Wizard of Id by Parker and Hart for August 10, 2022

  1. Figaro 1
    Wilde Bill  6 months ago

    Rodney is hoping for a lot of forfeitures.

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  2. Crazyforkedindianpalmsquirrel max 1mb
    B UTTONS  6 months ago

    Wiz’s steed has a built-in flame thrower. The opposition is toast.

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  3. Missing large
    Scorpio Premium Member 6 months ago

    His “horse”!

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  4. 68261ccc cf6b 4b06 a3f1 62db0f8b4ca3
    jasonsnakelover  6 months ago

    If it was a race, you could use him for flying.

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  5. Forbear
    Qiset  6 months ago

    I’m reminded of a band. Canned heat.

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  6. Toilet4
    dave1960  6 months ago

    This could dragon a bit……

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  7. Missing large
    rekam Premium Member 6 months ago

    Poor Henry!

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  8. Jem character raya large 570x420
    cubswin2016  6 months ago

    Either I am blind or that is not a horse.

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  9. Missing large
    Doug K  6 months ago

    Joust remind your horse to keep his wings under cover.

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  10. Missing large
    whahoppened  6 months ago

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a horse with horns. Maybe when traffic gets heavy?

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  11. Missing large
    littlejohn Premium Member 6 months ago

    A flaming lance attack!

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  12. Borg cube and sphere
    firefrost  6 months ago

    Henry keeps changing size. Could’ve sworn he was much larger.

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  13. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  6 months ago

    Trying any way to gain an advantage, Rodney?

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  14. Missing large
    huskiecoach  6 months ago

    Bung has really been packing on the lbs.

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  15. 190
    coop2003 Premium Member 6 months ago

    I like your odds, Rodney

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  16. Cw avatar006
    blakerl  6 months ago

    Like always breaking the rules.

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  17. Morning cuppa
    Wizard of Ahz-no relation  6 months ago

    this is the 3rd joust related story so far, they usually don’t run in a line but as stand alones. interesting

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  18. Bbe5eb27 3fab 4851 8901 8a2a048c4afa
    Zebrastripes  6 months ago

    Likely story….. who’s the opponent?

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  19. Profile msn
    vaughnrl2003 Premium Member 6 months ago

    While I like the idea, I’m thinking the whole Knight and Dragon confrontation thing seems to go badly for the dragon, sometimes. Not a prediction, but we’ll see.

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  20. Weirdal7
    rock and roll animal  6 months ago

    His opponent will be ‘toast’ after the jousting event.

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  21. Picture 001
    rshive  6 months ago

    Henry doesn’t look thrilled.

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  22. Win 20201204 12 32 23 pro
    oakie817  6 months ago

    most excellent

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  23. Missing large
    geese28  6 months ago

    Cool now Rodney has a lance, flight and flame thrower. He could win this, folks

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  24. Bunny 2020
    Moonkey Premium Member 6 months ago

    What could go wrong?

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  25. Bearfront
    paranormal  6 months ago

    Henry will probably chase butterflies and not joust with your his opponent.

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  26. Missing large
    Olddog04  6 months ago

    He’s gonna burn up the competition

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  27. Waldo
    Indianapolis Smith  6 months ago

    Did Rodney “forget” his lance again?

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  28. 96480   copy  2
    Goat from PBS  6 months ago

    Henry, go scorch the competition!

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  29. Avatar 2475
    Troglodyte  6 months ago

    Burning saddles…for the opposition.

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  30. Missing large
    Realimaginary1 Premium Member 6 months ago

    Henry is interspecifically special.

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  31. 5b1fe21f 9d78 4f26 83b0 5959b4af632b
    Lightpainter Premium Member 6 months ago

    Bung is so round, he looks like they stuck some appendages on a beach ball.

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  32. Yakko
    TheBigPickle  6 months ago

    Holy crap! Did the Wizard cast an enlarging spell on Bung?

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  33. 1024px libertarian disc.svg
    briggs.roy078  6 months ago

    Rodney’ll STILL lose, poor guy!

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  34. 2008happynewyear1024
    TexTech  6 months ago

    Rodney, you joust in full metal armor, not just your chain mail. Unless you are going for suicide by jousting.

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  35. 62a621d6 88c3 4002 80e6 3c8a0215efdb
    missyhyattfan  6 months ago

    I like a Wizard of Id storyline continued over more than 1 day!

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