Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis for January 07, 2021

  1. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY  11 months ago

    If it makes you feel better, other people are afraid you will start showing up at social gatherings when the pandemic is over.

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  2. Calvin and hobbes 20211016   many hands blue3
    sirbadger  11 months ago

    Is there a cherry tree you can chop down?

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  3. 050183f1 cde3 43dc 88f8 09278c0caf15
    TEMPLO S.U.D.  11 months ago

    as dreadful as the 1918 Spanish flu

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  4. Bluedog
    Bilan  11 months ago

    So many people that say they’re tired of the “new normal” are going to be flummoxed when they remember they didn’t like to old normal either.

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  5. Santa grog 1
    GROG Premium Member 11 months ago

    I’ll avoid the gatherings with or without COVID.

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  6. Ding a ling
    BasilBruce  11 months ago

    Look on the bright side, Rat—you’d have great success as a used-car salesman!

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  7. Photo
    AndreasMartin  11 months ago

    It’s strange…like rat, I don’t like ‘social gatherings’, but now that we can’t have any I miss them. Humans are a weird species.

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  8. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 11 months ago

    Can I keep wearing my mask when its over?

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  9. Sammy on gocomics
    Say What Now‽ Premium Member 11 months ago

    Wait a minute, there were social gatherings before the pandemic? Nobody told me.

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  10. Calvin   hobbes   calvin
    erik.vanthienen  11 months ago

    Just hide under the covers, call it your “bunker”, and tell everyone you’re waiting for the “second coming of the Orange Messiah”

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  11. Img 20190428 152052 hdr kindlephoto 2072758
    SusieB  11 months ago

    I can definitely relate to this.

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  12. 3083024 0826053922 daveb
    Kaputnik  11 months ago

    There are some social gatherings where I don’t mind the excuse not to gather, but on the whole, I prefer having a choice.

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  13. 100 3924
    jessie d. Premium Member 11 months ago

    the social gatherings to avoid are any “special” events aka a poor white trash mobs despoiling America at Trump’s direction.

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  14. Aoh14gia4oixdeens96wynqdg4a8vq1zmnm1mxw zlrqqg
    dfrost1  11 months ago

    He’s in a freaking bar, not wearing a mask and not socially distanced. Where does he live?

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  15. Picture
    Ellis97  11 months ago

    And I don’t feel like moving.

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  16. Screen shot 2021 05 13 at 2.08.50 pm
  17. Photo
    Mock Holliday  11 months ago

    I’m fine with never shaking anyone’s hand again. I’m a no touchy kind of guy.

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  18. Goofypigavatar
    Pony99CA  11 months ago

    “… lying all the time always”? Isn’t that a bit redundant? :-X

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  19. Img 0448  2018 01 29 23 33 16 utc
    pheets  11 months ago

    Definitely with rat on this one.

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  20. 2f3e5b6a a4e6 4070 88df d1273c9854d5
    gingerspike88  11 months ago

    Went to Walgreens on Tuesday for the Senior discount and when I reminded the checkout clerk that I was a senior, I got a quizzical look. My wife says it’s the mask and because my hair is still full and the same color as always … who knew there’s another benefit to these blasted things …

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  21. Picture
    ChristineMurphy  11 months ago

    I’ve never identified with Rat more clearly than today.

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  22. Missing large
    Otis Rufus Driftwood  11 months ago

    Paradise can’t last forever for the anti-social.

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  23. Missing large
    raybarb44  11 months ago

    Diogenes, I found your man and he is not what you think…..

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  24. Missing large
    wilhemenacooker  11 months ago

    it is good to social distance sometimes

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  25. Spiny norman 59306
    Spiney Norman Premium Member 11 months ago

    I was never invited to anything anyway.

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  26. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member 11 months ago

    I dread having people want to hug me again…

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  27. Nowyoulisten
    zeexenon  11 months ago

    Or die gasping for your last breath. Just sayin.

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  28. 690904ef 1e7c 4d36 a98a f46b185ca15f
    DCBakerEsq  11 months ago

    No worries. Society ended long ago. Didn’t anyone tell you?

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  29. Funny meme wallpaper fresh top 30 funny meme wallpapers funny meme wallpapers in 2019 of the day of funny meme wallpaper
    AddisonSobol  11 months ago

    Never read while drinking milk.

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  30. Froggy with cat ears
    willie_mctell  11 months ago

    Illness will be a plan B again.

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  31. Hellcat
    knight1192a  11 months ago

    And the difference is?

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    WilliamDoerfler  11 months ago


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  33. Thinker
    Sisyphos  11 months ago

    Rat is a hardcore Realist. “Pandemic” is such a good all-around excuse!

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  34. Missing large
    frenspz  8 months ago

    I love this. (Hint, don’t look at what rat says in the last panel)

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