Stone Soup by Jan Eliot for August 22, 2021

  1. Missing large
    KenTheCoffinDweller  9 months ago

    Or just her number like in Basic Military Training.

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  2. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  9 months ago

    That sounds like a problem if she’s in public when she needs to know…

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  3. Missing large
    rekam Premium Member 9 months ago

    “Uh, let me look at my underwear. Oh, yeah. my name’s Holly Stone.”

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  4. Master shifu kung fu panda 577x547
    ShadStar  9 months ago

    Who noticed both of the t-shirt logos changing across the panels… ;=)

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  5. Man with x ray glasses
    The Reader Premium Member 9 months ago

    The tag on my underwear says ‘Confused.’

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  6. Felixthecat
    Auntie Socialist  9 months ago

    I’m technically a Boomer but I identify as Gen X.

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  7. Missing large
    theincrediblebulk  9 months ago

    I’m a generation x… the generation the marketers never cared about because there weren;t enough of us to be important. My entire life everything has been geared to people 10 years or more older than me or 10 years or more younger than me. The Boomers on one side and the echo on the other side. We are in our 50’s now and the government is still led by the Boomers and the up and coming politicians are from the Echo generation. Still limited opportunities for advancement because the Boomers aren’t retiring that quickly, and competing with those for whom modern technology was something they grew up with gives the echo generation the advantage in terms of replacing the retiring boomers. I’m not bitter I only seem that way.

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  8. Ironbde
    Carl  Premium Member 9 months ago

    HAHAHAHAHA they keep subdividing it smaller and smaller.

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  9. Penfold
    Bill Löhr Premium Member 9 months ago

    DKNWHY :-)

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  10. Missing large
    Bruce1253  9 months ago

    So, you are willing to let people you don’t know, who have an obvious bias, tell you who your are, what to think, what to spend your money on, as if you had no independent thought or will power. . . . I’m guessing you have a fondness for a very large Orange person with a bad comb over.

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  11. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member 9 months ago

    Yes, the generation borders are probably more liminal than portrayed in the media – excellent dialogue with a splash of humor!

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  12. Vietnam vet
    hk Premium Member 9 months ago

    With some states getting rid of math, reading and writing graduation tests, they will call you “generation dumb.”

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  13. Missing large
    locake  9 months ago

    The mom did not answer Holly’s question. It was an honest question, but the mom changed the subject. She could have said it made her feel very old to be in the Boomer generation. Or that she felt very young compared to the Boomers who were born in 1946.

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  14. Missing large
    f_deutsch  9 months ago

    Different T-shirt brands, she must be sponsored

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  15. Bth baby puppies1111111111 1
    kab2rb  9 months ago

    Oh my that will be the issue.

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  16. Smallcrocus
    Dean  9 months ago

    Apparently I am a “Fruit of the Loon.”

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  17. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49  9 months ago

    They started it with “The Greatest Generation” followed by the “Baby Boomer” Generation which I am part of. Born in 1957 when WW2 had ended just 12 years before and Korean War ended just 4 years before.

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  18. Hipshot2
    Hipshot Percussion  9 months ago

    Generation Jones people have an identity crisis.

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  19. Missing large
    Bob Blumenfeld  9 months ago

    I think generational labels are more a result of the history and common experiences a generation lived through, and therefore mean nothing until after the fact. Before 1920, for instance, the word “flapper” was meaningless. The “Greatest Generation” wasn’t born great.

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  20. Missing large
    heathcliff2  9 months ago

    She is continually changing those Chinese slave/prison labor shirts.

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  21. Missing large
    trixie11  9 months ago

    She could just check the changing labels on her shirt each day.

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  22. Fb img 1455926739170
    Treehggr87  9 months ago

    OK Boomer

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