Close to Home by John McPherson for April 09, 2021

  1. Mm wp001
    allen@home  6 months ago

    Oh the two of you will get a lot more than just dessert out of this.

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  2. Missing large
    STEPUP  6 months ago

    Too bad it didn’t land on those two grubs under your seat!!

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  3. Zooey girl
    ronaldspence  6 months ago

    Direct hit!

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  4. Figaro1
    Wilde Bill  6 months ago

    I’ll bet Dobby is behind this.

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  5. Chainlightning
    electricshadow Premium Member 6 months ago

    Yes, they’ll send it to his funeral.

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  6. Photo
    Nate England  6 months ago

    Now to check that life insurance policy…

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  7. Missing large
    TStyle78  6 months ago

    Indeed. Dessert is all that you should seek out of that.

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  8. Tc bear 6 1 19 cropped
    jr1234  6 months ago

    Is Bleeb high fiving?

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  9. Missing large
    Doug K  6 months ago

    … or … Will they have to pay extra?

    … or … Is this “on the house”?

    … or … Is (part of) the “house on him”?

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  10. 77b4e956 2364 4def 8871 c12621995a69
    Zebrastripes  6 months ago

    She certainly doesn’t light up HIS life!

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  11. Missing large
    geese28  6 months ago

    I’m not even sure he has a pulse, lady

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  12. Missing large
    Prawnclaw  6 months ago

    There’s one right above your head as well Missus.

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  13. Freedom
    bookworm0812  6 months ago

    The Phantom of the Opera must be in the house.

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  14. Ugly poor
    Prey  6 months ago

    The expression on his face could cut glass – or vice-versa!

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  15. Halloween 20cat
    morningglory61 Premium Member 6 months ago

    He’s probably dead Julia, you’ll have to pick up the tab.

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  16. Profile msn
    vaughnrl2003 Premium Member 6 months ago

    With a good lawyer you’ll own the place breakfast.

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  17. Missing large
    nos.nevets  6 months ago

    Where’d that last tink COME from ? ? ?

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  18. Great view up here
    comixbomix  6 months ago


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  19. Dsc 0101
    Happy Tinkerbelle Premium Member 6 months ago

    The chandelier of Damocles

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  20. 66557957 8a1c 4155 ae4f b3dc0150b294
    Dobie  Premium Member 6 months ago


    Oui Monsieur?

    Do you notice anything peculiar on my dinner plate?

    Oui Monsieur! A Chandelier! Will Monsieur be requiring ze doggy bag?

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  21. Missing large
    thelost wizard  6 months ago

    Praise the Lord, I saw the light.

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  22. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member 6 months ago

    Here’s a coupon for .50 off of your next purchase. Can I hail you an ambulance?

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  23. Missing large
    raybarb44  6 months ago

    Or a percentage of the business…..

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  24. Missing large
    jbduncan  6 months ago

    Looks like Bleeb is next! Stay tuned. Will the toon creator come to the rescue?

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  25. Punky brewster23
    battycomic Premium Member 6 months ago

    I wonder if he feels light-headed.

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  26. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  6 months ago

    At an outdoor cafe in Santa Barbara, a palm frond fell forty feet and injured a customer, who was already confined to a wheelchair. The settlement was enough to put the restaurant out of business. Tree-trimming is not just something power companies need to keep up with.

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  27. Missing large
    scpandich  6 months ago

    Oh no! Bleeb, look out, Dalcon’s right behind you!

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  28. Gocomicsluna2
    Leojim  6 months ago

    Oh no, it looks like Bleeb and Dalcon are waving their fists at each other. Could this be the War of the Worlds? Or the war of the aliens?

    Boys, boys, calm down and let’s settle this like adults……… oh wait a minute, that might not work out so well.

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  29. Stinker
    cuzinron47  6 months ago

    I don’t think he’s in the mood for dessert.

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  30. 111 tiny
    Impkins & Patsnozzle Premium Member 6 months ago

    This Punch and Judy show certainly brought down the house! Bleeb, just use your ray gun and be done with it! Dalcon – never bring a stick to a gun fight! :)

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  31. Missing large
    corpcasselbury  6 months ago

    Lady, I’m pretty sure he’s way past worrying about dessert…or anything else right now.

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  32. 205902c7 40fb 4bbe 8c7e 79a7c01f3861
    jasonsnakelover  6 months ago

    She’s wanting to play poker for food?

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  33. Kay touched up
    kaycstamper  6 months ago

    If you sign a waiver they’ll give you the whole MEAL free, lady! Of course your husband will still be dead…

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  34. Profile pic
    The Orange Mailman  6 months ago

    How did my wife get in this strip?

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  35. Img 20170812 182123872
    ex window inspector  5 months ago

    looks to me like the right card HAS been played…and no need to settle for just a dessert

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  36. Missing large
    mikeywilly  5 months ago

    Splorch?!? Go see “Betty”.

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  37. Abraxascircle
    abraxas  5 months ago

    As blood seeps from under the glass.

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