we can then assume she was Leslie’s age or younger when he was born and probably was never married to whoever Knox senior is or was. If she was, then she later married someone named Eiffel, because if she was using her maiden name it would be Grey as we’ve just learned she is Mr. Grey’s younger sister. This leaves us with several questions. Is Grey Mr. grey’s real name, is Eiffel Ann’s real name and who is Leslie’s father? Is the whole family just a barrel of rotten apple and if so what is Mr. Grey’s secret. There is something almost malevolent about the former Las Vegas nightclub owner with the union and trucking connections. And will Pru fall in love with Leslie,s mom as Leslie continues to pine for Pru? This comic makes a Telenova seem tame.

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  56. Photo
    GaryCooper  almost 5 years ago

    Oooooh, so Leslie Knox lives with Uncle Al Gray? We didn’t know this before. And isn’t Ann driving an awfully fancy car for a poor single mom who struggles to make ends meet?

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  57. Donbot
    del_grande Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    I wonder if Ann has anything to do with Les’s collecting donations for “charity”?

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  58. 0146yellow
    Vilyehm  almost 5 years ago

    Let Eiffel chase after the millionaire computer game guy if he’s still around.

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  59. Th
    Code the Enforcer  almost 5 years ago

    And Prudence is GREEN due to inexperience …

    Ann E.‘s car is YELLOW, (and here, I thought it was a cab at first, cuz’ she was doing so, SO poorly :( …

    And Mr. Gray will be RED when he finds out what’s about to happen! …

    (Does the traffic ahead NOT look good??!! … Nope, not good to me!)

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  60. Slavegirl
    Luanaphile  almost 5 years ago

    Love the Apex Battle between Evil and Competence.

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  61. Missing large
    tutibug5  almost 5 years ago

    When Ann Eiffel last saw TJ, her parting words were “you haven’t seen the last of me”

    Ann’s plan here is to destroy Kafe Kablooie and get even with TJ.

    Pru has said before that she has “learned to read all kinds of people”. Pru is well aware of what’s going down and is doing a great ‘acting job’ for Ann.

    The “Sting” goes down and Ann gets arrested. They also find out that Ann was behind TJ’s food truck explosion.

    Now back to Luann’s new job!!

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  62. Missing large
    STACEY MARSHALL Premium Member almost 5 years ago

    ‘Sis’ needs an attitude adjustment, before she gets herself put in jail for whatever she’s up to here.

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  63. Thinker
    Sisyphos  almost 5 years ago

    Mr. Gray (if that’s really his name) is Annie Eiffel’s brother, suggesting that Leslie Knox’s father, if Knox was really his name, is (or was, if there is even a tiny shred of truth in the sob story Ann told) if once married to Ann, not her only ex-husband; or, did she just adopt the “Eiffel” name for funsies? Her speedy departure ought to alert Mr. Gray to the likelihood that something fishy is going on….

    If that’s all as clear to you as to me, well, golly!

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  64. Fb img 1492228790255
    JayBluE  almost 5 years ago

    @JPW: Voom (both of them) for sure,  since most might say she’s a looker,  though she’s probably quick to run ’em over and leave them in the dust!


    In addition to what others have suggested, I would like to throw in “When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” (Platters) and “Burn Rubber” (Gap Band)…


    I was travelling out of state today, just got to my lodging!  I was kicking some of my own around this morn,  didn’t get a chance to comment,  till now… colors kept coming to mind…


    “Gray’s Blues”

    “Wrecks And Violets”

    “Always Been Fond Of A Cool Mint”

    “Been Around The Black,  A Few Times”

    “Silver Tongue, Dagger Eyes…And What Used To Be Some Red Tape“

    “Pretty Ugly,  In Pink”

    “Smoke On The Wanton” (♬)

    “Aren’t You Glad, When I Peel Out?”

    “Cold Yeller”


    “How Green Was My Cash?”

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