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  1. about 18 hours ago on Breaking Cat News

    Slide out the cranberry sauce easily, yes. We still can get it to slide out, with a little effort (either run a knife around the the inside of the can to break the vacuum or squeeze it just right to do the same thing, was so much easier to just push it out by opening both ends), but we’ve always used a spoon to get some for the plate rather than slicing.

  2. about 22 hours ago on Breaking Cat News

    Some things were so much easier to get out of cans when you could open the cans at both ends.

  3. about 22 hours ago on Breaking Cat News

    Firstly, try frying up your corned beef hash and adding a little real maple syrup to it while it’s frying. I like to fry it and then add a couple raw eggs to it and mix them in so their scrambled into the hash before I take it off the heat and put it on my plate. Nice maple flavored hash.

    Second, even chocolate and bacon are not in that class. That’s a joke that everything is better with them. Especially chocolate.

  4. about 22 hours ago on Breaking Cat News

    Funny, can find the spice YEAR ROUND at super markets around here.

  5. about 22 hours ago on Peanuts

    Sounds familar.

  6. about 22 hours ago on Ink Pen

    Whose the female and the kid? I’m assuming goldilocks is supposed to be Thor and the one doing all the talking is supposed to be a Batman knock-off.

  7. about 22 hours ago on Pearls Before Swine

    Which explains why Goat’s not bothered by the party.

  8. 2 days ago on Breaking Cat News

    Always prefered using live worms to lures for fishing. Caught a lot more fish and got more attention that way than I did with lures (which was zero fish with lures, not sure how many with worms but I know I caught at least a couple dozen and had at least three times as many going after the bait as I caught). Unfortunately I never caught anything I could keep unless it was salt water fishing on a charter boat (though there the bait was more frozen clam). So practiced a lot of catch and release.

    Don’t fish anymore, had folks ruin it for me. But when I did fish I was the opposite of the typical fisherman. You know how typically folks exagerate the size of the fish they caught and let go (or which just got away)? In reality they probably had a half pound to a pound fish that was probably no bigger than the width of their hands put together with the palms flat, touching side of pointer finger to side of pointer finger. But as they tell the story the fish becomes a whopping twenty-five pounds and as long as their armspan from fingertip to fingertip. That wasn’t me. My pride and joy fight, and yes this really was a real fight, I figured had to be a five pound bass or cat, but was a shiner maybe two inches at most, but which I shrunk down to maybe a quarter inch as I kept retelling the story. This thing shouldn’t have made me work that hard to reel in my line and I had to laugh at how determined it was to get the worm.

  9. 2 days ago on Peanuts

    Nope, needs to convince Snoopy to open the door and let her see the real inside. There’s at least a ground floor and a basement inside his doghouse. And we know there’s a staircase inside as several strips discussed there being stairs in the doghouse (when it was rebuilt after the fire Charlie Brown and Snoopy look over the blueprints of the new doghouse and Charlie Brown points out the stairs, in another strip it’s revealed Snoopy stores empty soda bottles under the stairs)

  10. 2 days ago on Swan Eaters

    Not yet as far as I’m aware. Some folks thought Medusa Nazis (Hemlock) was her brother, though his attitude when discussing Olwen before they finally saw each other in the strip suggested that wasn’t true. And when they finally did met that seemed to put an end to that. Beyond Olwen’s memory of Walter putting out her eye, we have never seen him in the strip. Nor have we seen Grandma Yaga beyond a memory. And we haven’t seen Silas Hawker beyond a photogragph of Olwen and her sons from April 1st (didn’t even know before then she had more than two sons), I’m guessing since Medusa Nazis lists her sons as Morbis, Silas, and Offal in that order that Offal is the baby in her arms in the photo, Morbus is the tall one on her left (our right as we look at the photo), and Silas is the short one on her right (our left looking at the photo). At least memories “show” Walter and Grandma Yaga in the strip more than a photo shows Silas.

    Until Ivan opened his second portal successfully (the first portal was an unsuccesful attempt and we only had a voice come through as I recall), we hadn’t seen any other Iskmaith beyond Mr. Wigglesworth, we only had his story. And unlike the explination of why their the Swan Eaters or how Olwen got Hickory as her familar, Georgia didn’t actually depict Mr. Wigglesworth’s story as a flashback sequence. That looks more like a kid’s drawing a story. After Ivan succesfully opened the second portal we’ve seen some more Iskmaiths, at least one being one of Mr. Wigglesworth’s brothers.