Luann by Greg Evans and Karen Evans for April 02, 2017

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    Templo S.U.D.  almost 7 years ago

    I’m surprised at Toni not liking mouthwash nor hand lotion.

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  2. Fb img 1492228790255
    JayBluE  almost 7 years ago

    Wow! Toni had to cobble together a list of “possible marital quirks”, and Brad immediately picks up on her “shoe fettish”! Talk about “wearing leather and laces”!

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  3. Wap2p5uq normal
    Lee Cox  almost 7 years ago

    Pretty smart response, Brad. “My only quirk is that I love everything about you!”

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  4. Komi 0001
    AnyFace  almost 7 years ago

    As much as possible, avoid involvement with anyone who is significantly more/less sane than you are.

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  5. Ted4th
    seismic-2 Premium Member almost 7 years ago

    Can you go back to the mouthwash thing? Just how disgusting is her breath, anyway?

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  6. Big hug
    Brdshtt Premium Member almost 7 years ago

    One needs to get an automatic toilet paper dispenser, and that would end the age – old discussion of whether it should go over the front or the back. If one got a vertical roll holder, then there would be the question of whether it should rip from the left or from the right.

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  7. Beb avatar
    beb01  almost 7 years ago

    I’m struck by how much smaller than Toni Brad is. Shouldn’t he about 10% large than she is. And shouldn’t he have a more mature looking face reflecting he experience as an adult and a fireman?

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  8. Big hug
    Brdshtt Premium Member almost 7 years ago

    @BEB01 : She’s been wearing the poor guy down.

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  9. Missing large
    luann1212  almost 7 years ago

    Sunday main character interlude, Brad and Toni version. A new arc starts Monday most likely. Wonder where we go next. I vote for Rosa coming back and confronting Gunther with be a man choices.

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  10. Big hug
    Brdshtt Premium Member almost 7 years ago

    @LUANN1212 : That would be an interesting twist – Rosa coming back to town with little curly – haired Guntero in tow.

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  11. 1d688314 6dae 4f59 9de1 8d7ec2824944
    Mordock999 Premium Member almost 7 years ago

    A “List of Domestic Quirks,” eh? Careful, Bradley. What Toni REALLY wants know is what is it about “Her” that Annoys “You.”


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  12. Fb img 1492228790255
    JayBluE  almost 7 years ago

    “Gone With The Whim”

    “A Call For Hang-Ups”

    “Eccen-tric Question”

    “People Are Strange” (♫)

    “A Space For Oddity” (♫)

    “The Village Idiosyncrasy”

    “Rock Hard Abnormalities”

    “Mind Your Own Bizarreness”

    “Hard Wired For Weird”

    “Irked By A Quark Of Quirk”

    “You Mess With The Foi-ble, You Get The Horns”

    “I Love You Just The Way You Are” (♪)

    “You’re A Peachy Cobbler”

    “No Business Like Shoe Business” (♫)

    “Leather And Laces”

    “A Fayva To Ask Of You”

    “On A Roll”

    “Olive My Issues”

    “A Snore Subject”

    “The Shoe Must Go On”

    “Fluorescence Is Not A Light Subject”

    “Taxing Properties”


    “Tricks Of The Trait”

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  13. Missing large
    31768  almost 7 years ago

    I’m surprised that Brad said that and that Toni had more to say.

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  14. New glasses by anime iac d9fds74
    richard0184  almost 7 years ago

    Brad used to have lots of quirks before he met Toni, like eating twinkies and lying on the sofa all day, tinkering with that old car, and only takes showers once an eternity.

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  15. Missing large
    50srefugee  almost 7 years ago

    Brad, you beta dork. She’s desperately trying to get you to get her off your pedestal. Worshiping her is the best and fastest way to get her to lose respect for you.

    It is a bad sign that she thinks she needs to tell you she snores. What, do you have separate bedrooms?

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  16. Blunebottle
    blunebottle  almost 7 years ago

    He says he’s not bothered by the TP choice….what a milquetoast!

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  17. Aimg5  mini
    Wizardgoat  almost 7 years ago

    Like Toni, I love green olives. Especially large pimento-stuffed ones in brine, rather than vinegar. Like Mezzetta martini olives – the best. But Greek and other olives are good too.

    Toni can keep her over-ripe bananas.

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  18. Americauna chicks 1 week 003
    howtheduck  almost 7 years ago

    1. I don’t like mouthwash. Translation: My breath stinks.

    2.New shoe smell turns me on. Translation: If you want sex, buy me new shoes.

    3.I hang toilet paper over the back. Translation: I don’t mind disgusting toilet paper.

    4.I eat popcorn one kernel at a time. Translation: If I have popcorn, it’s going to take a long time before I finish it.

    5.I like green olives and over-ripe bananas. Translation: I am pregnant.

    6.Fluorescent lights bother me. Translation: You are changing all the light bulbs.

    7.I don’t like hand lotion. Translation: My hands are rough and scaly and you will never touch them.

    8.I snore. Translation: This is something I would only tell you if we had never slept together, which apparently we haven’t.

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  19. W12
    chris_weaver  almost 7 years ago

    Good answer!

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  20. Out little avatar
    dadoctah  almost 7 years ago

    I share six out of her ten (counting the olives and bananas as two separate things).

    I eat popcorn with chopsticks, which pretty much makes “one kernel at a time” mandatory.

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  21. Presidentgoofy
    Mikeyj  almost 7 years ago

    Speaking of quirks… Brad is beginning to dress in the plaid shirts, like his Dad and Gunther!! o.0~~~!!!!

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  22. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49[Bozo is Boffo]  almost 7 years ago

    I don’t like florescent light and I like bananas slightly green or just turned yellow.

