For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston for September 25, 2020


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  1. Seattle mormon temple7 thumb 1
    TEMPLO S.U.D.  2 months ago

    how else?

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  2. 0438aab5 b754 4b25 b41d bb310caeac1d
    GirlGeek Premium Member 2 months ago

    Agreed. Set one day for the big clean and do small cleans during the week

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  3. Missing large
    capricorn9th  2 months ago

    Listen to John. That’s how I did it. My boys and hubby made it hard to keep the house clean. You gotta give something, accept a little mess and bit of dirt. You will get a clean house back when the kids are grown and gone. Until the grandkids come, that is, and that will be temporary since they will leave and you bring the house back to its splendor.

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  4. 2018 max verstappen s nr 33 red bull rb14 f1 for avatar 3  400x400
    LeftCoastKen Premium Member 2 months ago

    Nice try, John. Don’t think that’s going to result in the outcome you were thinking of, though.

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  5. Avatar
    M2MM  2 months ago

    When I was working, I HAD TO lower my housekeeping standards, that or go insane….. why not both?! 8-D

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  6. Picture
    JudyHendrickson  2 months ago

    Hey,Iheld down a full time job too,worked 40 hrs a week!!! Gotupin the morning got our daughter ready for school,made the beds,took something out of the freezer for dinner.

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  7. Americauna chicks 1 week 003
    howtheduck  2 months ago

    Elly seems to be imagining a situation that never existed. I seem to recollect that there were a number of comic strips where Elly complained about Elizabeth and Michael’s rooms being filthy, with Michael in particular keeping a room so dirty that he had to wade through trash to walk in his room.

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  8. Trollspry
    Enter.Name.Here  2 months ago

    “Lower your standards?”

    John better “Raise his guard.”

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  9. Avatar2
    Walrus Gumbo Premium Member 2 months ago

    Problem solved! No need to complicate things. Men keep it simple.

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  10. Missing large
    pekelopan Premium Member 2 months ago

    John, don’t think that was the right answer.

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  11. Missing large
    jpayne4040  2 months ago

    The truth hurts, Elly. That really is the best answer.

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  12. Desron14 blue
    amanbe3  2 months ago

    Unless you live in a cleanroom or infectious disease lab, you’re going to have dust. It’s a constant.

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  13. Photo
    dcdete.  2 months ago

    El should have taken house cleaning lessons from my dear old granny. We ate on paper plates and plastic forks on the kitchen table. Dining table was out of bounds unless VIP guests came over such as the Queen of England or the Pope. The sofa was covered in plastic saran wrap that made squisy noises whenever you moved your bum, and heaven help you if you forgot to take your outside shoes off when you stepped in the door! You’d be polishing the floor with a tootbrush!

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  14. 26 1483819296371
    alicejo  2 months ago

    Have the kids do a job. We had a job to do when we got home from school every day. But there were 5 of us kids. Sat. was the big work day.

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  15. Missing large
    BamCat  2 months ago

    My husband and I watch a vlog done by a family just showing their everyday life. On one, the wife was complaining that her husband leaves his late night snack dish in the sink and that she had to wash it before going to bed. She said, “I look in the sink before going upstairs, and then I have to take the time to wash his dish.” At the same time, my husband and I said, “Then don’t look in the sink.”

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  16. Dvincent
    dv1093  2 months ago

    That actually is a true solution found in many households with two working parents. By the way, is John stepping up?

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  17. Profile msn
    vaughnrl2003 Premium Member 2 months ago

    Sort of the same thing that happens when you get a dog. Spot isn’t a name, it’s a result.

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  18. Missing large
    myrendal  2 months ago

    My mother was, and still is, a neat freak. From the time I was 10 until I moved out at 18, she had me vacuuming the whole house including the stairs every day, and all the furniture every other day. We owned an old “Kirby” vacuum that weighed a ton and getting that thing up the stairs was so difficult for me when I was small. So, when I moved out, I lowered my standards to once a week vacuuming, washing dishes once a day unless it’s the holidays, cleaning the bathrooms twice a week. I dust the TVs and computers every other day, but the knick-knacks only get dusted if company’s coming. Life is too short to spend most of it cleaning, and a little dirt never hurt anyone. My Oma used to say “I come to visit you, not your house”. I wholeheartedly agree.

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  19. Missing large
    rebelstrike0  2 months ago

    The underlying issue is that Elly is failing to meet the standards of her parents. They always had their act together. Elly grew up in the 1950s, which was most prosperous time in North American history.

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  20. Missing large
    lproster  2 months ago

    Sounds reasonable to me. I’ve tried cleaning services with bad experiences.

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  21. Post 5308 0 19515500 1340387207
    Teto85 Premium Member 2 months ago

    Divide the work and make keeping clean a competition with rewards worth earning. At least that’s what my mother did until my brother’s OPD took over.

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  22. Fef08a4fd6bdb1361b558581a5b88bb4
    kf6rro  2 months ago

    You’re about to get hit John.

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  23. Picture
    summerdog  2 months ago

    You think that something is the one thing you love, but…you may have to give up something else you love, to have it.

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  24. Missing large
    Omniman  2 months ago

    A logical answer, but not a wise one.

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  25. Missing large
    locake  2 months ago

    She REALLY didn’t think of that before she went back to work?? She is dumb!

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  26. Inbound to iraq  2
    Scoutmaster77  2 months ago

    If she looks at him after that exchange…

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  27. Missing large
    Thinkingblade  2 months ago

    The perishable and sparse commodity is time. If you were spending X hours per day clean, and you are now taking that time to work outside of the house – it isn’t going to get done.

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  28. Mike   chris
    Jan C  2 months ago

    After spoiling her family for many years, now is the time for Elly to step up and TELL them they have to do their share. Start with the making of beds. There is absolutely no reason she has to make her older kids’ beds. From there, move on to assigned chores with rewards when done and consequences when not done.

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  29. Missing large
    kathleenhicks62  2 months ago

    Works for me—-until I can’t stand the mess any more.

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  30. Missing large
    lspang  2 months ago

    How about other members of the house pitch in??

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  31. Straycat 1
    MFRXIM Premium Member 2 months ago

    All family members should be part of the housework TEAM, John.

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  32. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49  2 months ago

    RULE OF FUNNY can be so cruel sometimes.

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  33. Missing large
    ajakimber425  2 months ago

    Everyone needs to help out.

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  34. Missing large
    BlitzMcD  2 months ago

    “Lower your standards”: More of a reality check than many of us would care to admit.

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  35. Flip
    Guilty Bystander  2 months ago

    Wrong answer, John. VERY wrong answer.

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