Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau for December 14, 2014

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    David Huie Green LosersBlameOthers&It'sYOURfault  about 9 years ago

    Lying in wait

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  2. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY  about 9 years ago

    That Ebola czar worked wonders.

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  3. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma  about 9 years ago

    Well, anyone notice there was no Ebola crisis at all, and now the Repubiicans insist there was no need for a csar, and the waste of money on Ebola fears is unhinged, indeed. (At least until anothe case comes to the U.S. for treatment?)

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  4. Missing large
    Argythree  about 9 years ago

    Genuine epidemics are all reality-based. You can kinda tell, because they aren’t related to the length of a news cycle. They last long after baying human hyenas (aka reporters) have departed to report on the latest crisis du jour…

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  5. Missing large
    jackhs  about 9 years ago

    Blame the gun and not the deranged lunatic pulling the trigger.

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  6. Alexander the great
    Alexander the Good Enough  about 9 years ago

    Yeah, at this point when it comes to guns it matters little if we close the barn door tight or leave it mostly wide open. The horse is long gone and likely ain’t coming back no matter what. And people are what they are. Sorry.

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  7. Missing large
    Greg Johnston  about 9 years ago

    Alcuin:Actually, it makes a great deal of difference whether people have guns; not only are guns far more effective at killing people, they are far easier to use, both physically and psychologically. There is no need to physically overpower your opponent, or to get close enough to even put oneself at risk. Psychologically, pulling a trigger is a tiny gesture, compared with physically hitting or stabbing someone multiple times at close quarters, while they fight for their life, and their blood gets on your hands, on your fave, in your eyes. It’s not that restricting handguns or assault weapons will prevent all murders, but it will prevent many, as well as many suicides. The biggest difference between the murder and suicide rates of the U.S. and Canada is the vast quantity of gun crime (the U.S. rate per capita of both mushers and suicides is multiples of Canada’s, for example).

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  8. Missing large
    karljegolf  about 9 years ago

    How would Gary know? He doesn’t watch Fox.

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  9. 20211231 surazeus 001
    Simon Seamount  about 9 years ago

    Trudeau! The correct grammar is “lying” in wait. Grin.

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  10. Missing large
    trash8call  about 9 years ago

    And the full court press of propaganda begins for the 2016 elections after the humiliating defeat of this past one.

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  11. Missing large
    nucker1  about 9 years ago

    Don’t ban guns. Ban bullets. Once folks use up what they have the guns won’t matter (unless you get hit by one).

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  12. Jude
    tcolkett  about 9 years ago

    If you actually listen to reality for a change you will hear that there is exactly NO call for prohibiting firearms. Zero! What is being sought is some sort of licensing and background checks. Your typical hysterical statement is childish and simplistic.

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  13. Costs us nothing
    Punter75  about 9 years ago

    Guns don’t kill people.Bullets kill people.

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  14. Missing large
    jkm1960  about 9 years ago

    Not only gun violence but the people who insist on shooting guns off at all hours of the day or night. For no apparent reason – no sirens heard. Our poor dogs are traumatized on a daily basis. They do it just for the fun? Ammo dealers must love them.

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  15. Jock
    Godfreydaniel  about 9 years ago

    Mark could have mentioned that smoking kills 400,000 or so people in America per year…..Reading the oldies, you can notice that Rollie made sense once in a while, though he was always way too gung-ho and conceited as hell. These days, though, he would have to rent the sense that God gives a radish, not being blessed with it himself.

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  16. Celtic tree of life
    mourdac Premium Member about 9 years ago

    That darned liberal media interjecting facts into an argument.

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  17. Celtic tree of life
    mourdac Premium Member about 9 years ago

    That darned liberal media interjecting facts into an argument.

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  18. Inbox 4660
    goweeder  about 9 years ago

    LYING in wait…………

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  19. Eruption   1   rotated
    drdougsteward  about 9 years ago

    3000? Based on a statistical projection. Okay, I’ll buy that. Based on statistics, the vast majority of those shootings was gang related and in major metro areas (Chicago, NY, LA, DC). The war on poverty has created more poverty and more dependence on government. The war on drugs has created more gangs and more violence. Don’t like a grand jury not indicting someone? Burn and loot your neighborhood. Any talk of the epidemic of lawlessness on the MSM? The people that have all the facts are idiots and those who have prejudged the case based on rumor and lies know it all.

