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  1. about 2 hours ago on Daddy's Home

    September and October in WI can be glorious!

  2. about 2 hours ago on Peanuts

    The sound of all those typewriters clacking in a newsroom was quite something … or all going in cadence (except for mine) in high school typing class.

  3. about 2 hours ago on Peanuts Begins

    Beethoven couldn’t hear him …

  4. about 2 hours ago on Luann

    Now we know why he’s called “Puddles” … as I had suspected.

  5. 1 day ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    Piano lessons will teach Calvin discipline & perseverance … as long as his parents have the discipline & perseverance to keep after him …

  6. 1 day ago on Pickles

    “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys-R-Us kid!”

  7. 2 days ago on Get Fuzzy

    Same here LOL!!

  8. 2 days ago on Baldo

    My sister started laughing really loudly a few years ago … not sure if it’s stress or she can’t hear herself … painful sometimes.

  9. 2 days ago on FoxTrot Classics

    My son’s friend has been on the Marquette varsity e-sports team for a few years now … at first, I thought he was kidding me …

  10. 3 days ago on Baldo

    I tried to avoid people who always complained about our job … and made it 30 years at a major insurer before retiring.