Crabgrass by Tauhid Bondia for April 23, 2024

  1. Missing large
    doctorwho29  about 2 months ago

    Oooh I’m excited. And it seems like Mr. B makes a habit of this

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  2. Large baby
    Yakety Sax  about 2 months ago

    Let,s see how far down the rabbit hole goes,

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  3. Babysteps2
    mccollunsky  about 2 months ago

    What an interesting younger life Kyle has had. Also Mr. B has a strange long term hobby.

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  4. Idano
    Ida No  about 2 months ago

    “Play date!”

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  5. Taz by abovetheflames
    danketaz Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Kyle’s remedy may involve a few extra elaborations than actually required.

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  6. 16914740417144785387296898810443
    jasonsnakelover  about 2 months ago

    You mean you traded bodies with Jack Klugman’s, Kyle?

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  7. Test01b
    LawrenceS  about 2 months ago

    Be kind to strangers. They may be wizards traveling incognito.

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  8. Duck1275
    Brass Orchid Premium Member about 2 months ago

    They already don’t like it.

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  9. Maps edit4
    Kroykali  about 2 months ago

    They’re not gonna like it, but we will!

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  10. Ellis archer profile
    Ellis97  about 2 months ago

    Something tells me that Mr. B’s methods of teaching best friend duos are nothing new. It seems he does this frequently. Can’t wait to hear what Kyle knows about it.

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  11. Kindle camera 1443833573000
    artheaded1  about 2 months ago

    Finally back to the plot!

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  12. Missing large
    edge32  about 2 months ago

    Kevin is still Quincy. They never switched back

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  13. Groucho
    Barnabus Blackoak  about 2 months ago

    What if Kyle and Quincy DIDN’T change back?? They’ve been stuck pretending to be each other for years !!

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  14. Screenshot 2024 04 22 at 4.54.40 pm
    Gina “Goldie” Hemphill-Toms  about 2 months ago

    I don’t like the sound of it, either. I have to wait a WHOLE DAY to find out what happens next!

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  15. Missing large
    phileaux  about 2 months ago

    You can never switch back . . . Dun dun daaaa

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  16. Bits2
    Diat60  about 2 months ago

    Any chance we can get Mr. B to get Putin and Zelenskyy to touch his mug? Or any other leaders of feuding countries. Or any politician at all!

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  17. Screenshot 2024 02 12 114819
    michi  about 2 months ago

    if you can reply to this comment tell me your favorite arc

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  18. Screenshot  47
    tammyspeakslife Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Do you think he’s on the level?

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  19. Missing large
    Drbarb71 Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Dun dun dun…can’t wait! Probably have to make up and admit they really like each other.

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  20. F3f24e6246e32a58624c115d20703879
    colin_the_comic_reader  about 2 months ago

    Ooh this is interesting

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  21. Sea chapel
    6turtle9  about 2 months ago

    Awkward, embarrassing, and revealing? Perhaps, but I wonder if Kevin will even want to go back? Kevin and his siblings may not have a father, but they have each other, and in the end they stick together.

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  22. Missing large
    hvallalkozo  about 2 months ago

    First Kyle already encountered the supernatural ice cream truck when he was younger, and now he went through this as well before Miles and Kevin did. How many other things is he hiding?

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  23. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member about 2 months ago

    How many years are that the creature called Mr. B. is going around switching bodies of grade students?

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  24. Hanszarkov
    CleverHans Premium Member about 2 months ago

    I keep expecting it to come out that Mr. B was the first sub the school ever had, and died decades ago, but that is probably too cliche.

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