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  1. about 3 hours ago on Endtown

    So, if she knows there is no virus, why does she wear the suit?

  2. about 3 hours ago on Endtown

    Not ignored, just not followed up because as Baslim says, only Wally heard it and he’s been otherwise occupied. And we spend waaayyyy too much time on the pig-killers sequence. We don’t know, and even Wally doesn’t know, how much time has passed since the faux-Fitzgerald.

  3. 6 days ago on Endtown

    None of this answers the lingering question of why “normal” humans are being transformed into whatever you want to call the anthros/mutants/cardoodles. Does this topsider believe it’s a virus? Is that what everyone in every reality thinks aside from the computer on the faux-Edmund Fitzgerald?

  4. 7 days ago on Endtown

    Putting on my philosopher’s hat (I have one, it’s quite nice), our topsider is equating personal identity with bodily form but that is hardly the only way to think about it. John Locke defined personal identity as the continuous set of memories of experiences we have had. So Wally is still Wally because he can remember his life before becoming a “mutant” and who Wally is is that continuous pre and post-“mutation” person. That was a major plot line years ago, I believe, Wally dealing with how he is still himself despite his bodily change.

    The topsider, despite her pretensions of open-mindedness, is following the topsider prejudice of condemning as no longer human the “mutants,” or “cartoons” in her mind. And that is the philosophical and moral-political question: how do we define humanity? By physical form or conscious form? We know what Descartes thought. If I lose a limb am I still me? "If I lose my memory am I still me? The topsiders clearly define “human” as looking like what a “normal human” looks like and this explains their bigotry against the “mutants” not the excuses this topsider gives. This question has implications for us in this supposedly real world.

  5. 19 days ago on Endtown

    Thanks, I greatly appreciate that. I am using the dead time of the holidays to do a wholesale revamp of the station and Website. Will be better than ever soon :)

  6. 20 days ago on Endtown

    So basically, if I have this correct, there is no mutagenic virus, Wally and everyone are the way they are because Marx created this reality and them that way based on a comic book he owns.

  7. about 1 month ago on Endtown


  8. about 1 month ago on Endtown

    Oh, and nice touch to remember the sprout outside their window. Well played, Aaron.

  9. about 1 month ago on Endtown

    Scary time when time itself stops.

  10. about 2 months ago on Endtown

    Wow, it’s been four years now since that.