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  1. 36 minutes ago on Luann

    Luann was never asked to clean her room. She was told.

  2. 37 minutes ago on Luann

    Luann was trying to find that Souflette lace teddy and to move stuff around. She found the recorder but the teddy is still MIA

  3. 38 minutes ago on Luann

    If she was kind and rewind-ed the tape and placed them in the cassette holder they should be clean. Besides it’s only been 5 years Luanntime since the strip began/

  4. 41 minutes ago on Luann

    I really miss Crystal and Knute but I don’t see how listening to old tapes will make them appear. My favorite idea is that Luann gets invited to a showing Knute’s welding installations.

  5. 43 minutes ago on Luann

    Greg likes his villains. And Greg’s villains always get their comeupance. I can see a scenario where Luann busts Vale;s chops and he begins threatening her leading to maybe Ox making an intervention. Which is kind of the story of Leslie

  6. about 1 hour ago on Luann

    Somehow I think it will come back around to Vale because his story isn’t over yet,

  7. about 1 hour ago on Luann

    Two theories have already come out, that this will be a week of reprints or the recorder will trigger a memory of how Vale recorded her. Most of the diary strips were of Luann laying in bed musing about some contradiction in like, “what do people mean by ‘Jumbo Shrimp’?” But her observations were pretty good. The second theory … I’m not sure how it would work but it would be nice to see where Luann realizes she has been played and reports Vale to the art teacher. That would involve her to taking positive action instead of just reacting. The last time I can think of Luann asserting herself was during Zebo’s art class when she called out Tara for disrespecting the assignment. Me need to see Luann taking action and no re-acting.

  8. about 1 hour ago on Luann

    Yup “Internet Server Error”

  9. about 1 hour ago on Luann

    I’m not sure how an antique tape recorder is going to bust Vale’s but…..

  10. about 2 hours ago on Luann

    Her diary entries back then were interesting and clever. I’d like to see Greg do more of them, But switching to these leave the Vale story hanging. He must be punished for cheating. It’s in the syndicate handbook.