Brewster Rockit by Tim Rickard for May 28, 2021

  1. 20150712 095628
    LookingGlass Premium Member 4 months ago

    Hey Tim, has Disney’s lawyers call yet???


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  2. Coyote
    eromlig  4 months ago

    Hey, nothing wrong with Gilmore Girls!

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  3. Bluedog
    Bilan  4 months ago

    To some, that would be the instrument of torture.

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  4. The rat
    Ratkin  4 months ago

    The thumbscrews are next to the Thumbelina doll.

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  5. Missing large
    PoodleGroomer  4 months ago

    Are you looking for the bagpipes or Jack Benny’s violin?

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  6. A common  tater
    A Common 'tator  4 months ago

    POW camp… German Commanding Officer advises the prisoners “Today ve vill be playing a new game, ve vill be playing CLOCKS, you vill sway from left to right and recite TICK TOCK…”

    One little old prisoner, at the end of the row, would just lean to to the left and recite “TICK, TICK”…

    The German Commander slapped him several times across his face… “Ve have vays of making you TOCK”…

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  7. Gentbear3b1a
    Gent  4 months ago

    You watches that? Tee hee!

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  8. Major matt mason315
    Major Matt Mason Premium Member 4 months ago

    Frankly, “Gilmore Girls” is the more fear-inspiring of the two.

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  9. Badger avatar
    Twelve Badgers in a Suit Premium Member 4 months ago

    Seriously, though, why are they not on the same side, again?

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  10. Missing large
    geese28  4 months ago

    He’d make a killing selling that box set

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  11. Beach background
    Cincoflex  4 months ago

    Playing the Gilmore Girls for Brewster would be torture enough.

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  12. Andrew s mug
    Andrew Bosch Premium Member 4 months ago

    Of course, there is the Vogon poetry.

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  13. Missing large
    gantech  4 months ago

    Could have been worse….could have been a Partridge Family box set…

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  14. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member 4 months ago

    Actually – those might work. Use the Gilmore Girl’s DVDs to torture him. See if he can understand the fast talking main actresses without CC or rewind!

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  15. Stinker
    cuzinron47  4 months ago

    I think I see how this is gonna play out. He’s gonna be so embarrassed that he’ll let him go if he promises he won’t tell anyone he captured him.

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  16. Swallowed a hockey stick
    Ceeg22 Premium Member 4 months ago

    Why is his Gilmore Girls boxed set in the attic? Is that where he keeps the DVD player and TV??

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  17. Toughcat
    bakana  4 months ago

    Gilmore Girls trivia: The first view we get of the Dragonlfly Inn, before renovations, is actually the old house from “The Waltons”.

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  18. Lady dragoncat
    Dragoncat  4 months ago

    Could be worse… Imagine if they were next to the “Teletubbies” DVD collection.

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