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Herb L 1954 Free

Love sports,music,concerts.Divorced.Living in South East Michigan.

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  1. 3 days ago on Shoe

    That’s what my ex said at Customs.I have 220 pounds of dope,in the front seat ;)

  2. 3 days ago on Kliban's Cats

    Nixon is like a little girl,compared to drumpf ;(

  3. 3 days ago on Rose is Rose

    The downward Jimbo ;)

  4. 3 days ago on Non Sequitur

    Rudy G.,at the gates of Hell ;(

  5. 6 days ago on B.C.

    Two half wits,do not equal one wit.Eradicate Covefefe-45 virus in November ;)

  6. 6 days ago on The Fusco Brothers

    Wasn’t Subpoena on the Real McCoys?

  7. 7 days ago on In the Bleachers

    I’m hooked on a feeling ;)

  8. 7 days ago on Frazz

    And now gutting the ACA,at a time when a pandemic is raging?

  9. 7 days ago on Cul de Sac

    Flight of the Bumblebee,would just blow their minds ;)

  10. 7 days ago on Doonesbury

    And the Orange Voldemort has his shill in the Post Office,for voter suppression.More votes=less RethugliKlanners in office ;)