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  1. 4 days ago on Cow and Boy Classics

    Fun story. Please make more!

  2. 6 days ago on Crabgrass

    “Cosmetic muscles” are usually pretty useful, too.

  3. 7 days ago on Cul de Sac

    Unfair! Fruitcakes make excellent doorstops, and no one should be penalized for being in a room with a doorstop!

  4. 14 days ago on Cul de Sac

    Wise move, Beni!

  5. 14 days ago on Get Fuzzy

    They know, they just think “TIVO” is a verb.

  6. 16 days ago on Non Sequitur

    I think they’re here to stay.

  7. 17 days ago on Cow and Boy Classics

    Always carry a pocket knife!

  8. 17 days ago on Ozy and Millie

    Art is supposed to communicate something. If nobody can figure out what it’s expressing, it’s not good art!

  9. 18 days ago on Adult Children

    Usually, the register does it, (or not), automatically.

  10. 19 days ago on The Boondocks

    I’d be very surprised if the slave patrols weren’t already armed.