Luann by Greg Evans for March 29, 2020


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  1. Seattle mormon temple7 thumb 1
    TEMPLO S.U.D.  11 months ago

    Ask a non-relative, get an unrelative answer.

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  2. Missing large
    Pointspread  11 months ago

    Focus on the important things, Brad.

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  3. Little lulu
    sallymargret  11 months ago

    T.J. is very wise.

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  4. 22367 1322163420046 5543970 n
    Joe Petitjean  Premium Member 11 months ago

    Shannon your dad is saying that you make him happy.

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  5. Wg flag donut4a1
    Cheapskate0  11 months ago

    I don’t care about anyone else. I like Shannon.

    If her energy were channeled, just think of the world problems that could be solved.

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  6. Americauna chicks 1 week 003
    howtheduck  11 months ago

    Just another reason why TJ would make a more observant father than Brad.

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  7. Resized 20200426 130651
    David Huie Green-Life is good  11 months ago

    If the shovel fits, dig it.

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  8. Big hug
    Brdshtt Premium Member 11 months ago

    Does Shannon know what the word “exposure” means?

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  9. 17a
    Mordock999 Premium Member 11 months ago

    And suddenly I’m reminded of what Cleavon Little did with a shovel in the movie “Blazing Saddles”………,

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  10. Missing large
    momofalex7  11 months ago

    T.J. is my favorite character from this strip.

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  11. Missing large
    WaitingMan  11 months ago

    The two worst ideas in the history of humanity?

    1. God

    2. Suntans

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  12. Missing large
    jmworacle  11 months ago

    Speaking of Shannon’s dad, where s the bum?

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  13. Missing large
    dragonsrevenge  11 months ago

    I don’t have an opinion

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  14. Trollspry
    Enter.Name.Here  11 months ago

    She’ll need a shovel with all that bull…. he’s flinging around.

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  15. Missing large
    Lycka  11 months ago

    I don’t get this one. what does the shovel have to do with sunshine?

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  16. Avatar 2475
    Troglodyte  11 months ago

    TJ’s into dark humour?

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  17. Dilbertcoffee2
    Need coffee  11 months ago

    Little Miss Sunshine is an excellent movie.

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  18. Ann margaret
    Caldonia  11 months ago

    TJ gaslights a child. Okay.

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  19. Missing large
    conshultz  11 months ago

    Why is TJ wearing high heeled boots?

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  20. 7d66d3ba e62b 45b1 9ce1 5e2a8de3e0c3
    Super Fly  11 months ago

    She’s just digging life, man. I wouldn’t worry.

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  21. Jem character raya large 570x420
    cubswin2016  11 months ago

    Shannon + shovel = bad news.

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  22. Picture
    EllisAmirRogersArcher  11 months ago

    That’s what Shannon gets for being a spoiled brat.

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  23. 581372 3160808303047 1311892651 n
    dlkrueger33  11 months ago

    Does Shannon have a brother named Damien?

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  24. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member 11 months ago

    Shannon looks totally fine with that definition. And on the other hand, it’s good to have signs that Jonah love her daughter. I think that after Toni’s marriage he’s really trying to be more responsible and a better father for her.

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  25. Missing large
    maxiesmom2 Premium Member 11 months ago

    I really enjoy the completely random ways Shannon is depicted, or maybe the stuff we see her with.

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  26. F9f8eff6 75af 4f28 bb18 b413b37cf3f2
    eladee AKA Wally  11 months ago

    Shannon is a real metaphor—-and one with multiple interpretations it would seem.

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  27. Tyge
    Tyge Premium Member 11 months ago

    For all the Shannon strip predicters – congratulations.

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  28. A07653a8 c2c4 4ae8 924d 20adc3172cc0
    Jimmyk939  11 months ago

    Shannon should hang out with Calvin and Hobbs

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  29. Picture
    Mr. JRB  11 months ago

    In boots lo,

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  30. Missing large
    Lesstrawn  11 months ago

    Sometimes, I don’t know which is worse, when words are spoken in prose , or in verse!

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  31. Missing large
    BlitzMcD  11 months ago

    Actually, that’s probably exactly what her dad meant.

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  32. Picture
    ForrestOverin  11 months ago

    For once, T.J. has a valid point. Because whom among us doesn’t want to reduce our exposure to Shannon?

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  33. Missing large
    33Angel  11 months ago

    This is funny today!!!

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  34. Missing large
    33Angel  11 months ago

    PS- I like Shannon, too.

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  35. Missing large
    Tom_Tildrum  11 months ago

    No child is ever going to ask, “what does it mean that I’m a ray of sunshine?” The better way to write this joke would be for her to brag that her dad said that, and then have Brad speculate that maybe her dad meant what Brad described. That way the little girl doesn’t sound like she’s totally unfamiliar with the English language.

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  36. Avatar92
    JPuzzleWhiz  11 months ago

    “Can You Dig It?”

    “Spade And New Dirt”

    “Haul Of Fame”

    “The Age Of Shovelry”

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  37. Missing large
    royhoward  11 months ago

    no more shannon

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  38. Missing large
    luann1212  11 months ago

    What is amazing to me is that based on reading the comments so far is that TJ is almost a beloved character of the comic; boy what a change from when he appeared more often in the galaxy of arcs involving Brad and Toni’s march to marriage and the house issues; lets not even talk about the food truck incident. But people are saying he is wise, a favorite character, better father material than Bwad!! Boy can fortunes change. Maybe Bets might get lucky like that you think? This bog is like a conviction minded jury, and while TJ might get a NG these days, no matter how much I and small number of others try, she is a G. Give it time Bets.

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  39. 6b6a17aa 4633 4ce3 959e 2cd6e82fbf91
    alexius23  11 months ago

    Does this mean she see Brad as her Dad or is referencing the often gone Father/musician

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  40. Image
    Don Draper  11 months ago

    Bwad: This explains the Dexter episodes that suddenly showed up in my Netflix feed.

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  41. Clark and monkey
    harkherp  11 months ago

    Is TJ wearing Cuban Heels???

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  42. Missing large
    dan klotz  11 months ago

    brad is very dumb

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  43. Toughcat
    bakana  11 months ago

    At least she knows enough to Bury the Bodies.

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  44. Missing large
    locake  11 months ago

    It is nice to see a child with creative ideas and not staring at a screen all day. More kids should be like Shannon. She will have her own business as an adult.

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  45. Thinker
    Sisyphos  11 months ago

    —The better to bury the corpses, you know….

    Don’t ask.

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