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  1. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 1 day ago

    PHANTOM: There’s a clue for the Colonel. Where is Devil anyway? Will he escape from the compound and go get Guran?
    MARY WORTH: @ Arye – I agree; they need to pick up the pace!
    REX MORGAN: Is this the beginning of a new story?

  2. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 2 days ago

    FOXTROT: I like to sit toward the front, on the right, on the isle. But not in the front row (or the back row). Of course, these days with high def and a large screen, my favorite seat is the easy chair in my living room.

  3. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 3 days ago

    PHANTOM: Well put!

  4. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 3 days ago

    JP Today: Godiva’s words, “I’ll bet she is.,” signal some jealousy – and Rocky’s words, “…I forgot how beautiful you are in the morning!,” signal some fond remembrance of past intimacy.

  5. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 3 days ago

    PHANTOM: @ woodworker – I seem to recall that P. comes and picks up his communications (mail) himself, and that’s not going to happen. Will Devil escape and go back to the Skull Cave and lead Guran to the Jungle Patrol headquarters? Or will, Kit recover his memory spontaneously? However it happens, I will miss John X.
    MARY WORTH: @ Arye – I think Hanna and Sean are both in love with the idea of having a compatible companion at this point in their lives. :-)
    JUDGE PARKER: @ david – Do you think Rocky & Godiva will get back together before this is over?
    MARK TRAIL: That sure doesn’t look like a “Dismal Swamp.”

  6. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 5 days ago

    SUNDAY 12/14
    PHANTOM WEEKDAY: I wonder where Devil is…will he escape and go back to the Skull Cave, thereby alerting Diana & Guran that Kit needs help?
    PHANTOM SUNDAY: I think we’re about to get a lesson in Phantom History.
    MARY WORTH: I had never heard of Gregory David Roberts (quotation in panel 1), so I checked him out on Google/Wikipedia…(see for yourself)!

  7. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 6 days ago

    PHANTOM: Col. Worabu has to admit that Capt. Weeks was right about John X and we get to see Diana and Guran back at the Skull Cave. There are several interesting comments over at CK, including one about the blonde woman (Kay) being a waitress in Diana’s favorite cafe some years ago. I love this story!!!
    MARK TRAIL: Is that “beach bum” Vince in the background? Will he overhear and foil the dastardly plot??
    MARY WORTH: @ Arye – you may be right…there needs to be some drama pretty soon…a problem for Mary to help solve…!
    FUNKY W: Tom Batiuk has turned the Funky strip into the Cranky strip…for the time being. lol. I wonder if Funky or Les will show up at the mall over in the CRANKSHAFT strip…?

  8. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 8 days ago

    PHANTOM: This story is fun!
    MARK TRAIL: Mike called Vince, “You old beach bum,” which made me think Vince is a good guy. Is that Mitchum (the bad guy) on the boat with 2 new characters?
    FUNKY W: Crossover! CRANKSHAFT makes an appearance in the FW strip.
    MARY WORTH: I wonder if young folks today know who Bogie and Bacall were? Bogart has been gone for almost 60 years (born 1899, died 1957).

  9. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 9 days ago

    PHANTOM; Will the Colonel W. put 2 & 2 together?
    FUNKY W.: They’re still talking about CRANKSHAFT.
    MARK TRAIL: We’re getting quite the cast of characters – in addition to Justin Holland and Mitchum, we now have “beach bum” Vince Wilkens and shop owner Mike.

  10. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 9 days ago

    PHANTOM: Commenters at CK are talking about skull marks on the jaws of the bad guys, but I don’t think so…skull marks come from P’s rings and he took the rings off back when he was ill. Where are the rings anyway…?
    MARK TRAIL: Who is Vince Wilkins? Is he a confederate of bad-guy Mitchum?
    MARY WORTH: Based on what we’ve seen so far, Hanna has options. One would be to hire a paid companion to come once or twice a week to help with errands, etc. From what we’ve seen, Hanna could probably afford to do this.
    FUNKY W: They’re talking about CRANKSHAFT (does this count as a crossover?).