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    Yep, I’m aware. And I keep reminding myself of how fortunate I am, despite living in a worn-out ’70’s trailer. I live like a king in comparison!

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    You’re lucky. The Dachshund I knew couldn’t swim and virtually sank like a stone. We had to act quickly before his nose went under.

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    Hmm…what data would you like? Here’s from WorldAtlas, where virtually all “Eastern Block” countries rate 100%…Canada is at 99%. Let’s see… where is the United States? Oh, my! 86%, tied with the Syrian Arab republic at 126th on the list. (To be fair, I have my doubts about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea at 100%):

    And how do the various States compare? (yes, I am using caps on that):

    …where the darlings of the socialists, NY & California, rank at the very bottom.

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    “Being a pill?” Yikes, haven’t heard that expression in two generations!

    Otherwise, like.

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    Once upon a time (before the days of internet, cell phones and robots) I read a book on “How to Get Rid of Telemarketers.” The suggestion, when getting a call at dinner time, was to say: “I’m sorry, but you’ve called me as we’re just sitting down to dinner. But if you’ll give me your home phone number, I’ll be glad to phone you back at your supper hour.”

    At the very next opportunity, I recited that to the telemarketer. She immediately said: “Oh, OK, here’s my number…” Dang.

    I said: “No! Don’t you get it? I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU!”

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    Hah! I’ve never listened long enough to the Revenue Canada ones to hear that threat!

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    Fire his teachers. While you’re at it, recall the entire board of education and elect new members. Hopefully, from parents who have school aged children who “get it.”