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  20. Noh8 tw
    socalvillaguy Premium Member about 9 years ago

    Nailed it again, Garry. Let the RWNJs head exploding festivities begin.

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  21. Missing large
    EnglishProf  about 9 years ago

    Yes, the correct grammar is “lying,” but it is Roland who has shaky grammatical knowledge and not Trudeau. It makes sense that the ridiculous Fox reporter wouldn’t know the correct grammar, as he is a blowhard who spouts nonsense.

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  22. Missing large
    susan.e.a.c  about 9 years ago

    In many countries they enforced quarantines: no Ebola cases at all, zero. Also, mass shootings in those countries haven’t risen year after year like they have in the US; I wonder why. Cultural, of course, teaching that rights have zero responsibility attached, but is that it?

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  23. Missing large
    susan.e.a.c  about 9 years ago

    I didn’t hear any of this Ebola talk stuff, no idea what it refers to. Heard about poor foreign relations, putting DNC fundraisers into important positions, a DNC leader calling all her constituents stupid and racist, a lot of One Note DNC candidates, idiotic stuff about a ‘war on women’ that focused on stuff that had nothing to do with what women care about, an IRS and EPA and DoJ series of crimes, but no Ebola stuff besides the epidemic in Africa.

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  24. Missing large
    DoctorDan Premium Member about 9 years ago

    “Yep and if they don’t have a gun they use kitchen knives or baseball bats and sometimes cars but we do not hear the screaming and shouting to outlaw those items .”

    The reason why people aren’t shouting is that these items (and cars, too) all have constructive uses other than killing people. It’s a risk vs. utility question. Try going a week without using a car or a kitchen knife. But unless you’re a cop or a soldier, going a week without touching a gun is not only easy, it’s the norm.

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  25. Image
    jdi801  about 9 years ago

    Yeah, an epidemic of knife and baseball bat killings, up close and personal which most killers want no part of. Lemme know how many innocents you think will be killed by stray knives and bats, or how many will be killed in school mass knifings or battings.

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  26. Missing large
    Warren Wubker  about 9 years ago

    Careful Trudeau, you could be getting racist.

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  27. Missing large
    jjff  about 9 years ago

    Congress should have confirmed the nominated surgeon general who would have been the one to speak to the public about the ebola situation. Instead they cower to the nra.

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  28. Rabbi sammy final
    pauljmsn  about 9 years ago

    Perhaps comparison to gun violence isn’t relevant to the Ebola “epidemic”. AIDS in the 80s, on the other hand…Remind me again who the President was then, and how he reacted to the AIDS epidemic.

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  29. U joes mint logo rs 192x204
    Uncle Joe Premium Member about 9 years ago

    “There is an Ebola Crisis, just not in the USA. Did you know that? No, obviously you are oblivious to it.”The comic was about the media hysteria over ebola becoming an epidemic in the US. dtroutma was pretty clearly talking about that, not the real epidemic in west Africa. Maybe ease up on the coffee, Gaunt… :^)

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  30. Missing large
    marzipANn  about 9 years ago

    A baseball bat says “I can hit a baseball.” A kitchen knife says “I can slice the pot roast.” A door stop says “I can keep this door open.” None of these cries out “Use me to kill that bird, that beast, that person.” Anyone can use a baseball bat to bludgeon a person to death, a kitchen knife to cut a person’s throat, a a door stop to hammer a person’s head, but they don’t incite violence silently, just by their presence. Gun laws that regulate the who, how and where of gun possession is no more of an imposition on citizens than vehicle registration or Rx requirement of potentially lethal medications.

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  31. Cathy aack Premium Member about 9 years ago

    True — there is, but it’s not Obama’s fault.

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  32. Cathy aack Premium Member about 9 years ago

    I think it’s quite simple — you can have all the guns you want, but you absolutely should be held totally responsible for what happens with those guns.

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  33. Missing large
    caligula  about 9 years ago

    Guns don’t kill people, black men with guns kill OTHER black people . . . that along with suicides and death by cop out of the statistics and homicides have been on a sure and steady decline with other gun violence.

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