The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn for May 16, 2020


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  1. Ches bluebell
    ƹʅɗʘ  "Robin to Robin's Batman" ɗ'ʘraɗʘ  7 months ago

    ! I hear that’s the Thing nowdays

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  2. Cicada avatar
    Dirty Dragon  7 months ago

    Neat. Sweet.

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  3. Black lion
    PICTO  7 months ago

    You’ve got to hand it to those Muppets…

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  4. Ufo not
    mr_sherman Premium Member 7 months ago

    Until I saw the caption, I thought they were doing nudes.

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  5. Bluedog
    Bilan  7 months ago

    In the back row, some guy named Picasso is painting Thing with two thumbs on one side. Sheesh.

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  6. Major matt mason315
    Major Matt Mason Premium Member 7 months ago

    There was the incident with Gomez when Miss Piggy started speaking French…

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  7. Mrpeabodyboysherman
    iggyman  7 months ago

    Why thank you thing!

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  8. 724f928d dcbd 4ce0 a0ab 74dcaec90076
    Zykoic  7 months ago

    To paint the hand you must feel the hand.

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    Zebrastripes  7 months ago


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  10. Missing large
    uniquename  7 months ago

    They all have a Thing for this model.

    What’s with the handcuffs on Animal? And remember, children may view this.

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  11. Tony sillhouette
    Casey Jones  7 months ago

    Thing also only has 4 digits.

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  12. Large usa 003
    Michael G.  7 months ago

    No hyper-realism with this group, huh?

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  13. Missing large
    Jeffin Premium Member 7 months ago

    This is it!

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  14. Up a pole icon
    Patrick Hunt Premium Member 7 months ago

    LOL. I see what you did there.

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  15. Missing large
    jel354  7 months ago

    “It’s your “Thing.” Do what you gotta do."

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  16. Dae brian
    Brian Layman  7 months ago

    Took me a moment to realize this was them drawing nudes. The hint in show Kermit is drawn and the hand on the wall on the opposite side of the comic. Nicely done.

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  17. Missing large
    Stephen Gilberg  7 months ago

    I think this would’ve been funnier without the caption.

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  18. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member 7 months ago

    Or maybe it is from the most recent season premier of Blindspot.

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  19. Img 20140309 081158
    Herb L 1954  7 months ago

    If it’s Wednesday,it must be Belgium ;)

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  20. Mbsils
    marilynnbyerly  7 months ago

    The teacher said, “Paint what your inner self looks like.”

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  21. Nowyoulisten
    zeexenon  7 months ago

    Today, I’d take Wednesday any day of the week.

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  22. Missing large
    ja  7 months ago

    Perfect. Well played.

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  23. Facepalm bear 2
    Lablubber   7 months ago

    Gonzo is probably drawing chickens.

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  24. Missing large
    thelost wizard  7 months ago

    Lets count the paintings. Ha Ha Ha. One painting of thing. Ha. Ha ha.

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  25. Wordpress avatar
    Laurie Stoker Premium Member 7 months ago

    This is so bizarre! I love it!!!!!

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  26. No bf rush
    SavannahJim Premium Member 7 months ago

    In the End, Muppets are already Familiar with Thing.

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  27. Missing large
    Jeffin Premium Member 7 months ago

    They’ve all got some thing up their….

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