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FoxTrot en Español by Bill Amend

FoxTrot en Español

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  1. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español about 7 hours ago

    PHANTOM: Thanks Teh. It’s an interesting panel.
    FOXTROT: Panel 1: Chocolate bunnies, rabbits & chicken eggs. Panel 3: Chocolate elephants or blue whales? (apparently Paige and Jason want MORE chocolate.) Check out the Giant Rabbit in the posts over at FoxTrot Classics today – it’s not a Photoshop, it’s the real deal! (Google Giant Flemish Rabbit)

  2. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español about 10 hours ago

    PHANTOM: I was right about the business card (with a lttle help form JSOnline posters). But why two? And, while the skull vapor is intriguing…I don’t “get” it…???
    JUDGE PARKER. Some wedding night for Randy & April……….also, why does Randy look like a raccoon in panel 2?
    MARY WORTH: Are Mary & Iris speaking metaphorically?
    MARK TRAIL: I wonder if Obie Falls really exists…no luck on Google.

  3. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 1 day ago

    PHANTOM: Here’s a comment I liked at jsonline: “I think you have hit the nail on the head. Grubber must have
    found the card in his pocket, after awakening, and associates it with the missing time.” @ david – I also like your comment…LOL!
    JUDGE PARKER: @ marvee – I agree. And it might be a good time to hold off on the drinking!!!
    REX MORGAN: This subplot could be interesting. I foresee one of two outcomes: 1) June helps the new dean see the light and change her ways—and rehire Suzanne; or, 2) June helps Suzanne and her family find new positions, even if it means relocating—since both Suze and her hubby are unemployed, moving might be a good option.

  4. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 2 days ago

    JUDGE PARKER: Have the Garcia Brothers snatched Katherine? Looks like April is going to be spending her wedding evening looking for her new mother-in-law.
    PHANTOM: Another clue…will Lara pick up on the clues? (Bartender’s comment in yesterday’s strip was also a clue.)
    MARK TRAIL: Mark’s “Days-Off Tour” continues… I wonder when he had a chance to file their tax return.
    MARY WORTH: @ Arye – 1) Yes. 2) Maybe.

  5. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 4 days ago

    JUDGE PARKER: A silent airplane with no lights…Abbott has an epiphany that his enemies are coming by parachute and not by helicopter. I am concerned that the Parkers are scattered…where is Katherine?
    PRINCE VALIANT: I really like the artwork/scenery in panel 2.
    REX MORGAN: @ Arye – I agree. And, with so many subplots, I don’t remember the details of June’s plans at the college. ???
    MARY WORTH: A quote from Yoko Ono in panel 1 (click Buy a Print). I usually like the MW quotations, but this one…not so much.

  6. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 7 days ago

    PHANTOM: @ woodworker, david & marvee – looks like a “repeat” coming, but I am expecting it will be something clever and fun…not just a repetition. :-)

  7. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 7 days ago

    PHANTOM: First Laura was chasing her assignment…now she’s going to chase her “dream.” Here we go again.
    JUDGE PARKER: Fireworks would be appropriate…but why do I think we’re going to hear either “WHOP WHOP WHOP” or “BOOM!” @ marvee – thanks for the info. a couple days ago about the wedding vows.
    MARY WORTH: How long has it been since Mary appeared? It looks like its about time for Mary to get involved!
    MARK TRAIL: I like the view of Lost Forest in today’s panel 1 & I’m looking forward to the new adventure.

  8. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 9 days ago

    MARK TRAIL: Are Ethan and Marlin one and the same? I am just catching up on this strip, and am confused……….
    MARY WORTH: Iris is afraid that if she doesn’t accept her son as he is, she won’t have him at all…but enabling bad behavior is hurting him rather than helping him. IMHO.
    “Behavior is a mirror in which every one displays his own image.” – Goethe

  9. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 9 days ago

    REX: @ Arye – Why? Why is the rising river worse when it overflows sandbags? I am curious.
    PHANTOM: @ david – I like your comment about the memory card!
    PHANTOM: I love the panel 2 thought balloon.
    JUDGE PARKER: April & Randy wed with some rather original wedding vows. Will we “hear” I DO before we we “hear” WHOP-WHOP-WHOP.

  10. Florchi commented on FoxTrot en Español 10 days ago

    PHANTOM: @ woodworker – good question. As I recall, the Lucha Libre Mexico/China story lasted a full year (our time), so it’s possible this story could continue………….
    JUDGE PARKER: A wedding…at last! Does anyone hear a helicopter…whop – whop – whop – whop…?
    REX MORGAN: Knowing some of the history of this strip, I don’t think Sarah will get away with blackmail…I think the story will move in a direction where little Sarah learns the error of her blackmailing ways. At least I hope so. :-)