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  1. about 8 hours ago on Luann

    This is par for the course. Stories end abruptly only to be picked up much later or not at all. It could be that these stories, like Nils’ art-work is to be appreciated for what is not said. Or it could be just bad story-telling. It’s up to you to decide.

  2. about 10 hours ago on Luann

    Hah! I was right this is Nils’ exhibit.

  3. about 16 hours ago on Luann

    I think that is Greg’s opinion of modern art — that it is giving the finger to the viewer.

  4. 1 day ago on Luann

    Piro and Bernice bonded over silent movies. And then he asked if he could crash for the night. He probably crashed on the couches of a lot of girl as M.U. but I doubt that most of those girls were into silent movies, so I’d say he would remember Bernice. The problem was that the next step in their relationship would have been casual sex, which would have been a no-no. So Piro had to go. The same was the case for Quill and even Mighel. That’s why Luann will never date Gunther or Leslie. Even Bets might have been kicked off the strip because the road ahead lead to marriage or break-up. With marriage off the table the break-up was the only direction possible.

  5. 1 day ago on Luann

    I’ve noticed that some of my comments just disappeared, too. Don’t remember them being vulgar, insulting or otherwise objectionable.

  6. 1 day ago on Luann

    Backstories don’t mean snot in this strip. Ben had an incredibly convoluted backstory and nothing has ever come of it.

  7. 1 day ago on Luann

    There will never be any more hugging or kissing in this strip.

  8. 1 day ago on Luann

    What happened to Jack? Jack is sitting in the wings with Ben for the next time they get a line in this show.

  9. 1 day ago on Luann

    I was hoping for Crystal and Knute but there was no foreshadowing that this would be their exhibit. It looks more like a collection of Nils’ art.

  10. 1 day ago on Luann

    We don’t need any hair-shaming here