Endtown by Aaron Neathery for April 12, 2019


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  1. Tor johnson
    William Bednar Premium Member about 1 month ago

    The “Oracle”?

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  2. Caturday club pic
    diverleo  about 1 month ago

    As I’ve said of so many plot twists and turns in the past, “Holy Crap! Now what?”

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  3. Image
    Vet Premium Member about 1 month ago

    Arron…….Bird?? Marx can change his shape or be in a different shape according to which reality he is in.

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  4. Missing large
    Robert Nowall Premium Member about 1 month ago

    Waiting for Wally? Or just…waiting?

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  5. 220px charles bowles aka black bart
    Steve Bartholomew Premium Member about 1 month ago

    Always beware the number 23.

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  6. Missing large
    LightWarriorK  about 1 month ago

    It’s Old Man Skeksis!

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  7. Missing large
    yangeldf  about 1 month ago

    ha, an old crow, I see what you did there

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  8. Sulky chatin
    cwg  about 1 month ago

    Is that a urRu Mystic?

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  9. Bluedoorwaylogo1400  about 1 month ago

    It’s Stiletto from Danger Mouse!

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  10. Gocomic 2c
    RickD Premium Member about 1 month ago

    Jeez… In a single panel, a character is introduced that is someone I really want to know more about. White hair, a cane, a long beak, and barefoot in Eden where everyone wears shoes.

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  11. Limpid
    mr_sherman Premium Member about 1 month ago

    Time for some sage advice from a wise old crow.

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  12. Tf 117
    RAGs  about 1 month ago

    Well, he knows some things, since Wally didn’t knock…

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  13. Docrat logo avatar
    Jenner Premium Member about 1 month ago

    I picked it! Things are starting to get WEIRD! I PICKED it!

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  14. Pictures 087
    Baarorso  about 1 month ago

    Note to Wally: if “Morpheus” offers you a “blue pill”, TAKE IT! ;D

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  15. Missing large
    Palabrajot  about 1 month ago

    “The first five iterations of The Matrix have all met with profound failure, Wally. But this is the first version to liberally implement fuzzy logic algorithms. It is an unforeseen consequence that 90% of its inhabitants would become furries as a result.”

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  16. Missing large
    zorro456  about 1 month ago

    “The Bird Is The Word”

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  17. 20150311 143922
    boydpercy Premium Member about 1 month ago

    Weirder and weirder!!!

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  18. Scribble can
    Three Steps Over Japan  about 1 month ago

    “You’re the new nurse, right? My bedpan is in the other room, and I haven’t had a diaper change in a month. Breathe through your mouth and you may last longer than the previous guy.”

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  19. Tamandua walkies
    crookedwolf Premium Member about 1 month ago

    Old Crow, mentalist show?

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  20. Bits2
    Diat60  about 1 month ago

    How old is this guy?!! I think he could give points to Methuselah.

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  21. Scribble can
    Three Steps Over Japan  about 1 month ago

    It’s Chic from the future, here to warn Wally about the perils of online day trading!

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  22. Wolf
    Mediatech  about 1 month ago

    There is no spoon

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