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    Similar flaws or not, Tiffany cares for Gunther, at least as a friend for now. Bets did not. That alone overrides any trope, to me.

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    I would disagree with the notion that Toni and Tiffany are/would be trophy wives. Everyone is a former something, what does it matter if they were cheerleaders? They’re complex and flawed creatures, just like the rest of us. If the relationships work, they work. Time will tell.

    If anyone was a trophy in this strip, I’d say it was Bets.

    But the strip is practically a soap opera already, full of contrived coincidence. Gunth and Tiff together would be par for the course.

    Just like I’m sure they’ll eventually bring Aaron Hill back for Luann.

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    It’s a friendly, chaste hug….for now.

    But I suspect that this arc will lead to other arcs which will lead to other arcs that will land them together. She pulls him out of his shell, and he grounds her.

    Just like angles in geometry, personalities can be “complementary,” and “supplementary.” These two certainly aren’t complementary….they’re very different people. But they are supplementary in that their differences can help the other become a better person, and in many cases that can create a much stronger bond.

    If you want a Luann example of complementary, look at Brad and Toni. Bern and Nil SEEM supplementary on the surface, but I think it’s being shown to be complimentary.

    So I’ll guess….a year. In a year, we’ll get an arc that gets Gunth and Tiff together.

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    This is also true for restrooms. Men us a public restroom and are silent, even if you’ve known the other people in there forever. Conversation stops and you don’t even look at each other.

    Women go to the restroom in herds. And chatter all the time. Whenever you pass buy a busy women’s restroom, it’s like they’re filming The View in there.

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    That’s like asking why can a unicorn fart rainbows! XD

    How can a giant be on the moon? How does a giant exist in the first place? Why it is blowing smoke seems a minor thing to me.

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    You must not follow Endtown, then. That’s probably the most inconsistent one here.

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    That’s the whole point of the exercise? Can you still live with yourself if it’s still one person dead?

    Or what if the 5 you kill are all drug dealers or rapists? And the 1 person on the other track is a pregnant woman? Would no action be alright in that scenario?

    There’s infinite variations to debate, and no single right answer.

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    As in “The Good Place” clip konjiki linked to above, what if their boot heel was stuck in the tracks?