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  23. 23319335 10210502686791380 8223130004357214071 n
    Barry1941  almost 7 years ago

    Quirks that are charming at the beginning become very annoying in time.

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  24. Tyge
    Tyge  almost 7 years ago

    He’ll sign her up for the pump of the month club!

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  25. Image
    Aqsnt  almost 7 years ago

    Maybe Brad can find a cologne with that new shoe smell.

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  26. Image
    Aqsnt  almost 7 years ago

    They already make a cologne with that old shoe smell.

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  27. 0438aab5 b754 4b25 b41d bb310caeac1d
    GirlGeek Premium Member almost 7 years ago

    Hand lotion is just regular lotion in a hand-sized bottle. How does one hate hand lotion?

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  28. Slavegirl
    Luanaphile  almost 7 years ago

    The toilet paper over the back would be a deal-killer for me, although I kind of get the shoe thing. Another thing, does the lotion phobia include all emollients?


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  29. Missing large
    Chrystos B Minot Premium Member almost 7 years ago

    OK Brad, good response! Now: Head over to Nordstrom’s. The shoe section is on the left. Let’s heat things up!

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  30. Slavegirl
    Luanaphile  almost 7 years ago

    I once had a girlfriend who said, “Just so you know, I don’t like anything involving rubber or leather.”

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  31. Missing large
    RolloTheGrouch  almost 7 years ago

    To everybody who wanted the strip to ditch the Pru/Les story and go back Brad/Toni: be careful what you wish for, for you may get it. So here we have more of Toni being passive-aggressive/controlling with the poor schlep Brad. BTW – these two have been dating for who-knows-how-many years. How did Brad not know these things?

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  32. 3 1 09 connor ball
    Germanshepherds4ever  almost 7 years ago

    BradandToni—GO AWAY! Still SICK of you!!!

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  33. Urban lakshmi
    Bucinka  almost 7 years ago

    WHERE is her wedding ring?!

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  34. Ukraine avatar 92
    Teto85 Premium Member almost 7 years ago

    Toilet paper over the back helps prevent a big mess when the cat/s play with it.

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  35. Image
    Don Draper  almost 7 years ago

    I’ve noticed they finally have a weekend together without hearing…‘BWAAAAD!’

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  36. Th
    Code the Enforcer  almost 7 years ago

    To Schrodinger’s Dog: Left you a response in yesterday’s strip, and I hear you. It’s all good, OK? :)

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  37. 318346 10150515659374989 119105629988 11258985 63388929 n
    Airman  almost 7 years ago

    Brad says he can live with the shoe smell thing, but personally, he says, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” (Thank you Robert Duvall for that classic line.)

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  38. Ann margaret
    Caldonia  almost 7 years ago

    One of my fundamental problems with this couple is they think hanging the toilet paper that way is okay. Have fun having a germy wall

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  39. Missing large
    phxhocking  almost 7 years ago

    So glad to see Brad and Toni back. But, some of those quirks are a little weird. Shouldn’t he know some of them already? Oh wait. He’s a guy. Synonym for “clueless.”

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  40. Thinker
    Sisyphos  almost 7 years ago

    Hmm. I can see a couple of points where I emphatically agree with Toni (dislike of fluorescent lighting; the toilet paper thing!), a few where I disagree (over-ripe bananas? Ptooie! Don’t like mouthwash? — Then I hope you have naturally-sweet breath!), and a bunch on which I’m neutral.

    But overall, I do find Toni better off with Brad than she’d be with me! He’s more her kind: a cartoon character! I couldn’t live like that….

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  41. Missing large
    STACEY MARSHALL Premium Member almost 7 years ago

    Toilet paper should go over the back of the roll if it is on a spindle that swivels down so the paper is against the wall, but over the top if it is on a fixed spindle that doesn’t swing down against the wall.

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  42. Madmen avatar
    quikmantx  almost 7 years ago

    Toilet paper should go over the front. You end up wasting less toilet paper that way when you can easily control how many squares you’re pulling. If you do it over the back, you might accidentally tear off an extra piece.

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  43. Fb img 1492228790255
    JayBluE  almost 7 years ago

    @NEEDACHUCKLE: “He is interested in turning her on, not foot fetish.”


    Where I come from, the word “fettish” is used quite generally, to apply to anything under the sun that one enjoys or is enthusiastic about, whether cookies, shopping, flying a frisbee, surfing, racing cars, even the physical aspects in the joys of marital bliss that Brad was talking about (“new shoe smell turns [Toni] on”). So, what I was trying to say, was that Brad picked up on that subtle one that Toni slipped his way, and I was tickled by the interaction between the newlyweds, in their fostering an atmosphere of love and marital union.


    That, and I was using it to make a play on “Leather and Laces”, replacing what one traditionally may think of as “starting the fire” (bedroom apparel), with the comedic/humorous twist of it being the shoes that “do the trick”!

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  44. Fb img 1492228790255
    JayBluE  almost 7 years ago

    forgot…and the tie-in of “cobble” with the subject of shoes…

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  45. Rosie2
    Schrodinger's Dog  almost 7 years ago

    How is not liking fluorescent lighting a “quirk” ??!! No-one likes fluorescent lighting!!

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  46. Rosie2
    Schrodinger's Dog  almost 7 years ago

    Did Brad buy his shirt from the Gunther Apparel store? Isn’t it amazing technology that the lines of the plaid stay horizontal even when he bends his arm?

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  47. Ligand1
    RSH  almost 7 years ago

    the shoe thing….. uh oh, another Imelda Marcos.

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  48. Missing large
    TlalocW  over 4 years ago

    She’s wrong about the toilet paper hanging. Even the picture of diagram from the original patent of the toilet paper roll and hanger shows the paper hanging from the front.

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