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  1. 1 day ago on Two Party Opera

    Bloomberg: Yet another old white billionaire who thinks he ought to be in the White House.

    I should think that Trump is the poster child for why old white billionaires ought to never be allowed near the White House.

  2. 1 day ago on Prickly City

    Another comment where “/s” wasn’t necessary!

  3. 2 days ago on Luann

    Jury duty begins tomorrow, so I’ll check in one last time this week:

    At least Tiffany isn’t in tears over this guy. Others’ speculations are probably right; he’s a reseller of sorts, has no intention of keeping stuff, and even less intention of paying for them that which he might not be able to get back for them.

    Frou frou? Never heard of it. Foo foo, heard it a lot. There is a Frou Frou the Cat story, Royal Canadian Air Farce, if I recall. Comes around every now and then on Weekend Radio, Robert Conrad, WCLV, Cleveland.

    Strangest question of all, asked by some above, is this stuff Tiffany’s to sell? Established now is that it is private furniture, not dorm furniture, but there is at little question of whether Tom (and Ann) still think that they own it, not Tiff.

    And if that was the case, then wouldn’t that logic have applied to the Gulag?

    Oh, and I do agree with Mordy – and not ZeMaster, this was not a Gunther-led mess. The only thing Gunther did wrong was listen to Les – there was no reason to get rid of Irma’s furniture.

    But perhaps the bit about a $700 rug means that Gunther was more in Tiffany’s class than Les.

    Any more these days, something for less than $700 might not be good for anything other than kindling. I’ve learned that the hard way – a few times.

  4. 2 days ago on Prickly City

    Well do I remember Limbaugh spewing forth what sounded to me like “hate speech” back in the early nineties. Even back then, it was day after day after day of “Democrats are killing our country! We need to take back our country from the Democrats!”

    There was no choice but to listen. These were the days of cubicles, and one person’s radio could be heard by at least dozens. And there were enough people who had Rush on that it reached every last cubicle.

    And I remember being reported as interfering with my cube mates because I wanted to play a little classical music. I already knew better than to complain about the Rush.

    Now, here in Denver, we have three major radio stations carrying Rush Limbaugh. Heaven knows why. Is there nothing else on?

    But Rush and his dittoes keep bleating, “all media is radical socialist left wing.” Well, if you’re the only one in town, then you, Rush and your dittoes, must be the radical socialist left wing!

  5. 2 days ago on Prickly City

    Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler? Thought that was last week.

    Oh, that’s right. To too many, us Democrats are the only enemy. That’s what Rush, Sean, Ingraham, and too many others have been preaching for decades now.

    Like they said back in the fifties, the old “payola” scandals by record companies, if you play it enough, people will think it’s a hit.

    In this case, people now think the alt-right is true.

  6. 2 days ago on Prickly City

    Lemme guess: “Leave your soul at the door” – Scott’s taking on the Republicans again?

  7. 3 days ago on Luann

    With help like this, rumors of a Holiday Suicide public service arc are revived!

  8. 3 days ago on Endtown

    Do you have a date for that toon?

  9. 3 days ago on Luann

    SactoSylvia: “I was hoping (for) a breakthrough, not more of the same.”

    Amen to that!

    Got jury duty this week. Guess I’ll take the week off!

  10. 4 days ago on Prickly City

    Among the pieces I left out was that the man walking with the rabbi was a soap maker.