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Short, less wordy comics are best. Requires more wit and and creativity.

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  1. about 19 hours ago on Peanuts Begins

    in that case, take the album cover along with it…perfect square…..

  2. 9 days ago on Luann

    Gunther, why are you a ( modern day construct of what a pirate would have looked like, which is probably nothing like the real thing)

  3. 9 days ago on The Dinette Set

    hmmm….can’t see a joke or comic element to today’s strip…

  4. 12 days ago on Luann

    That would be great (big Bowie fan here) but harder to do…perhaps Let’s Dance, Fashion, Fame, Reality, Changes could work….harder to use Moonage Daydream or Life on Mars, etc….Lol….

  5. 12 days ago on Luann

    Let’s cut through Strawberry Fields over to Penny Lane…..

  6. 13 days ago on Luann

    well at least the week ends big…

  7. 13 days ago on Luann

    I’m guessing this is a “Bets has issues with feelings, emotions, commitment, etc. ..”

  8. 13 days ago on Luann

    your fries are getting cold, won’t taste good now…

  9. 23 days ago on Luann

    Alone, but with phones. The phones played a big part of that week’s drama…

  10. 23 days ago on Luann

    Bets lets everyone know who she is and what’s important to her. She hasn’t been deceitful to anyone. Her media obsession doesn’t make her a bad person. It’s up to Gunther to take it or leave it.