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  1. 1 day ago on Overboard

    My cats love mint….I, on the other hand might not care for rat.

  2. 1 day ago on Non Sequitur

    How soon we forget….but then we were so easily convinced that it was the other party’s fault….so no need to worry now.

  3. 1 day ago on Cathy

    The loyalty cards are a pain, but like was said above, most places can do it with your phone number.

  4. 2 days ago on Non Sequitur

    Not sure they get it.

  5. 2 days ago on Cathy

    She doesn’t want you to “understand” too much, Irving…so don’t look inside.

  6. 2 days ago on Cathy

    Yay for Lil!! I’m sure your hubby will forgive you for forgetting for a little while.

  7. 3 days ago on JumpStart

    They used to around here, but stopped about 15 years ago.

  8. 3 days ago on Rose is Rose

    Why would she want to…she looks perfectly content.

  9. 3 days ago on Bloom County

    So who’s good buds with the Russians now?

  10. 3 days ago on For Better or For Worse

    This is before you had to have bulky kid seats (and, therefore, a big honkin SUV or Mommy Van to trek them around).